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October 14, 2009  -  Cypress Benefit Administrators
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HPSCypress Clients Saving with Health Payment Systems (HPS) 
Cypress clients in Wisconsin have been seeing great results with the offering of the Health Payment Systems' unique approach to reducing health care costs.  HPS is continually growing and adding additional providers and facilities to their program.  This innovative approach has been showing huge benefits to employers, employees and healthcare providers. Learn how you can enjoy HPS benefits such as lower stop-loss rates, consolidated, easy-to-read monthly statements for patients, the elimination of patient collections and calls about bills, and more...     <back to top>
PainARGUS Claim Review - Employee Education:  Facility Fees and Pain Management Services 
Cypress has always taken pride in not just being a "check writer" for our clients. We feel that part of our responsibility in paying claims is to ensure that the claims meet appropriate criteria, including ensuring that the provider has billed appropriately based on AMA guidelines and that the treatment was Medically Necessary.

We want to educate our clients and their employees with information to assist them as they encounter certain billing procedures. You may have an employee come to you with questions on one of these situations, or you may encounter them with your own claims. Regardless, please know that ARGUS will continue to watch over your claims and identify issues that need to be addressed.
Two areas for which ARGUS is seeing increased attention are facility fees and pain management.  Learn how to save money in these two education pieces: Facility Fees and Pain Management    <back to top>
MAPSaving Money by Creating Informed Consumers: Medical Advocate Program 
Cypress offers our clients many opportunities when it comes to getting more value out of today's healthcare benefits plans.  One of those offerings is the Medical Advocate Program (MAP), which assists both quality-conscious employees and cost-conscious employers. It's a benefit that can pay for itself in cost savings from just one medical case! Learn how MAP can help you save money by creating informed healthcare consumers.     <back to top>
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