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May 2011


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Lockport, New York is the centerpiece of Transit North; an architecturally-themed, multi-community, historic shopping district.  Our market research demonstrates that Transit North has extensive growth capacity for additional retail business. Visit us at for a comprehensive demographic and market profile of our retail trade area.


GameStop To Set Up Shop In Lockport

Gamestop Store


GameStop, the nation's leader in video game retailing, will open a new location in a portion of the former Hollywood Video location on Lockport's Transit Road Corridor. GameStop will open an 1,800 SF retail outlet in the building owned by Benderson Development. GameStop currently operates 20 other outlets in the Erie-Niagara region.


PetSmart To Open In Lockport



PetSmart, one of the leading retailers in pets and petcare products, will open a 12,440 SF store in the AT&T Plaza, next to Home Depot. The Lockport location, one of 6 PetSmart stores in the Erie Niagara region, will be located next to Crawford Furniture.

Scapelliti Super Sizes Store

Scapelliti Store

Scapelliti Superstore

Scapelliti Super Store, a long-time local retail convenience store, will build a new 4,450 SF store at the intersection of NY 31 and NY 77 on the east side of Lockport. The new store will replace the current 3,600 facility, and will include a Tim Hortons Café & Bakery in addition to Scapelliti's popular butcher shop and deli; the 75-year old merchandiser also features take-out food service, soft and dry goods and gasoline.


Progress Report:

Lockport Mall Demolition

The former Lockport Mall is being demolished to make way for the Lockport Walmart Supercenter



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Niagara USA Region

Niagara USA Region
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GameStop To Set Up Shop In Lockport
PetSmart To Open In Lockport
Scapelliti Super Sizes Store
Progress Report: Mall Demolition
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Carson's Country Deli and Bakery Expands

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Lockport Locks

Carson's Country Deli and Bakery Expands

Carson's Country Deli

Carson's Country Deli and Bakery 

Carson's Country Deli and Bakery, located at the intersection of NY 31 and NY 93 on Lockport's west side, has broken ground for a 1,500 SF addition and drive-through. The restaurant and bakery sells and distributes its locally baked goods to retail outlets in Erie and Niagara counties.

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