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Yahoo! Begins Phase II
Lockport Zoning Code More Business- Friendly
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June 2010

Dear Colleague,                                              
Welcome to  the next edition of
Lockport Business Opportunities!  The Town of Lockport Economic Development has a new website and email address!  We are committed to providing you with important information about recent business developments in the Lockport area.  We are pleased to  identify opportunities for investment in our community!
This aerial view of the Yahoo! Lockport datacenter displays the extent to which construction has proceeded to date. Target date for the facility to become operational is September, 2010.
Yahoo Aerial Photo May 2010
Internet giant Yahoo! has begun Phase II of its Lockport datacenter project. Phase I, which began construction in August, 2009, consists of an administrative center and three data wings; construction of Phase I is substantially complete, which will allow the facility to become operational by September, 2010. Phase II will add two more data wings to the existing complex; completion date is targeted for December, 2010. Yahoo! officials have expressed their pleasure with the speed and quality of construction for Phase I and had hoped to retain much of the same workforce on site for Phase II construction.   Click Here to see why the Lockport Datacenter is making headlines!
Lockport Zoning Code More Business-Friendly
Recent amendments by the Lockport Town Board to the local Lockport Zoning Code will result in fewer restrictions for businesses locating and expanding in the Town of Lockport.
The most significant changes to the Zoning Code affect the Commercial Corridor Overlay District (CCOD). The District was originally enacted in 2003 to upgrade the design and appearance of Lockport's Transit Road Business Corridor; the CCOD regulations are in addition to the existing Zoning Code guidelines.
As of May 6, the Town has reduced the area of the Commercial Corridor Overlay District from a 1,000 foot setback from Transit Road to 500 feet; in addition, the geographic limits have been reduced from Raymond Road to Old Beattie Road on the east side of Transit Road. The provisions of the Commercial Corridor Overlay District encourage the incorporation of aesthetic elements, including landscaping, minimum lot area and coverage, open space, building setback, building height, parking and traffic access.  However, waivers may be available when the regulations cannot be reasonably complied with.
Other highlights of the changes to the Zoning Code are:
  • Repeal of the Vehicle Sales Overlay District; this regulation was enacted prior to the CCOD.  It is no longer necessary and was repealed to avoid duplication and confusion;
  • Authority to the Planning Board to waive the requirement for Site Plan Approval in cases where a simple re-use of an existing building or insignificant site modification is sought by an owner/user;
  • Modification of parking requirements to enable the Planning Board to make individual site determinations regarding the amount of parking to be required.
Additional information regarding the Town of Lockport Zoning Code and land use regulations affecting business development may be obtained from the Town of Lockport Building Inspection Department, www.elockport.com/town-building-department.php
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