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June, 2011 -- Vol 1, Issue 2

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June Book Nook
The Latest Soap
Father's Day Highlight
"You're graduating!"
OPEN HOUSE: 6/25/11
Your Spa at Home
Mud from the Dead Sea

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The Book Nook

For some of us, books may be the last thing we want to talk about in June -- school is almost out for the summer!  That means its time to hit the beach, amusement parks, travel and hang out with friends all day long.  Soon enough, some of us will return to high school, start college, finish undergrad, or enter graduate school for a masters or doctorate.  But not matter which road you are on, or the season we are in, books will always a part of your life.


Last month, I started reading, "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" by Joanna Weaver.  It's a Christian devotional that focuses on the many responsibilities that most women have (Martha), yet in all that, strive to make the time to maintain a relationship with God through Christ (Mary).  Fantastic life applications, and I highly recommend it.  If you own a Nook by Barnes & Noble, you can download a sample


What are you currently reading?  Let us know and we may feature your book next month. 

Coming Out
the Mold...

Fresh out the mold this week:


"Sea Whispers"

Natural Soap

5.5oz Bars



Welcome back to
The Bath & Body Digest!

This month, we added your suggestions for the newsletter, provided links to our facebook page and twitter updates, and are featuring two very special types of people in our life: our fathers and our graduates! 


As always, let us know how we are doing and what you'd like to see or share with others.


Thanks for your continued support, and we wish you "all the best" today and tomorrow!



Father's Day Focus

Father's Day Banner 

"If the new American father feels bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right."

-- Bill Cosby


On Sunday, June 19 we will have the opportunity to nationally recognize, honor and celebrate the "Fathers" in our life.


The VERY first Father's Day for the United States was in 1908 in West Virginia, the birthplace of my own Father-in-Law.  Since that time, others have tried to continue to implement and recognize this special day, with little progress and success.  It wasn't until 1972 that President Nixon made it a national holiday to be celebrated on the third Sunday in June.


Father's Day is also celebrated in other countries of the world, falling on dates as early as February 23 and as late as December 26.  For many countries, this special day is celebrated with family dinners, gifts or special outings and ceremonies.  A few years ago, the kids and I treated dear old dad (aka, hubby) to a boating day on Lake Berryessa and jet skiing that afternoon.  Other celebrations have included joint celebrations with my father, special dinners out, or a big family BBQ in the backyard. 


Some of the special fathers in our life are no longer with us.  This could be your own biological father, a grandfather, a special uncle or even a  close family friend.  However, they are still remembered and cherished in our hearts.  A framed photo of a special moment shared together is a wonderful memento.


For those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, following are a few activities happening over Father's Day weekend:

  • Steam Train Rides on Niles Canyon Railway (Fremont)
    Note: all fathers who ride the train on Father's Day will be offered a complimentary beer or root beer
  • Picasso Exhibit at the de Young Museum (SF)
  • 7th Annual "Pinot Days" Grand Festival Tasting (SF, Ft. Mason, June 18)
  • Jennifer Hudson (SF, Masonic Auditorium, June 18)
  • And so much more! 

This Father's Day, Pour le Mieux is celebrating with our "Shea Shaving Bar" soap scented with Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils.  This bar is a big hit with the men in our family who shave.


If you'd like more information to make your Father's Day memorable and special, visit Father's Day or check your local newspaper.

Enjoy this special day with the fathers in your life!

Celebrating the Class of 2011

cap and gownJune is a busy month indeed. 
Summer starts, we recognize the special fathers in our life, and we celebrate the promotion ceremonies of our little ones.


This month, one of our little ones will graduate from high school.  There has been so much frenzied excitement in the house to get ready for not only this special day, but a new chapter in life.  Award ceremonies, community acknowledgements, college preparations, prom has come and gone, and in a few weeks, he'll be walking the stage.  For the most part, this is a joyously exciting time, yet on the other hand, I cannot help but get a little misty-eyed. 


We do all that we can to train and direct our children in the direction that would provide the most rewards, opportunities and success, then we have to sit back, bite our nails, and hope to high heaven that they will remember at least 10% of what we've taught and shared from our own mistakes.


So, to my young Eric,


"I wish you all the best in all that you strive for

and all that your heart can imagine. 

You are a fine young man in both stature and character,

highly respected by your peers and elders,

and I am grateful to have you as my son!!


I love you!  I adore you!!  I celebrate you!!!"



To the entire Class of 2011, CONGRATULATIONS!! 


PLMs "Open House":  Come Take a Whiff


You asked, and we're going to deliver!


One of our potential customers suggested it would be helpful if we had an open house so she could smell the various product fragrances we offer.  We, too, thought it was a great idea, and


You're invited!!


Event:      Pre-Launch Open House

Date:        Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time:        11:00am - 2:00pm

Location:  619 Rock Rose Way in San Pablo, CA

Products will be showcased in our home, which will include a Scent-Station of the various fragrances we'll offer. 


There will be door prizes, pre-launch promos, on-line coupons, select samples, and Open House Only products.  You'll have an opportunity to either purchase ready-made products on site, or place an order before our official launch on July 1st. 


We hope you'll be able to make it!!



Your Spa at Home: Glowing Skin Highlights

salt shakerAs you're preparing your summer wardrobe, remember your skin.


Last month we featured a honey-based glowing facial, and now its time to work on the rest of the body.


Our skin -- the largest organ we have -- often goes overlooked when we are gearing up for the summer.  We figure we'll wash it, dry it, and slather on some form of moisturizer to keep it looking vibrant and healthy.  But let's take a step back.


One of the most beneficial things you can do is gently exfoliate the dead skin cells with a simple salt scrub you can make in your own kitchen.  


You'll need:

  • A cereal-sized bowl
  • A spoon
  • 1/2 cup of table salt (fine grain)
  • 1/3 cup of safflower oil
  • A few drops of your favorite fragrance, optional
  • A few drops of food coloring, optional

In the bowl, mix the salt, oil, fragrance and food coloring until the salt is fully saturated.


Before taking your shower or bath, gently rub the salt scrub on your body to slough off dead skin cells while moisturizing before bathing. 



  • BE VERY CAREFUL when entering the shower or tub, as your body will be slippery from the oil.
  • DO NOT USE a salt-based scrub after shaving or if you have a cut or scrape.  It is literally like "pouring salt in an open wound" and can be very painful.  If this happens, flush the area with cool water.
  • If you have High Blood Pressure, Heart Disorders, are on dialysis, or are a Diabetic, consult your physician before using any salt-based products. 

For an oil-free scrub, simply wet your skin in the tub or shower, and gently apply the dry salt in a circular motion over your body.  Rinse well and bathe as usual.


Pour le Mieux offers several salt and sugar-based products to provide a spa pampering experience in the comfort of your own home.  Click on the "bath infusions" link from our home page.


Disclaimer:  The Bath & Body Digest and Pour le Mieux Bath & Body Essentials does not warrant or guarantee results and assumes no liability for any unfavorable results. Product use is at the user's sole risk regardless of any fault or negligence by The Bath & Body Digest or Pour le Mieux Bath & Body Essentials.

Is that mud on your face?

pour le mieux's dead sea herbal mud maskDead Sea Mud that is.


This season, we will join The Nova Studio and fellow artisans at the Point Richmond Farmer's Market on Wednesdays from 4:00pm-7:30pm.  Our product offering for the month of June will be an herbal mud mask.


Our mask is uniquely formulated with mud from the dead sea and a chamomile infused oil blend.  For oily to combination skin types, use once a week to exfoliate and rejuvenate your face, and/or body.point richmond farmers market


For more information on the farmer's market, visit Point Richmond Farmer's Market. 

Thank you for joining us again this month!!
July is a special month for us in so many ways: our nation's independence day, 4 immediate family birthdays, our trip to Yosemite to hike Half Dome, and the launch of our new site!!
We look forward to sharing it all with you!!
Pampering doesn't have to be expensive, but memorable. 
Pour le Mieux.  Remembering you.
all the best...