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June 2012





Tech Conference 2012

Best Practices for Workplace Safety Workshop

First Line Supervisory Development Seminar

Hammer Maintenance Workshop 






FIAWelcomesFIA Welcomes Megatherm USA

FIA's latest supplier member - Megatherm USA & EISCO (www.electroinduction.com).  Located in The Woodland, TX, Megatherm USA provides complete induction systems and aftermarket services to the forging industry.  

Don Gibeaut, President, will serve as Official Representative.713.589.3188


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 ElectLeadershipFIA and FIERF Elect Leadership for Year Ahead


FIA Members elected four new directors to Forging Industry Association's Board of Directors for three-year terms:








Steve Schriner, V.P. & Gen. Mgr., Commercial Forged Products, Wozniak Industries, Inc.; Chuck Hopper, Jr., President, Composite Forgings; Mike Ulven, COO, Ulven Forging Inc. and Doug Brown, President & COO, Inductoheat, Inc. a Division of Inductotherm Group.


Dennis Potter, COO, Impact Forge Group of Hephaestus Holdings, Inc., Columbus, IN, was elected Association President and Simon Ormerod, President & CEO, Ajax Rolled Ring & Machine Inc., York SC, as Vice President for the coming year.


Arnold Visser, COO, IMT, Ingersoll, Ontario, and Cesar Garza, President, W. Pat Crow Forgings, Fort Worth, TX,were elected to the FIA Executive Committee to serve with Potter and Ormerod.


Four trustees were elected to Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation's Board of Trustees for three-year terms:  Chris Scheiblhofer, Chief Metallurgist, Scot Forge Co.; Rob Mayer, President, The Queen City Forging Co.; John Paules, GM, Ellwood Materials Technology, The Ellwood Group and Brad Ahbe, President, Canton Drop Forge.


Brad A. Ahbe, President, Canton Drop Forge, Inc., Canton, OH, was elected to a one year term as President of the Foundation and Rob Mayer, President, The Queen City Forging Co., Cincinnati, OH, was elected as Vice President for the coming year.


Jeffry D. Jones, VP, Girard Engineering, Inc., Strongsville, OH, and Tim Gudszend, COO, Rotek Incorporated, Aurora, OH, to serve on the FIERF Executive Committee with Ahbe and Mayer.


Our thanks go to Board Members completing their terms of service to the industry -  Outgoing FIA President Mike Kamnikar, The Ellwood Group; FIA Board Members Pat Burke, TECT Power; Mark Marcucci, Gerdau; Ron Wallis, Wyman-Gordon Forgings; FIERF Trustees Doug Brown, Inductoheat; Paul Dimitry, Gerdau; Bruce Liimatainen, A. Finkl & Sons; and Jim Woidke, SIFCO Industries. 



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ATTENDANCE Attendance at 2012 FIA Annual Meeting Meeting Up 40% ! 

With a healthy manufacturing economic environment, diverse program, exceptional location and wonderful weather, the 2012 FIA Annual Meeting was highly rated by the almost 240 attendees on hand.... almost 70 more people than the previous Annual Meeting. Held May 5 - 8 at the Palm Beach Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, FL, FIA members enjoyed perfect weather and a casual outdoor setting for the opening dinner party Saturday night. After a welcome from FIA President Mike Kamnikar, Sunday's business session opened with a discussion of the economy with longtime favorite Ken Mayland. He was followed with a review of FIA's new website, a look at building your workforce for the future, and a glance at the world's changing forging industry. The meeting then focused on the Brazilian forging industry, and the changing landscape of the country's economy.

Monday opened with the Safety Awards, presented to companies showing excellent and/or much improved plant safety records in 2011. (Click Here for more info). As a large energy consumer and supplier to the power generation industry, attendees were very interested in the  overview on future power generation technologies. Updates on current FIA committee activities were then presented by their respective FIA Board ex-officios: Jose Bravo, FRISA - Marketing; Charlie Crout, Forging Developments - Plant Engineering, Arnold Visser, IMT - Safety;  and Rob Mayer, Queen City - Technical. A short review of the FIA Market Forecast - first year edition, was presented by IHS Global Insight. During roundtables later that day, the full  IHS report was presented in depth. Roundtable chairs included John Wilbur, Consolidated Industries, Mike Ulven, Ulven Forging, and Chuck Hopper, Jr. Composite Forgings.


At Monday evening's Annual Dinner/Dance, outgoing FIA President Mike Kamnikar, EGI, introduced incoming President, Dennis Potter, HHI, to the membership. Thanks Mike, and congratulations Dennis!


Tuesday's focus was on government affairs and the 2012 election. FIA Washington advocate, Laurin Baker, did a great job of summarizing FIA's activities and actions in Washington, including a successful Lobby Day. The forging industry is becoming a genuine player in Washington, with Congressional awareness and Lobby Day participation at all time highs. But the highlight of the whole meeting was the presentation and Q&A session with Washington insiders and TV political commentators, Mary Matalin and James Carville. Both gave their "biased" and entertaining insight into what is happening in Washington politics in 2012, and how all of this will impact the election this November. But as all three presenters that day reminded attendees.... 6 months is forever in politics and anything can happen on either side. Stay tuned...


FIA Members: To view attendee/event photos Click Here. To view many of the slide presentations mentioned above, Click Here 




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Anvil  FIERF Recognizes Anvil Society Members

Thanks to the support of FIA Member Companies, the Foundation is on track for a record year of fundraising!  It is only through contributions that the Foundation is able to award scholarships, fund university research and reach out to high school teachers and students.  At the FIA Annual Meeting the following companies were recognized for their exceptional support of the Foundation as Anvil Society Members.  Thank you to all!





 Platinum Anvil

HHI Forgings LLC - Dennis Potter


Gold Anvil

The Timken Company - Bob Keeler


Silver Anvil

American Axle & Manufacturing - Linda Ice & John Nyquist

Alverin M. Cornell Foundation - Bill Brewer

Queen City Forging Co. - Rob Mayer


Bronze Anvil

W. Pat Crow Forgings - Cesar Garza

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Crab  Crab Racing Event Funds Scholarship


Crab1                                                                           Crab2

FIA Annual Meeting attendees cheered on their favorite crabs at the Foundation's fundraising event that opened the meeting.  $2,850 was raised toward a $4,000 Finkl Scholarship to be awarded to a university junior engineering student.  Following the races, a generous anonymous donor matched that amount, putting us over goal at $5,700.

Fifteen new scholarships will be awarded in June to university juniors.  The Foundation will continue to support fifteen students entering their senior year in the fall.

Thank you to all that participated and added their support to the Foundation's mission!


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Training  Training Workshop for Forging Designers & Buyers a Success

FIA offered its first public presentation of the Forging Design Seminar, May 23rd. This was a one-day Seminar, created to assist component designers in understanding the nuances of forged part design, to improve part design, to reduce cost, improve quality and reduce administrative and production lead times.

This course familiarized attendees with the forging process, forging design topics, and the optimum utilization of forgings in critical service applications.  OEM Engineers learned about topics that influence the component design.  Buyers gained a better understanding of the process and commercial issues that may be unique to forging. 

A few comments from attendees, when asked what the best part of the Seminar was:

-         Forging videos and simulations

-         Extremely qualified instructor. In-slide animations and simulations of process.

-         Exposure to the forging process; simulation models; good take away - possible new suppliers

-         Equipment information

-         Forging defects section

-         Clarification on the different forging processes

-         Exceeded my expectations - Broad range of topics and good introduction to forgings

-         Comprehensive content (high level, many topics, clear and concise)

-         Forging operations/Equipment overview

-         Forging process details and differences

-         Went into detail but not too much

-         Grain flow is the best part


Watch for the next public offering of this Seminar, coming this fall, in Houston TX.

PLEASE NOTE: FIA also offers private, in-plant, Forging Design Seminars, as a one, or two-day event.

 For additional information, on either the public, or in-plant Seminar, please contact George Layne at: glayne@forging.org.


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Senate  Ohio Senate Hopeful Visits FIA

Ohio Senate Hopeful visits FIA


On May 22nd, Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel visited FIA headquarters in Cleveland.  FIA Staff gave him an overview of the forging industry and relayed the industry's importance to the US economy and manufacturing's supply chain.  It was also an opportunity to share the FIA Public Policy position papers with the candidate.  Local members from SIFCO and TECT Power were present when a $2,000 check from ForgingPAC was presented to Mandel.






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Capability  2012 Forging Capability Guide Released

FIA is pleased to announce availability of the new 2012 Forging Capability Guide (FCG). The fully searchable CD contains location and facilities listings of all FIA Member custom forge shops, forging market and process descriptions and graphics, and a "Special Capabilities" column that further defines forging company capabilities, making it easier for customers to select prospective sources.


The primary purpose of this Guide is to promote the capabilities of FIA members and the forging process to forging customers and prospects. It will be distributed to thousands of customers and prospects worldwide. Copies of the 2012 Forging Capability Guide are available to customers at no charge, FIA members for $25.00 each and to FIA non-member forging and supplier companies at $100.00 each (postage and handling included). Click Here to order or contact FIA at info@forging.org. 



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Designs  FIA Exhibits at Great Designs in Steel 

FIA Exhibits at Great Designs in Steel

The recent Great Designs in Steel event in Detroit offered automakers and suppliers first hand insight into the future of advanced steel technologies.  FIA participated as an exhibitor, distributing 2012 Capability Guides and Forging Advantage CD's to end-use customers while promoting the value of designing with forgings. 


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Machinability  Machinability Summit Scheduled

To be held June 26, 2012 in Southfield, MI, the purpose of the summit is to: 1) inform users of bar and forging steel about the machinability database of 36 steel grades used for manufacturing automotive components and, 2) develop future machinability test plans.  Presentations will be given on the current research by experts in the steel, automotive and cutting tool industries in compiling more data on bar steel machinability when modern coated cutting tools are used in the turning processes. 

For more information, contact David Anderson, Senior Director, Long Products Market, Steel Market Development Institute (248-945-4764) or danderson@steel.org  


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Tech  Tech Conference 2012 - Technical Program Available NOW!


The Industry Technical Conference is designed to showcase the best in forging technology. This year's conference will be offering 34 papers presented by forging industry experts, international researchers, and individuals from academia. To provide a platform of discussion for both, Newly Applied Technology and Research, and to accommodate the different levels of experience, dual tracks on day 2 will be offered for the first time.


 Also offered will be Roundtables for focused discussion on topics of interest. Objective of the conference is to report out FIERF funded research projects and industry collaborative group results; discussion of case studies; provide a forum for students and professors to present their forging research; and provide a networking opportunity between industry, academia and research partners.

(Click here) to view the brochure.

(Click here) to register. 


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Best  Best Practices for Workplace Safety Workshop - September 19, 2012, Cleveland

Safety professionals from FIA member forge shops will share their best safety practices with you in this one-day Best Practices Workshop.


Workplace safety requires providing a safe work environment for your employees. An injured worker is an unproductive employee, costing your business the services of a valued employee, as well as driving up your insurance costs. While catchy slogans posted on signs can be effective cautionary reminders, responding to safety issues immediately can reduce the number of incidences of workplace mishaps.


Possible topics that may be covered:

Best Management Practices
Hazard Identification and Control

Manual Material Handling
Slips and Falls
Workplace Violence
Tools and Equipment
Managing the Human Hazards
What to Do in the Event of an Accident
The Role of Management


Contact George Layne at: glayne@forging.org for additional information.


FirstLine  First Line Supervisory Development Seminar September 24 - 27, 2012 Cleveland

A three-day Seminar focusing on the continued development of your organization's first line supervisors by enhancing their skills in the following areas:


o   Leadership and Relationship-building;

o   Effective Communication (verbal and non-verbal);

o   Use of Interpersonal Problem-solving Tools;

o   Coaching for Performance Improvement;

o   Personal Development and Self-actualization;

o   and much more.


For additional information contact George Layne at: glayne@forging.org




Hammer  Hammer Maintenance Workshop - October 16 - 17, 2012 - Cleveland

This 1 day workshop will act to introduce participants to the different types of hammers. It will provide an explanation of the various elements of the hammer to provide an understanding of how they work and their influence on other parts of the hammer and the forging process.

The emphasis of the Workshop is predictive and preventative maintenance of the elements of the hammer, and things to be taken into account when planning a repair.

This Workshop will not be delivered again this year, so don't miss it! Class size is limited, so don't wait to register.

For additional information contact George Layne at: glayne@forging.org



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