October 2011 - Soul Connections

Soul Connections is the monthly newsletter of the Seat of the Soul Institute community. The intent of Soul Connections is to support you in creating authentic power and spiritual partnerships. Our vision is a world of seven billion people creating harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life.


Dear Spiritual Partners,

If you knew how to use your experiences to grow spiritually, would you look at your experiences differently? Appreciation and gratitude, for example, show you what it feels like to create with love. Anger and jealousy show you what it feels like to create with fear.

Our collective experiences also offer us opportunities to see whether we are creating with love or fear. At this moment, our shared experiences include shocking numbers of families losing their homes (4.6 million foreclosures in the last year and a half in the US alone), tens of millions of people without jobs or forced to work for less (as many as 30 million in the US alone), the environment at risk, and a few hugely wealthy individuals and almost all major corporations making more money than ever. When you see these things, do you contribute love or fear to the collective consciousness? This is important to know because fear (such as greed) created these circumstances and more fear (such as anger) cannot eliminate them.

For example, Occupy Wall Street, a gathering by a few protesters in lower Manhattan a few weeks ago, has spread quickly across the US and beyond. Their actions and intentions are diverse, but all of them want to change social structures that are not working, and almost all of them want to do it nonviolently. Some of them want to do it with love. These are collective experiences worth looking at. What can you learn about yourself from them to help you create more love and less fear in your life and contribute more love and less fear to our world?

The Seat of the Soul Institute supports you in contributing love, even when you feel like contributing fear. This is creating authentic power.



A thousand thanks to the people in Liberty Plaza and places like it who are giving voice to much that is destructive and painful about our social structures and what lies beyond them. Your presence and courage and commitment are water to the great tree of awareness and freedom that will grow if it is tended carefully. Fortunately, each of us is responsible for tending it. Freedom from fear is the only freedom that now unlocks the prisons of hatred, violence, prejudice, and greed. The kindness of some police officers in NYC is on display to the world and so is the brutality of others. The greed of banks that engorge themselves on the losses of millions of people are on display around the world, and so also are the alternative social structures that will replace them. A thousand thanks are not enough for the glimpses of these emerging structures you are giving us.

You are showing us new forms of cocreation that are built on harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life and contrasting them with old forms that are built on manipulation and control. These new social structures are taking root in Liberty Plaza and places like it and in millions of us as we watch and hold the vision of a new world, a world without victims and without villains, a world where heinous policies are relentlessly uprooted and destroyed and where the people who create and execute them are not hated but constrained appropriately (think of handcuffs and bars). In short, a world of love, growing out of awareness and responsibility, consciously constructed with intentions of love, a world with the courage to experience fear fully – such as anger, vengefulness, and righteousness – challenge it by not acting on it, and cultivate love instead.

This new world will emerge strong and healthy from the decay of the old world not because the dying world is supported by a wealthy few while billions of us are eager for the new world. It will replace the old world because billions of us will tend the tree daily, even in difficult times – challenging hatred, anger, greed, and revenge in ourselves by choosing awareness and love instead. In short, the new world will grow strong and healthy while the old world dies because the old world is based on fear and the new world is built on love – clear, conscious, responsible, courageous, and capable..

I would like to hear your comments.

Will you post them on the SoulBlog?

PS: Gary Zukav and Linda Francis will be teaching about Authenticity and activities such as Occupy Wall Street at the Celebrate Your Life conference in Phoenix on November 6, 2011. See below.


Gary Zukav at the Celebrate Your Life Conference

Celebrate Your Life - Phoenix

The Seat of the Soul

A 90 minute conversation
with Gary Zukav

Saturday, November 5

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

This workshop will explore the stillness and quietness of your soul and your being. Through various experiential exercises, Gary will teach you how to feel this sacred connection. You will learn how to view your life from “choiceless awareness and a non-judgmental perspective leading to a true deep authentic strength. Gary will address how to stay connected to who you truly are in your everyday life, becoming truly present, and teach how to heighten your quiet awareness. You will experience a true connection to the beauty and stillness of your soul. This will be a gentle and introspective workshop..

For more information and to register for this event visit: Mishka Productions.

Gary Zukav and Linda Francis at the Celebrate Your Life Conference

CYL Phoenix - Authenticity


A 90 minute conversation with
Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

Sunday, November 6

Time: 10:30 am - 12 pm

Gary & Linda will teach what true authentic strength and power is really about. They will explore the myths about the word “power” and guide you through exercises in order for you to feel your own quiet authenticity and teach you how to express that in the world. You will better understand who you are as a spiritual being and where your power and strength truly comes from.

For more information and to register for this event visit: Mishka Productions.

Gary Zukav and Linda Francis - Post Conference Workshop

Relationships and the Spiritual Path

Relationships and the Spiritual Path: Using All Your Relationships to Grow Spiritually

A Full Day Workshop

Monday, November 7

Time - 9 am - 4 pm

Gary Zukav and Linda Francis show you how to change all your relationships (parents, children, coworkers, spouse) into partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. When you grow spiritually you create relationships of substance and depth. Gary and Linda show experientially you how to use all your relationships to grow spiritually and how to transform all your interactions into the most meaningful possible. Learn to use your emotions, including painful emotions such as anger, jealousy, anxiety, and vengefulness to develop humbleness, clarity, forgiveness, and love.

This workshop shows you how to bring commitment, courage, compassion, and conscious communication and action into all your relationships and how to use your emotions, choices, intuition, and joy. If you want to create or deepen your relationships but are sometimes swept away by destructive emotions, such as anger, jealousy, vengefulness, and fear, this workshop is a must for you. Couples, individuals, families, and friends will find it a revolutionary opportunity to change their relationships forever. Gary and Linda will guide you through deep experiential exercises that will touch the very heart and soul of your being.

For more information and to register for this event visit: Mishka Productions.

Gary Zukav at the Mastery Conference

The Mastery Conference - Munich

A 75 minute conversation with Gary Zukav

Sunday, November 20

Time - TBA

Learn how to transform your relationships into dynamic, substantive, deep, ongoing explorations into spiritual growth. Spiritual pioneer Gary Zukav will show you ways to look at all your relationships – with children, spouses, partners, coworkers, and others – that may be one-hundred-and-eighty degrees different from the way that you have thought about relationships in the past. Instead of striving to make your relationships better, Gary Zukav, will show you how to make them vehicles of spiritual growth. Using your relationships to create authentic power will do more to create the kind of relationships that you long for than anything else can, if you want relationships of substance and depth..

Spiritual partnerships have different rules, different dynamics, and greater rewards than any other kind of relationship. Spiritual partnerships are not just for couples. They are also for family members, co-workers, and friends. They are the most challenging and fulfilling relationships possible, and they are now required for your spiritual development. Join Gary Zukav for this life-changing, relationship-changing evening.

For more information and to register for this event visit: The Reconnection



This is the 18th birthday week that Gary and I have celebrated with each other as spiritual partners. Our birthdays are exactly one week apart. Gary asked me if I wanted to celebrate our entrances into the Earth school together that very first October we spent together. I felt it was a generous idea. At that time, Gary was opening to deeper sharing and this was such a beautiful way to do it. Although we certainty didn’t know what would unfold that first birthday week, our spiritual partnership has deepened with each year.

It is not physical gifts that have been important, but a week to see where we are individually and as spiritual partners, as well as how have we been able to support others in their spiritual growth during the last year. We also treasure celebrating with friends and family, many of whom are also our spiritual partners. We are beginning our birthday week this year celebrating with our family in San Diego. Sydney and Cady, our granddaughters, are fourteen and sixteen now, and they have been our spiritual partners since they were four and six, so it will be a joy to be with them this birthday week.

My birthday reminds me to remember how precious I am, how precious Gary is, and how precious all of us are.

"When you see each of your challenges as an opportunity to discover and change the parts of your personality that feel like a victim rather than the creator of your own experiences, you automatically respond to the challenges in your life with gratitude, and even joy."

- Gary Zukav, Soul to Soul
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