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April 20, 2011 

H1Welcome New Member 

A1Welcome ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft

FIA's newest Forging Producer member is ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft Company ( 
Located in Danville, IL, ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft is a custom producer of impression die forgings for the Automotive & Truck markets. 


Norman Young, Pres.  & CEO, will serve as Official Representative.  (217.444.5241)


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H2Public Policy 

A2Lobby Day 2011


On June 14th, join your fellow FIA members as we continue to tell our story in Washington!  Add your voice to past Lobby Day participants as we meet with representatives in our capital to discuss our concerns. (attached registration form) The earlier you reserve your spot, the easier it is for The Laurin Baker Group to make appointments with your specific congressional offices, so don't delay!

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H3Member Opportunities 

A3Forging University Continues to Offer Members Quality Training Programs

With 101 FIA member companies currently subscribed to the Forging University, over the last 24-Months the University has had:

         3,492 courses logged into

         2,973 Assessments, (tests) were taken

         1,273 Assessments were passed successfully


Consider, based on the above  statistics, if the University courses were, conservatively priced at $225.00 each, the passed courses alone, would represent a training fee savings to FIA member companies of over, $286,000, over the past 24 months, not to mention the saved travel costs, and time away from work.



The Forging University is an online interactive Web based training center. It currently has a catalog of 108 courses in, Forging, Safety & Health, Management, Customer Service, Human Resources, Sales/Marketing and Personnel/Business Development.


The Forging University is a company subscription based platform, (included in FIA members' dues). Once a member company subscribes to the University, they appoint a Site Manager from their company, to manage the program for them. The Site Manager, using an Administration Module that I build for them, can then sign up to 1,000 users, to each of the 108 courses the University offers.


For additional information on the Forging University, (Click here), or contact George Layne at:


H4Conferences / Meetings / Workshops 

A4Theory & Applications of Forging & Die Design School - June 20-23 - Cleveland 

The "Theory and Applications of Forging & Die Design" school continues to evolve, reflecting new insights into forging technology and the wide availability of metal flow simulation software.  This four-day school is taught by a team of industry experts and engineering professors who work together to carefully explain principles and practice.  We urge you to join the 1000+ forging employees who have already attended this course.


(Click here) to view/print brochure.


This will be the only offering of this program in 2011. Class size is limited, (last year's class filled up early, leaving many closed out), please don't wait to register.


For additional information, contact George Layne at:


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A52011 International Forgemasters Meeting Registration Now Open

The world's open die forging industry will converge on Pittsburgh, PA September 12-15 for the 18th International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM). Sponsored by Ellwood Group, In., this edition is the fiorst held in the USA since 1994, and the first held anywhere since 2008.


The 18thIFM will include 80 technical papers from 12 nations covering everything from steelmaking & refining to simulation & modeling. In addition, 10 country/regional market overviews will be presented from the world's leading open die producing nations.


Also occurring during the meeting will be an exhibition featuring 35 forging supplier companies from all over the globe displaying the latest technology and improvements in their respective areas.


Two plant tour options will be offered that will take attendees through five forging and supplier companies. Tour sizes are limited and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis, so be sure and register early !


But perhaps the biggest reason to attend IFM is the social interaction it encourages between forging peers. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet and greet top level forging and supplier executives from across the globe !


Click Here for complete meeting information and registration options.


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A6Industry Technical Conference a Success - Thanks to Many!

Over 150 industry, research and academic partners participated in the 28th Forging Industry Technical Conference in suburban Chicago in early April.  Highlights of the conference included 18 technical presentations covering industry issues from metallurgy to maintenance.  Reports were also heard on industry collaborative research projects that are bringing together FIA Members with university resources.


Attendees also enjoyed the 23 table top exhibits sponsored by TechCon1 industry suppliers and research partners.  And as always, networking with fellow industry executives, FIERF Magnet School Professors and students was ranked as a valuable part of participation.


Many thanks to HHI Forging LLC for opening two of Jernberg Industries facilities for plant tours on the closing day of the conference.  Participants very much enjoyed the invitation to tour the Pershing forging facility and the state of the art machining facility in Bolingbrook.


TechCon2Thank you also to all the presenters, exhibitors and participants for making this an outstanding conference referred to by many as "the best ever"!






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A7New Post-Japan Earthquake Market Forecast Posted on FIA Website

The latest forging end use market forecast from Global Insight has been posted on the FIA website. This Spring edition details each market with a written report giving you more of the 'why' behind each forecast. The full report is lengthy, but designed with market headers so you may go directly to the section or market of interest. FIA Members Click Here to view Forecast.


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A8Annual 2010 Industry Shipments and End-Use Markets Reports Completed

The Annual 2010 Custom Orders/Shipments and End-Use Markets reports were mailed in April to all participants.  Annual Orders/Shipment figures for 2010 reported for Impression Die and Open Die increased over 2009, but still below 2008 record levels.   Rolled Ring  shipments just below 2009 figures but bookings showing a comeback.


         Impression Die...........        +11% shipments and +42% orders .

         Open Die..................         +7% shipments and +37% orders.

         Rolled Rings ............         -3% shipments and +33% orders.


This survey may be purchased upon request, please call Diane Rothaermel or Mary Ann Foot at 216-781-6260.  You can also see the press release by clicking here or visiting our website:


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A9University of Toledo Seeking Partners to Develop Methods for Estimating Forging Cost

In partnership with the Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium and the Defense Logistics Agency, the University of Toledo (UT) is developing models that would help forging companies estimate the cost to create tooling and manufacture forged parts. Based on relatively few critical, user-controlled inputs, the software estimates the cost to manufacture tooling. This would not include the markup for general, selling, and administrative expenses or profit. The software also estimates the cost to produce the forge part including material, labor, energy, equipment, tooling, maintenance, and factory overhead costs.


We are seeking forging companies to work with us to test and verify the model, so it can be effectively calibrated.



1.     Forging companies would have access to the software that may provide some insight into cost estimation for forging tooling and producing forged parts.

2.     Once it is fully developed, forging companies would receive free access to the software for a five year period.

3.     The UT will provide a summary report for all part reviewed by the forging company.


T.S. Ragu-Nathan

College of Business Administration M.S. 103

The University of Toledo

Toledo, Ohio 34606

419-530-2427; 419-530-2290 (fax)


Statement of Work:

Task 1: Meet with cost estimators from 5-6 forge shops to test the accuracy of the software using 2 or 3 parts -- both tooling estimation and forging production cost estimation. (Estimated time 2 hours with each forge company)


Task 2: Identify 15 to 20 orders for forged parts that require tooling. Provide UT with these data.  UT would provide specific instruction and a form that would need to be completed for each part. (Estimated Time Required by Forging Company is 6-8 hours)


Task 3: Based on the software, estimate the cost to make the tooling and to produce the forged part. This estimation would be supported by UT. The University is willing to do all of the work for this task, but the forge may find it valuable to do the work. (Estimated Time Required by Forging Company is 0-4 hours)


Task 4: Collect actual cost data for the tooling and from producing the forged part and report these to UT so they can be compared to the cost estimations from the model. These data would be confidential. Only summary statistics and disguised data would be reported by the project team. (Estimated Time Required by Forging Company is 2-3 hours)

Task 5: UT would provide the forging company a summary report including all data collected and the outcomes for each part. (Estimated Time Required by Forging Company is 0 hours)



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A10Forgers Connect with Military Parts Buyers

A great meeting for Forges to connect with Military Parts Buyers and elements of the DOD forging supply chain.  The DLA Business Conference will be held again in Columbus OH on June 27th - 30th, 2011


Click on this link for details including exhibitors.