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        February 2012 CTA Newsletter
CTA Welcomes New Fellow
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The New Year is off to a big start!  In February we welcome a new group of individuals and organizations - including The Village Network in Ohio, San Mateo BHRS in San Mateo, California , and the Dalwood Spilstead Centre in Sydney, Australia - into our NMT Training Certification Programs, and we will launch the 2012 Winter NMT Series on February 3 as well as our Australian-based NMT Series on February 17.  
In addition to these training activities, we have started our  Inter-rater Reliability Process with our current NMT Clinical Practice Tool users.  This process will help us further improve the tool and ensure fidelity and consistency among all the users of the online NMT metrics.   
This month we welcome new Fellow Dr. Emily Wang from Hull Child and Family Services in Calgary, Alberta.  Learn more about Dr. Wang below.   We also continue to work on developing the Neurosequential Model of Education (NME) and expect to introduce the model in a few pilot locations, including the Bismarck Public School system.  Stay tuned for further updates on our progress!
E. Wang
Emily Wang, Ph.D.
Dr. Emily Wang Joins CTA's Distinguished Fellows Group

Dr. Wang is a Clinical Psychologist and Program Director at Hull Child and Family Services. Dr. Wang coordinates, in partnership with the ChildTrauma Academy, the NMT certification process for the Hull Agency. This initiative allows Dr. Wang and other certification participants to provide training in NMT both internally and externally and moves Hull towards the goal of becoming a Centre of Excellence in Training.  Dr. Wang's many roles at Hull include clinical work with children and families, psychological assessment, program development, implementation, treatment planning, training and consultation. Her leadership was recently recognized in her appointment to Hull's Executive Management Team.  Read more about Dr. Wang's work.


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Developing Trauma-Informed, Developmentally-Sensitive Classrooms

Over the last twenty years, the CTA has been working within the education system to help educators at all levels - early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school and collegiate - learn more about the brain, development, trauma and a host of other topics relevant for their work.  During this time, a number of studies have confirmed the general impression of teachers that the number and severity of mental health, maltreatment and trauma-related problems in their students has dramatically increased.  At the same time, the external pressures for increased academic achievement have increased without any comparable increase in resources.  The combination is toxic for the classroom learning environment; more dysregulated children, less community and parental support and a more overwhelmed, under-supported pool of teachers. 

As the CTA has developed the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, it was clear that the very same concepts and principles that help clinicians understand and work with children would help educators structure their classrooms and teach children.  The CTA has asked Steve Graner, a CTA Fellow and teacher, to work with a core group of colleagues and the CTA on the Neurosequential Model of Education (NME).  This multidimensional approach to understanding and working with children in the educational setting is a very useful way to provide trauma-informed, developmentally-sensitive additions and modifications to educational settings.  Steve and his teaching partner, Chrystal Halseth, have been working for over two years in the Minot Public Schools to provide seminars, workshops and other training opportunities on the Neurosequential Approach.  Their success is contagious - and over the next year we will be sharing their progress as the NME work group develops exportable training elements to help bring this approach to other school districts and educational settings.
Register Today for our US or Australian NMT Case-Based Training Series  


There's still time to register for our two upcoming NMT Case-based Training Series.  Our US-based WINTER 2012 Series begins February 3.  Our 2012 Australian-based Series begins February 17th. Participate via the web LIVE or by Recordings Only.  Recordings allow you to view at any time.


Our NMT Series training experiences are part of an ongoing clinical case conference series led by Dr. Bruce Perry and are an excellent opportunity for continuing education.  Each of our series provides 15 hours of top-rate yet low-cost training.  


Information and enrollment forms:


WINTER 2012 NMT Case-Based Training Series


AUSTRALIAN 2012 NMT Case-Based Training Series

In closing, we extend our sympathy to our friends at The College of New Caledonia and to the entire community of Burns Lake, British Columbia for their tragic loss this week.  Our thoughts are with you.

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