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"Yosemite! The itinerary was great. Also, it was short enough that I didn't need to take time off of work, but long enough to get away. It was a beautiful trip and I had fun. I especially liked the sequoia grove we stopped at the last day."
Rachel, USA
"I did this bus tour on a whim and loved it. I end up telling most people about the trip and recommend they try to fit it in to their plans. I met some fantastic people and enjoyed it. The bus works: the sleeping, seating during the day, the food arrangements, the amount of time spent at each place and the drivers ... they all work!"
Robert, UK
"It was so much fun! A very chill way to travel. The bus was great, scenery was great, and the drivers were fantastic! Thank you so much!"
Erica, Holland
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Hidden California
See Enchanted Redwoods and Sequoias!

Coastal Redwood Forest.
Green Tortoise Adventure Bus Tours - Redwoods
Stepping into a grove of Redwood trees is like being transported to a mystical forest. A walk, hike, or a moment reflecting near these ancient giants makes it easy to envision a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

Coastal redwoods are capable of living over a thousand years and are the tallest trees on earth, reaching heights of over 367 feet (112 meters). Thriving in the the cool, damp climate of the Pacific coast, they "drink" the moist air though their leaves and support an entire ecosystem in the canopy of the treetops. They have endured thousands of years of firestorms, harsh weather, extreme climate changes and, more recently, destruction from logging and pollution.

A Giant Sequoia
Green Tortoise Aventure Bus Tours - Yoesmite National Park
The related Giant Sequoias are not quite as tall, but have extremely massive trunks and are the oldest and largest living things on earth. Many of these trees are over 3,000 years old, and measure in at 102 ft (31m) in circumference and 36.5 ft (11m) in diameter! On our last trip to Yosemite National Park, it took over 20 passengers to completely encircle a tree while holding hands! They are the symbol of power, longevity and enduring life, yet these trees have nearly vanished from the earth. A trip to see these magical giants is a must!

A Giant Sequoia in Winter
Green Tortoise Adventure Bus Tours
Visit the Giant Sequoias on a Green Tortoise Adventure to Yosemite National Park. Our Pacific Trek trip and our Western Trail are just two of our California Trips that visit the coastal Redwoods.

For more information, visit us online, or call our office at 415 956 7500, ext 1 to book your trip today!
Funky Music Festival
Take the Green Tortoise to the Oregon Country Fair

The Oregon Country Fair
Green Tortoise Adventure Bus Tours - Oregon Country Fair
Cultural experiences come in many forms, and we're going to one of the funkiest of all on July 8th! The Oregon Country Fair (note: that's Country fair, not County fair -- there's a big difference!) is a world-class event hosting 45,000 merry-makers. It features events and experiences that nourish the spirit; explores living artfully and authentically on earth; and transforms culture in magical, joyous, and healthy ways.

Spend your days strolling the shady paths and almost-secret nooks of 100 acres of trees and meadows. Entertainment includes a range of incredible acts on 18 different stages, from big-name headliners to folk and hip-hop; from world-class jugglers to the astounding bubble man!

Bring your appetite! There are over seventy food vendors offering a dazzling array of options (however, you definitely won't find a deep-fried Twinkie!).  Explore authentic handmade crafts ranging from baskets to yurts -- and everything in between -- from over 700 artisans. Watch the parade, then follow it to get a good seat at the circus. Prepare yourself -- neither of these will match your previous ideas of a parade or a circus!

Works from 700 artisans
Green Tortoise Wilderness camping treks
The Country Fair does not offer on-site camping. However, we will provide a cozy camping area a short walk from the main gate with lots of shady spots to pitch your tent! We'll provide drinking water, showers, a nighttime campfire with acoustic music, and morning coffee, just to name a few of the highlights. The cost is $45 for the two nights.

The Oregon Country Fair has something for everyone. You've gotta come at least once -- many folks come to the fair every year! This year the Fair runs from July 9th through 11th. The Green Tortoise will roll round trip from San Francisco, so hop on and join the fun with us!

Call 415 956 7500 to reserve your spot! (You'll also need to purchase your tickets through the Oregon Country Fair ticket office.)
Friends of the Tortoise: Backpacker Bucks

Green Tortoise Adventure Bus Tours - Backpacker BucksBackpacker Bucks was started by a travel junkie with a limited budget and a keen interest in helping the less fortunate along those travels.

Backpacker Bucks' goal is to try to build an online community that provides much-needed discounts to travellers on a limited budget. With a small investment in a Backpacker Bucks card and discounts provided by the generous businesses, a traveller can help some orphans and save some hard earned money.
Ask Sunny!
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Green Tortoise Adventure Bus Tours - Sunny Dear Sunny,

I have a vacation coming up, but the adventure trip I was looking at is already full. What should I do?


Dear Serena,

There are a number of options available for you. Give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you with your travel planning. We can recommend a few alternative trips that are possible during your vacation, and you can also request to be placed on a waiting list. We'll be waiting for your call!

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