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November 2011  

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Happy Thanksgiving!  






  Our pets are SO happy to be alive that this newsletter is dedicated to YOU our supporters.  Without your support we simply could not have saved all these lives.   YOU gave so that others may live. While some of you could only give a dollar or two, others more and others could only give prayers. Some of you helped us with transporting a pet or helped us get food... the list goes on.  


TOGETHER we have made a difference in many lives. YOU are ALL very much appreciated.


THANK YOU and Have a Happy Blessed Thanksgiving,


Linda York, President


Our supporters (in no particular order):


Ed & Shirley Wagoner, Springfield, OR

Andy Stoll, Ft. Collins, CO

Gloria Bennett, Edgemont, SD

Rebecca Meza, Laramie, WY

Danette Ellis, Hawk Springs, WY

Justin Foster, Wheatland, WY

Dan & Lorie Meissner, Edmond, OK

Stephanie Rino, Casper, WY

Melissa Winburne, Conifer, CO

Beverly Sanford, Sunnyvale, CA

Clifford & Lori Schauer, Rapid City, SD

Mark & Pam Brinson, Newcastle, WY

P.A.W.S., Inc., Wheatland, WY

Alice Rex, Saginaw, MI

Michael & Marci Rulon, Albuquerque, NM

Shirley Dickinson, Lenore, ID

Aaron & Heather Pocock, Clyde, OH

Dale & Betty Hunter, Torrington, WY

Dietrich Buczko, Mesa, AZ

M & C Roesch, Denver, CO

David & Linda Oshel, Torrington, WY

Maria Saenz, Red Oak, TX

Sharon Thornton, Cheyenne, WY

Janice, Benny & Missy Hileman, Wallowa, OR

Benjamin Landau, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

C.A.R.E., Englewood, CO

Dennis & Kristen Snider, Monument, CO

Zeb & Stephanie Rino, Casper, WY

Sean & Jennifer Hinze, Gering, NE

Wendie King, Jackson, WY

Charlene Dean, St. Clair Shores, MI

Sarah Taylor-Burn, Castle Rock, CO

Rick & Lisa Mendelsberg, Englewood, CO

Beutel Rev & James Beutel, Jacksonville, FL

Syril Kaake, Saratoga, WY

Nicole Lamb, Louisville, CO

On Shore Foundation, Inc, Malibu, CA  

Chuck & Lois Coleman, Hawk Springs, WY

Sylvia & Ray Ahlbrandt, Henderson, NV

Jon & Joyce Warnke, Torrington, WY

Alan & Claudia Bonser, Conifer, CO

Gregory & Dorothy Vincent, Lead, SD

Amanda Lucas, Wilson, WY

Kenneth & Sheila Dwyer, Trinity, FL

Barbara Colby, Tempe, AZ

Sandra & Paul Gray, Buffalo, WY

John Lund, Saratoga, WY

Nadine Jaques-Dalcroze, Wheatland, WY

Bonnie Bockmann, Gillette, WY

Adrian Ibarra, Los Angeles, CA

Tonja Mumm, Cheyenne, WY

Mark & Bev Geschwender, Guernsey, WY

Mark & Christine Knittle, Casper, WY

Marthel & Gail Green,, Pleasanton, CA

Dan & Lori Peterson, Torrington, WY

Diana Crystal, Scottsbluff, NE

Donald & MaryLynn Fritzen, Laramie, WY

Kathleen Simler, Berthoud, CO

Kaye Billinger, Casper, WY

Erin Wolfley, Lingle, WY

James & Kari Clark, Burns, WY

J. Brandy Gardes, El Paso, TX

Amber Lenti, Gillette, WY

William Acklin, Hillsdale, WY

Angelika Niessen, Aladdin, WY

Warren & Jo An Moore, Torrington, WY

Bart & Helen Bobbitt, Loveland, WY

Susan Sweeney, Cheyenne, WY

William Gibson, Torrington, WY

Glenn & Marilyn Heestand, Pleasanton, CA

Eleanor Grace, Crofton, MD

Francis Mallon, Cody, WY

Robert & Pat Meakim, Custer, SD

Ken & Penny Hoff, Windsor, CO

James & Johnel Solberg, Buffalo, WY

Cliff & Sharon Warner, Lingle, WY

Pamela Eisenach, Cheyenne, WY

Louise Womack, Torrington, WY

Amy Urban, Laramie, WY

Jean Jones-Kenney, Hollywood, FL

Raymond & Janice Robbins, Lingle, WY

Dawn Melton, Lakewood, CO

Andrea Angie, Laramie, WY

Jan & Darlene Fernald. Lyman, NE

Lana Fortin-Ulrich, Malta, MT

Keith & Joyce Miller, Laramie, WY

Paul & Margaret Kuchay, Wilmington, IL

Amy Elben, Torrington, WY

Cards for Cause, Union, KY

Caroline Higgins, Riverton, WY

Janet Enoch, Geneva, IL

J. Browning & Frances Mosher, Cheyenne, WY

Debra White, Tempe, AZ

Jeanine Norton, Cheyenne, WY

Donald & Donna Mitchell, Veteran, WY

Linda Kessler, LaGrange, WY

Martha Zumbach, Saginaw, MI

Andrea & John Sommers, Laramie, WY

Eric & Vicki Kler, Lyman, NE

Dr. Tom Welsh, Ft. Collins, CO

Emily Cole, Cheyenne, WY

Tammy Baus, Hoven, SD

Sharon Pryor, Torrington, WY

Janice Hallahan, Box Elder, SD

XS Med/Lab Equipment, LLC, Beaverton, OR

Melissa O'Bryant, Lakewood, CO

Rosemary Rivera, Cheyenne, WY

Doris Warren, Magnolia, AR

Milan & Kara Schreibeis, Sheridan, WY

Star Donor, Inc., Portland, OR

Michael & Sandra Fallon, Denver, CO

Blake Bohac, Cheyenne, WY

Nuanphan Poole, Golden, CO

Beverly Sanford, Sunnyvale, CA

Diana Holman, Denver, CO

Kiley Boe, Laramie, WY

Marian Scott, Cheyenne, WY

Sarah Reinprecht, Denver, CO

C.R. Sloat, Drake, CO

G.O. & K.E. Solheim, Drake, CO

Carolyn Mosley, Commerce, GA

Rodger Shellabarger, Alliance, NE

Jay & Kaye Anderstrom, Lyman, NE

Judy Eddy, Tonopah, NV

Annabeth & Henry Ort, Mills, WY

Chad Moore, Cheyenne, WY

Stephanie Swift, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lacey Bordelon, Chadron, NE

Brett Mosby, Forsyth, MT

Teri Ladwig, Westminster, CO

Richard & Tiny Stark, Laurel, MT

Albertta Daiss, Cheyenne, WY

W.M. Hill, Torrington, WY

Carolyn Vick, Cheyenne, WY

William Harper, Torrington, WY

Carol Fuller, Denver, CO

Kevin Everett, Colorado Springs, CO

Leilani Mullen, Puerto Real, PR

Charles & Dorothy Rogers, Torrington, WY

Jim & Karen Ross, Lakewood, CO

Polly Grunfeld Sack, Bloomfield, NY

Brandon & Melissa Sams, Gillette, WY

Robert & Gwen Currier, Douglas, WY

Jannis Machen, Westminster, CO

Laurie Gilham/Wayne Mock, Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada

David & Mary Hardin-Jones, Laramie, WY

Nancy Dunnington, Cheyenne, WY

Ronald & Jo Ellen Saunders-Porter, Colorado Springs, CO

Joan Miller, Cheyenne, WY

Charles & Angela Nunn, Afton, WY

Clarence & Patricia Bennett, Sheridan, WY

Karen Steinberg, Casper, WY

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Catherine Critz, Wellington, CO

Dr. Tom Welsh, Ft. Collins, CO

Laramie Peak Vet Clinic, Wheatland, WY

Tina Gauthier, Cut Bank, MT

Dean & Marsha Snepenger, Denver, CO

Robert Cates, Torrington, WY

Cynthia Muse, Hawk Springs, WY

Joe & Henrietta Clutter, Torrington, WY

Randall & Lori Berglund, North Platte, NE 

Tom, Margo & April of e-bay's: coloradoautodirect

                                           Castle Rock, Colorado 

Anonymous Donors









The Needle!        

Most of you are thinking this article is about killing pets, but you are wrong! From our very first newsletter dated March 2001 we have stressed the importance of having ID tags on your pets. Here is your chance to get a free ID tag and have fun at the same time!   

     Hidden somewhere in this newsletter is a picture of a needle like the one pictured with this article. Find the needle, be the first one to e-mail us with the location and we will send you an ID tag so your pet can get home and avoid a needle!   

   Here's what happened last month:


Needle...... Kelly, 10.48 A. M. in Florida!!! I found the needle in the picture frame with the pumpkin sitting on the pie. Thanks, Kelly

Others were close.

Cynthia 11.01 A.M.

Lori  2:06 P.M.



 Keep ID tags on your pets and NEVER leave them outside unattended.  WHY anyone would leave their pets outside when nobody is home is STUPID and DANGEROUS!!   




'Be who you are and say what you feel...

Because those that matter... don't mind...


And those that mind... don't matter.'












Vaccination Guidelines
catvaccination(The picture is NOT our hidden needle!)

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccination Task Force has updated their vaccination guidelines for 2011.








ID Tags Save LIVES

The following is ANOTHER reason to keep an ID tag on your pet(s). This was not one of our dogs. 

Hi Linda,


Basie the Corgi had only been missing for three hours when Fairfax County killed her as a stray. 


She was almost completely deaf and slow-moving, so she must have felt some sense of relief when a stranger brought her to a vet hospital. Instead, the vet euthanized her--less than three hours later.  Demand justice for this atrocity.

Basie's owner, Alison, told WUSA9 News, "Basie died alone with strangers, which is the real tragedy. She was a baby, just a helpless little dog, you know?"


The vet who euthanized Basie claims that he was under instruction from the Fairfax Animal Control; Fairfax Animal Control says it gave him no such directions. Regardless of who's at fault, there is only one way to make sure this tragedy never happens again in Fairfax.  



Tragedy takes place everywhere EVERY day. To stop the killings spay/neuter and be a responsible pet owner. Pass this on to your friends! 


"Animals do have a voice. If you ignore their suffering, I will remind you of it. If you don't understand them, I will translate. If you don't hear them, I will be their voice. You may silence them but you cannot silence me as long as I live." ~ Anita Mahdessian



KOBE'S Thanksgiving Present!





My name is Kobe Leigh Brown 


I am one of the lucky ones.

I have been chosen.

I have my own person and I am loved.

I am happier than I have ever been in my life!


This may seem a little strange coming from a little brown fuzzy dog. But it is all true.

You see, I was born in a not so nice place. At the time I was born there were about 200 others there already. It was very noisy and very crowded. There were many adults and a lot of puppies like myself. Sometimes it was really difficult to have a nice afternoon nap because of the noise and chaos. It seems everyone just wanted OUT. They all wanted out of the crowded cages which were smelly and dirty.


As I got older, I realized more and more why everyone wanted out so badly. It was not just the noise and the lack of having ones' own personal space. It wasn't just because it was dirty and smelled bad. It was because we were often hungry and thirsty too. Often our water was dirty and slimy from not being changed and there never seemed to be enough food to go around. Many resorted to the unthinkable.....eating poop.


Along with those conditions, all of us had so many fleas we would often cry from the painful itching and the frustration of not being able to make it stop. Some of us had tried to escape but an electric 'hot' wire was put up all around the cages to keep it from happening again. A few had tried escaping again after that and it was horrible to see them collapse in pain after being zapped by that awful wire. I never tried it. It was too scary.


It looked like our lives were doomed to this awful life forever. It almost seemed like the ones who died, from illness or from the winter cold, were the lucky ones. However, one day a stranger came.  Everyone was scared. I huddled with my sister with fear not knowing what was happening. Next thing I know both Missy and I were put in some sort of small enclosure called a crate. But at least we were together. I could see others in crates too. Everyone was wide eyed and afraid.


Later we found out that we were rescued from this place by a wonderful lady. Her name is Linda. I choose to call her Auntie Linda. The place we ended up was her rescue shelter, Pet Pals, Inc.


Auntie Linda strives to find good homes for animals that do not have one of their own. Although careful screening takes place sometimes it doesn't work out, as was with my first experience being in a home.  They did not seem to understand me or my needs. I felt they did not care about me because of this. All I wanted was to be away from them. I was lucky to escape when the door was open. Again, I was rescued by my Auntie Linda. There she was, calling my name. I was never so relieved in my entire life! She took me back to the shelter.


One day Auntie Linda had told me that there was someone who was coming to meet me. I was curious, but after my last experience, I was pretty apprehensive. I huddled with my sister and we discussed what was happening to me. She was not really much comfort because she was even more afraid of the humans than I was. She even panicked so badly she accidentally bit one. She really couldn't help it. She thought she was protecting herself.


Anyway, a lady showed up. Auntie Linda introduced us. I was shaking in fear. The lady took me in her arms and held me close to her. She and Auntie Linda sat down and chatted for a while. They talked about me and the others, but they never really talked to me much. For some reason that made me feel more comfortable. The lady began gently petting me. It was a strange sensation, really, but nice too. I liked it very much after a while.


So, it turned out that the lady is now my Mom. We have been together almost 3 years now. I had no idea what it would be like to have my very own human. It is awesome!!!! It is great to be clean, well fed and loved. It is great to have my own quiet times in a warm bed so I can nap. It is great to have someone understand and care about my needs, both physically and emotionally. I am thankful that my Mom was patient with me to learn who I am and how I communicate. I am thankful my Mom understands that I have fears that may never go away completely but is just a part of who I am. I am thankful she loves me unconditionally and I am thankful she is mine.


I do miss my sister and a few of the others that have not been so lucky yet. I keep hoping someone will find it in their heart to see their value despite their issues that stem from their past. My Mom wishes she could take them all, but, of course, she cannot. I am kind of glad for that, because when it comes to her I am a bit selfish, I admit.


But I do look forward to the day when they too can say:

I am one of the lucky ones.

I have been chosen.

I have my own person and I am loved.

I am happier than I have ever been in my life!




KobeWritten by Carla & Kobe.  

Your present was SUPER, thank you!  




     From day one, our motto has been, "If it has a heartbeat, it needs a Pet Pal."

     While Linda was chit chatting with a fellow rescue friend, she was asked if she knew of anyone wanting a rescued cockatiel. Her response was, "YES!"

     Having recently lost her 20 year old cockatiel, Linda knew Danette Ellis needed to hear singing again.  

     Late this last Saturday evening after traveling on ice covered roads from Buffalo, Balboa came to live with Danette. Given the last name of her previous bird, Rocky, Balboa is now happily filling her home with songs! Special THANKS for everyone involved in Balboa's rescue and transport. Every heartbeat needs a Pet Pal!  






 It is so, they are all God's children.
              Mother Teresa


YOU have made our work of love possible, THANK YOU!


Special thanks to our awesome donors. YOU are the BEST! 



Donate Now Biscuit


Click the above biscuit to help save a life, THANK YOU!



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   One of MANY homeless darlings at Pet Pals, Inc.!

    Last week we took in ten pound Freedom. He received his name because he was scheduled to be killed on Veteran's Day because he was hard to handle. Being a special day, we just couldn't let him die.

Freedom is recovering from  an upper respiratory infection.  Click his picture to see how aggressive he is! The video was taken less than 24 hours after being here!

Thank You Dog Flowers
For saving me and remember
not to eat too much!