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sun Greetings!
A friend recently commented that she found fall a much more appropriate and successful time to make "New Year's Resolutions."  This idea is interesting because many of us often associate Fall with "back to school" and the beginning of new projects after the relative ease of Summer.  Our Fall at CTA is certainly opening with a bang; last week we started our Fall 2010 NMT Case-based Training Series, and this month we will welcome two new NMT Certification Training Sites to our group of partners: Cal Farley's Boys Ranch located outside Amarillo, TX and the Oregon Department of Human Services, Addictions and Mental Health Division.  We will also initiate a new class of Individual Certification Participants and graduate a majority of the 2009/2010 class on to Phase II.  Additionally, we are in the process of collecting feedback during the Beta Testing Phase for our Online Metric Tool.  We continue to grow but are energized by the season and the opportunity to continue extending our reach to children and families in need. 


Since 1982, Diane Wagenhals has pursued a mission in the field of family education: to promote emotional health in families. She is a published author, trainer, and guest speaker. She is the author of PREN's Parents Reference Guide: 25 Essential Tools and Tips You Need for Emotionally Healthy Parenting in addition to many other articles. In 2006, she won the Please Touch Museum's "Great Friend to Kids Award" for Education and most recently accepted the "Educating Communities for Parenting" award on IFP's behalf.  Her work includes designing and presenting two workshops to a total of over 300 Kindergarten teachers in 2006 and 2007 through Philadelphia's KidZone Program with Dr. Bruce D. Perry.  In 2007, she also co-authored and presented curriculum used by Multiplying Connections to present basic trauma information to systems throughout Philadelphia.

      Drawing upon her past experiences an elementary school teacher, a childbirth educator, a family therapist and founder of a parenting education company, Ms. Wagenhals  currently serves as a Program Director for Lakeside Educational Network where her responsibilities include overseeing programming and curriculum design for the Institute for Professional Education and Development (IPED) program, which provides continuing professional development for professionals and educators through training and consulting, and for the Institute for Family Professionals (IFP) program, which provides training that has impacted over 800 family service professionals from contracted agencies within the Department of Human Services of the City of Philadelphia. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from West Chester University and performed graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh and University of Maryland in Rehabilitation Counseling. She received a Masters of Education Degree in Psycho-Educational Processes, specializing in Family Therapy, from Temple University. She is also a Certified Family Life Educator.

      Ms. Wagenhals received certification as a Pennsylvania PQAS instructor in 2007.  She also designed curriculum for the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania's Early Childhood Education projects and two courses for St. Joseph's University:  "Social, Emotional and Motor Development of Young Children" and "Trauma in Infancy and Early Childhood." In January 2010, she also began designing curriculum for Lakeside's Education for Transition program (LET) as well as a home visitation component for the Philadelphia's Prison System.  In this program, incarcerated adults participate in training and ongoing support to promote greater emotional stability and preparation for re-entry into families and communities and receive ongoing support and educational opportunities upon their release. Key to the success of this project is including fundamental trauma information so inmates and their families can better understand the neurobiological reasons for violent and other types of criminal behaviors and to receive support and specific strategies for changing the destructive patterns that brought them into the prison system in the first place.

       We are honored to have Ms. Wagenhals join our group of Fellows.

HEART TRANSPLANT - A graphic novel by Andrew Vachss and Frank Caruso with Zak Mucha - a true literary triptych

For more than three decades, best-selling author Andrew Vachss has
fought the worst kind of bully: child abusers. In his law practice,he's represented children and youth exclusively. As art director for King Features for two decades, Frank Caruso has developed a style that speaks to all ages, for all ages. Together, they have developed Heart Transplant, a book that attempts to reset the cultural software so that people change the way they think about bullying.

Bullying is universally decried, bemoaned, and condemned. And on the
rise. Whether it's a teenager committing suicide as a result of a Facebook posting or a group of schoolchildren taunting another child with autism and filming it for the "entertainment" of others, the
longest-lasting, deepest-scarring impact of bullying is emotional, not physical. Failure to understand this has handicapped an already- insipid series of failed "solutions." Heart Transplant is aimed at actually changing the way we deal with perhaps the most critical issue for children and parents alike today. To accomplish this mission, an entirely new genre was created. Neither a graphic novel nor a self-help book, it uses elements of both to reach parents and children
alike. The intermingling of word and art is achieved so smoothly that it is experienced as one does words-and-music: you may forget the lyrics and hum the tune, but that very act evokes the lyrics. And if it's the lyrics that stick with you, you'll find yourself humming the tune. The anchoring essay (by clinical social worker Zak Mucha) explains in prose detail what the reader has just experienced. This book will be shelved under "Parenting" and  "Young Adult." Why? Because there is no "Bullying" section in any bookstore. And if Heart Transplant hits either target, it will hit both. Nothing like this has ever been tried before. But if it works, the high risk will be rewarded by the greatest prize of all.

Heart Transplant is available beginning October 19th. 

For more information, visit or visit the book's Facebook page. 

Dr. Perry Concludes Three-Week Speaking Tour of Australia
Dr. Perry returned in late September from a very successful series of speaking engagements in Australia including full-day trainings in Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, and Sydney.  We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and interest in our work from those who attended his sessions.  Thank you to Annette Jackson and her colleagues at Berry Street and Take Two for the enormous amount of work they put in making this visit possible and so successful. Special thanks go to Pam Miranda and Kate Hogan. The CTA is especially grateful to Les Corlett and Shaun "Fluffy" Coade for ensuring Dr. Perry survived the "Cage of Death."  The CTA is very proud to  be partners with Take Two of Berry Street and we hope to share our progress with all of you in future newsletters.

 Click Here to View a Brief Video of Dr. Perry's Recent Work with Berry Street and Take Two.

CTA Congratulates First Class of NMT Individual Certification Participants
Last fall, CTA welcomed our first class of participants to our Individual Certification Training Program in the Neurosequential Model of Theraputics.  We congratulate all fifteen on completing the program.  We want to thank them for their time and energy during the past year.  A
list of participants is posted on our website. 
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