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Coming to Council tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 26, 2012Investing in Sustainability: Streets Audit Follow-up and Stormwater (Action Item 39d).  The City Council will be making final decisions about asking voter approval to increase funding for maintenance of the City's deteriorating infrastructure by issuing bonds or increasing taxes.


We demonstrated the benefits of timely and data-driven investment in maintenance and repair, to avoid the much higher cost of reconstruction and replacement, in our November 15, 2011 audit: Failing Streets: Time to Change Direction to Achieve Sustainability


Also on the agenda are two Information Reports from our office:

Item 46  is the City Manager's report on planned implementation of recommendations in our November 16, 2010 audit Employee Benefits: Tough Decisions Ahead.


Item 49 and 50 are the City Manager's final reports on completed implementation of two audits of the Police property and evidence room.


We currently have two performance audits in progress:


Permit Center

Objective:  Do the Planning Department's processes result in efficient and timely issuance of building permits?


Shelter Plus Care 

Objective:  Do the Housing Department's procedures and staffing ensure that Shelter Plus Care expenditures meet statutory and regulatory requirements?


We appreciate your continued support for our work to help Berkeley deliver services in a more efficient, effective, and equitable way.  Please contact me at (or at 981-6750) with your questions, comments, and ideas.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Ann-Marie Hogan, City Auditor

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City Auditor Ann-Marie Hogan

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