Soul Connections Sept 2012

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Day of Tikkun
Sister Giant
Gary on
Awakening to Spiritual Partnership Course
Dear Spiritual Partner,  


I am writing this welcome message because I am so joyful to share with you some good news.  My beloved, Gary Zukav, is turning 70 next month, in fact, on the 17th of October.  It is such a joy to be together with him in this life, to be here together for the same purpose - to create authentic power and be in spiritual partnership with each other and you, and to share with all human beings what we continue to learn about this new way of being on the Earth. 


I am grateful to be alive in this exciting and powerful time.  We are seeing, each in our own way, that the only changes we can make are in ourselves - changes moment to moment from fear to love, and that as we make these changes, we can change the world by doing it from love instead of from fear.  We are seeing more clearly that even if our cause is a just one (or we feel it is), if we are trying to make changes in the world when we are in fear (judging, hating, angry, full of revenge, etc.), we only contribute more fear to the world, which will only create more violence and destruction instead of healthy and constructive consequences. 

In our culture many say it is time to retire when you are 70 or sooner. However, when you are doing what you came to the Earth to do, there is nothing else you would rather do with your precious time.  I know this is true for Gary because I have the honor to be cocreating with him on a daily basis.

I have an invitation for you to Gary's birthday celebration. It is below. Please join me in the celebration.  Let's make this a global celebration of the significance of this one human life, and through doing this, my prayer is, that we will continue to celebrate each of us in the same way.  That we will see ourselves and one another as powerful and precious souls.





I have been thinking and opening myself about how to celebrate Gary's seven decades in the Earth school and the beginning of his eighth.  Nothing that I thought about was coming into focus - a gathering here, or a gathering there, a gathering at our home, or who would I invite, etc., etc.

Then one day I was talking to a friend who always stimulates out-of-the-box creativity in me and something started to take shape.  I was so delighted by these ideas that I knew I was going in the right direction.

I decided to invite everyone who has known Gary for a short or a long time or who has been touched by Gary in some way to participate with me in Gary's 70th Birthday celebration and welcoming him into his eighth decade in the Earth school.  I am so excited to cocreate this celebration with you.


Please share with Gary what you want to say to him by letter, poem, audio or video recording, photo, drawing, etc. and mail or email it to me as soon as you can. I will put it together with others on Gary's special page on our website so he can enjoy it, and so that everyone can participate in it as a community of individuals who have been touched by or connected with Gary. Gary's birthday is October 17, but if you are not able to send your sharing by then, we will be celebrating for a while. Don't be shy. Please send me your contribution any time. It is precious and appreciated.


Some suggestions of what I feel he would want to hear you share... 

  • Why Gary being in the Earth school has been/is significant to you?
  • A story about Gary that you want to share that is funny or is meaningful to you.  
  • A story of how you discovered about Gary or his book, etc.  
  • How what Gary has contributed through his books, events, talks, videos, etc., has had an effect on your life.  

Please email me what you want to share at


Or send it to:


Gary Zukav
2305C Ashland Street #191
Ashland, OR 97520


You can view your sharing at

Please give me a week to post it.  


I am looking forward to celebrating this special anniversary of Gary's entrance into the Earth school with Gary and with you.





San Francisco - October 6, 2012  
 Day of Tikkun
Q'ero shamans
Gary Zukav 
Marianne Williamson
Eric Greenberg
Alberto Villoldo
Coleman Barks
David Darling
Snatam Kaur concert

Day of Tikkun will bring us together in celebration and in service of healing our world.  

This is a special invitation to a uniquely designed journey to support us in these times of healing and change.  


For more information and to donate to a charitable organization when you register, if you choose, visit  Day of Tikkun.  



Los Angeles - November 10th and 11th, 2012

Marianne Williamson Sister Giant Nov 10 & 11, 2012  
Women, Non-Violence and Birthing a New American Politics 
Gary talks about SISTER GIANT
will provide tools - both spiritual and political - with which to re-envision our political possibilities, run for office if you feel so moved, and transform America one campaign at a time. 

For more information and to register, visit SISTER GIANT

If you can't attend, watch the live stream! 

Oprah Spirit


What Painful Situations Can Teach You About Yourself - And How to Use Them to Grow Spiritually 


More from Gary on

Each article leads to more articles! 

Keep clicking and reading for more about authentic power and spiritual partnerships.



Birthdays and Deathdays  
Birthdays and death days are markers on a soul's journey into awareness and freedom.  Not all souls choose experiences of physicalness - learning in the domain of time, space, matter, and duality that we call home for a short time.  In fact, in which we experience time.  I look at each incarnation into the Earth school as a dramatic act of spiritual responsibility and each departure of a soul from the Earth school as a return to nonphysical reality - our common home before and after our experiences on the Earth.

Only a soul knows when it will return home, and when it decides to return home, nothing can stop it.  Until then, nothing can make it return home.  This may sound strange because so many forms of death, such as illness and violence, appear undesirable to us, but what your soul wants and what your personality wants are not always the same, unless they are aligned.  My adopted Sioux uncle spoke of the "other side camp" where we travel after death.  When I ask him about it, he would answer with a story, as he often did.  One of them was about a relative (he saw all people as relatives) whose death was deeply grieved.  He described him as walking up a ridge toward the setting sun.  There is much wailing and cries of "He's going!  He's going!"  When he reaches the top, he turns his back to the sun and waves goodbye a last time, and then he turns toward the sun again and disappears over the ridge.  A great cry goes up, "He's gone!  He's gone!"  On the other side of the ridge another great cry goes up, "He's coming!  He's coming!"

We come from love and we return to love.  What we do in between is the substance of a life.  In my opinion, the purpose of every life is now to create authentic power - to align your personality with your soul - and thereby give the gifts that you were born to give.  Our gifts are many, and the only thing between us and giving them is fear.  Creating authentic power is learning to distinguish love from fear inside you and choosing love no matter what is happening inside you or outside of you.  This requires practice.  It requires awareness and volition.  What else do you have your life for?

I have lived seventy winters in the Earth school, and I am grateful for all of them, even those that were painful.  My life did not need to be so difficult - I didn't know about creating authentic power earlier - but the richness I experience now is a result of taking advantage of opportunities to grow spiritually that each year in the Earth school gave me.  We all encounter continual opportunities in the Earth school to grow spiritually - to create authentic power.  My greatest joy is using mine wisely and supporting you in using yours wisely.

I am grateful to share this anniversary of my entrance into the Earth school with you, and to honor you.



The Journey Continues...    

"Eventually, you will come to understand

that love heals everything, and love is all there is."  

  -- Gary Zukav, Seat of the Soul   


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