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            May 2011 CTA Newsletter
NEW NMT Training Certification Programs
CTA Welcomes Dr. George Davis as New Fellow






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We are very pleased this month to publish details of our NEW NMT Training Certification Programs for Individuals and for Organizations (Sites).  An introduction to the new programs follow in this newsletter, but make sure to review the full program details available on our website.  For those interested in our NMT Certification Programs, please note the program requirements for participants.  Also, this month, we happily announce that Dr. George Davis, Director of Psychiatry for the New Mexico Department of Children, Youth, and Families, joins CTA as our newest Fellow.  Please help us welcome Dr. Davis by taking a minute to read more about him and the important work that he does with CYFD, one of CTA's NMT Training Sites.  
CTA Announces NEW NMT Training Certification Programs

Beginning September 2011, CTA will be expanding the NMT Training Certification Programs.  


In order to meet the overwhelming interest in the NMT and our Clinical Practice Tools (also known as the NMT Metrics) we have enhanced our Site and Individual Training Certification programs. The new programs are modeled after the current training certification programs and will include

access to 10 specialized Case-based training conferences, CTA training materials (DVDs, Multimedia and Reading materials), access to a full year of our NMT Case-based Series Staffing recordings, and live, interactive case discussions with Dr. Perry on a quarterly basis.  For Training Certification for Organizations, there will be a specialized Case-based Training series and a monthly opportunity for cross-institutional discussion and conversation. 




**Please note:  Participants must meet application criteria, including participation in at least 1 Case-based Staffing Series.  If you have not yet been part of a Series, the next session begins on May 13th.  Click here to register! 

G. Davis
Dr. George Davis Joins CTA's Group of Fellows


George Davis is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who currently serves as the Director of Psychiatry for the New Mexico Department of Children, Youth and Families. This state department encompasses all essential state services for the children of New Mexico including early childhood development, child protection, and juvenile justice. Although Dr. Davis is located within the juvenile justice division, the department recognizes the causative links between early neglect, interruptions of care, and later delinquency, and, thus, he serves across several divisions of child services.


Dr. Davis earned his medical degree from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and completed his psychiatry residency and child fellowship at the University of New Mexico. He previously served there on the faculty at the School of Medicine as Residency Director and Division Director of the Child and Adolescent Division and continues to teach and supervise there on a limited basis as adjunct faculty. In addition to the University and State service, Dr. Davis previously worked for five years at the Indian Health Service, providing care for several pueblos, tribal hospitals, and clinics in New Mexico.


His primary areas of interest and expertise are delinquency as an outcome of early neglect and abuse, extreme behavioural disorders in young children, psychopharmacology, and systems of care for the severely disabled and underserved.

Spring 2011 NMT Case-Based Training Series Begins May 13th 


It's not too late to register for the Spring 2011 NMT Training Series.   There are two ways to participate in this 10-week series - LIVE via the web or through RECORDINGS ONLY.  


This training experience is part of an ongoing clinical care conference series offered by the CTA.  This teaching model has been useful for helping clinicians and front-line staff better understand the neurodevelopmental principles involved in many of the primary symptoms as well as strengths in the children they serve.  This practical teaching model provides an opportunity for ongoing capacity building within an institution or for individuals.


We recommend this series as a complement to any more intensive training/program development projects that our partners have with the CTA. However, individual and institutional participation does not require any other program development activities or projects with the CTA and can serve as a good introduction to viewing maltreated and traumatized children through the "lens" of neurodevelopment. 


 See 2011 Spring Schedule & Enroll here. 

We are very excited about the announcement of our new NMT Training Certification Programs and hope that you are too.  Please let us know if you have any questions about the new programs.

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Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
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