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Company Profile: Johnson-Rose Corporation
Lockport to Host YAHOO! Data Center
Lockport Promotes Transit North Corridor
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Company Profile:
Johnson-Rose Serves North American Food Service Industry

  When Johnson-Rose Corporation was originally founded in Montreal in 1946, little did its owners envisage the changes that would shape the food service industry of the 21st Century. Nor did they anticipate the challenges that would face the commercial kitchen supply industry, within which they were attempting to become a competitive force.
  Johnson-Rose ventured into the US market by opening a modest warehouse/distribution
facility on Market Street in Lockport in 1985. Building on their core business of commercial kitchen utensils, under the ownership of Ernest Berman, Johnson-Rose invested in a new US facility in the Lockport Industrial Park in 1992, opening a 22,750 SF building to also accommodate a metal spinning operation. Under the direction of Operations Manager Dennis Kuligowski, Johnson-Rose Corporation added another 19,000 SF to their building in 2004. While discontinuing the light manufacturing and concentrating on a state-of-the-art computer system to enhance its sales and service operations, the company's business operations grew south of the Canadian-American border to encompass most of North America, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. The Lockport Industrial Development Agency provided a package of financial incentives to assist in the original new construction.
  Today, Johnson-Rose Corporation employs 35 people at its Lockport facility. Sales in both Canada and the US make Johnson-Rose one of the largest importers of foodservice smallwares in North America.

Johnson Rose Corporation  

Johnson- Rose Corporation


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July 2009
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Lockport to Host YAHOO! Data Center Yahoo! 
Lockport Town Supervisor Marc Smith (at podium), addresses the June 30 press conference announcing that Yahoo! had selected the Lockport Industrial Park as the site for its Northeast Data Center. Also pictured are (right to left) Congressman Chris Lee, Senator Charles Schumer, Mr. Smith, and State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.




Lockport Town Supervisor Marc Smith and Lockport's Coordinator of Economic Development David Kinyon met with developers and prospective retail tenants to discuss business opportunities in the Transit North Corridor, May 18-20 at the 2009 Global Retail Real Estate Convention. This was the second year that the Town of Lockport staffed its own exhibit to promote Transit North. With over 30,000 attendees at the Las Vegas convention, there were opportunities to have in-person discussions and review retail trade data with businesses interested in expanding into markets that fit the Transit North demographic profile.

Transit North
Lockport Town Supervisor Marc Smith at the 2009 Global Retail Real Estate Convention
"Lockport Business Opportunities" is a publication of the Town of Lockport regarding business development in the Town of Lockport. The Town of Lockport Industrial Development Agency owns the 400-acre Lockport Industrial Park, located north of NY 31 and east of NY 270, which is home to 13 manufacturing and warehousing firms employing a total of 200 employees. The Town of Lockport is also one of three municipalities in the Transit North, a 12 mile long commercial corridor, anchored by the historic Erie Canal on the north and bordered by the Towns of Amherst and Clarence on the south. Additional information regarding business opportunities in the Town of Lockport may be obtained by visiting or by calling 716-439-9535.
Visit for a current listing of available  commercial and industrial properties as well as information regarding incentive programs for development in the Town of Lockport.

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