August 2012

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Win a 3D Motion Controller!  


Last year we ran a contest asking for your silicone related questions and had a great response! We then had our engineers answer all of your questions and posted them on our blog, Silicone.Pro. In order to give the best service and information possible, we are again asking industry professionals to submit their silicone questions. 

This year we are giving away a 3D Connexion- Space Explorer USB, a 3D motion controller. 3D navigation devices feature a ball, or cap, which rotates in 6 directions to control 3D imagery. They also have programmable buttons that can be mapped to applicaton shortcuts and modifier keys for one-touch access. Studies show that 3D designers can increase productivity simply by adding a 3D navigation device for the non-dominant hand in conjunction with the use of a mouse. 
Click here for more information on the 3D Connexion.     
To enter, send your questions about medical silicone design, prototyping, manufacturing, liquid silicone molding, quality control or anything silicone related, to
The winning name will be drawn on October 1, 2012, so send your question now! 
3D Controller


Thank you for all the great questions you sent in last year, we hope that Silicone.Pro continues to be a useful resource for both designers and silicone professionals.

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