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July 22, 2010 

H1The Big Move 

A1FIA Headquarters Move Completed!

After months of planning, negotiating, haggling and some praying, the move of the FIA Headquarters is now complete.  We are now housed in a beautiful modern office building, The Eaton Center, with a view of Lake Erie, just 5 blocks North/East of our old building. As much of the furniture from the previous office dated back to the 50/60s all new furniture was purchased for our new home, with our old office furnishings being donated to Habitat for Humanity.


BUT WAIT...the news gets better. The rent for our new office space is 50% less than what we were paying in our old location, and even with updating the office furniture, we came in 25% below our moving budget, due to Don Farley, and Diane Rothaermel keeping a frugal eye on the budget, many thanks Don and Diane!!!


The new FIA Headquarters is located at:

1111 Superior Ave.

Suite 615

Cleveland, Ohio 44114

(Click Here) to view a map of our new location.


Our Phone/Fax and e-mails are the same:

Phone: 216-781-6260

Fax" 216-781-0102

[email protected] 

Please keep your eyes open for an announcement regarding our Open House, planned for September. But as always, please feel free to just drop in anytime for a visit, we always like to see our members.



H2Business Outlook 

A2Economic Updates for 2010


FIA Members are invited to visit the Market Forecast page on the FIA website (under Members Only) to view Dr. Ken Mayland's new posting Economic Update for 2nd Quarter 2010. Supporting charts and graphs are available. Also be sure and view Global Insight's "Spring 2010 Forging Market Forecast" for a brief look at the future of some important forging markets.


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A3NEW! Mark Your Calendars

"Non-Ferrous Metallurgy for the Non Metallurgist" is coming to the LA area on August 19/20 and Cleveland area on September 16/17 and includes a plant tour Weber Metals, Inc., out West or Rotek, Inc. in Cleveland. It is recommended for Product and Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, Sales and Purchasing Professionals, as well as your Suppliers & Customers. Member Price: $475; Non-Members: $675. (Click Here) to view/print the Brochure and Registration form.

A42010 Marketing Workshop in Nashville, September 21-22

Sales and marketing professionals from company and supplier companies are encouraged to reserve September 21-22 for the 2010 Marketing Workshop. The meeting will kick off with an opening lunch, followed the keynote session:"Communicate with Power: Unleashing Potential to Influence". This will be followed by General Electric (invited) overview on the energy market. The day's business will conclude with a look at "How the 'New China' Changes the Game for Western Mid-Tier Manufacturers". The day will begin September 22 with a dynamic session on "How Selling has Nothing to do with Selling"... or why most sales people are very good at a game no longer being played. The Workshop will wrap up with Global Insight's forecast for major forging markets.  Watch your mail or the FIA website for the Workshop brochure and complete registration information.


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A5Induction Heating for Forging - November 3, 2010 - Cleveland

A one-day workshop covering:

         Basics of Induction heating

         Induction Heating Power Supplies

         Material Handling

         Induction Coil Design / Repair

         Electrical Control Systems

         Water Cooling Systems

         Preventative Maintenance

         Energy and Economics



         Brian Lockitski - Inductoheat, Inc.

         Paul Sturm - Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic, Corp.

         Aaron Meyette - Inter-Power Corp

         Don Gibeaut - ABP Induction, LLC.

         Jody Smith - ABP Induction, LLC


This Is the Only Induction Heating Seminar Focused Exclusively on the Forging Industry


(Click here) to view/print Brochure and Registration form, or contact George Layne at: [email protected] 

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H4Industry Meetings 

A6Mark Your Calendars - FIA Fall Meeting, October 25-26, Atlanta, GA

FIA company and supplier senior executives are encouraged to mark their calendars for the 2010 FIA Fall Meeting to take place October 25-26, 2010 at The Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center, Peachtree City (Atlanta), GA. The Conference will begin with a lunch at approximately 12:00 Noon on the 25th and conclude at 12:00 Noon on the 26th. An optional round of golf will follow that same afternoon. Please watch Quick Read, the FIA website and your mail for detailed information early this September.

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A7Attention Forgemasters Worldwide - 18th IFM Call For Papers Issued

The 18th International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM) will bring together hundreds of forging and supplier executives representing leading manufacturing companies from across the globe.  This extraordinary event - to be held in downtown Pittsburgh, USA -- will showcase the best in forging technical presentations for the worldwide forging community.


This premier event is hosted by the Ellwood Group, Inc. (EGI) and organized by Forging Industry Association (FIA).  Individuals interested in presenting a technical paper at the conference click here to review abstract submission details.


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A8If There Were One Business Conference to Attend to Meet Customers Then Attend This One...

This year's DLA Business Conference will include participation from all DLA activities to include Troop Support (DSCP), Aviation (DSCR), Land & Maritime (DSCC), Energy (DESC), Distribution (DDC), Disposal (DRMS) and Cataloging (DLIS) for a Defense Logistics Agency-wide conference.  Defense Supply Center Richmond buys many of the parts comprised of steel, aluminum, and titanium forgings.  Defense Supply Center Columbus buys many of the parts forged from steel for ground and sea systems.  The event will be held in Columbus OH, August 23 - 25, 2010.


This event will feature speakers from OSD and the Military Services, informative breakout sessions, and exhibits from DLA's headquarters, field activities and major suppliers. In addition, there will be panel discussions featuring recent DLA Support Team Commanders and their experiences with logistics challenges faced, part support issues, and the importance of timely delivery and distribution efficiency.


The theme of this year's conference is "Globally Responsive Forward Support", highlighting DLA's role in providing logistics support around the world and the need for continued collaborative leadership in support of the global supply chain.


For more information about the conference itself click on  This link will provide nearly all of the information you will need to register for this premier event.


 Contact Jon Tirpak at 843-760-4346 to discuss your forge's participation in this annual event.  His email is [email protected] 


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A9Ring Rollers! New Industry Group Project Started - Not Too Late to Join

The Project addresses eliminating distortion when manufacturing Rolled Rings. Current participants are FRISA, Scot Forge, Patriot Forge and Ajax Rolled Rings.Click here to see full project description.

A10How to Get Rid Of Coal Dust When Manufacturing Pre-Forms For Rolled Rings
 Coal Team

Coal dust is used for removal of the preform of rolled rings off the indenting punch. Companies have worked on solutions to this problem for decades.  In spite of this, the majority of companies regularly use coal dust.


A team, (see picture), consisting of FIA, Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation, McInnes Rolled Rings, Ringmasters and FRISA was assembled to tackle the project.


For the report Click Here


 If you want to watch the movie of the trials please follow this link.  


A11FIERF Sponsored Research Report On "Individual Die Load Analysis Using a Standard Tonnage Monitor" Now Available

Researchers: Qingyu Yang, Qiang Li, and Judy Jin - Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI Industry Partners: HHI Forging Royal Oak, OG Technologies. Click here for Executive Summary.

A12Scientific Forming Technology Partners With FIERF

The Foundation's newest Silver Anvil Member is Scientific Forming Technology Corp.  The company worked with FIA Member collaborative work groups and provided significant in-kind contributions of modeling and simulation for the project 'Elimination of Coal Dust When Manufacturing Preforms for Rolled Rings'.

Thanks to the Foundation's Honor Roll of Contributors, the industry is reaching out to university professors and students with research grants and scholarships and supporting industry collaborative research such as the recently completed Ring Roll project reported elsewhere in this edition of Quick Read.


Contact Karen at [email protected] or 216.781.6260 for information on Anvil Society Membership.


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H7Membership Opportunities 

A13FIA to Exhibit at Power-Gen International 2010

FIA will represent its Member companies through exhibition at the Power Gen International Show, December 14-16, 2010, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Over 18,000 attendees are expected  for the power industry's three-day information exchange designed to share practical experiences, knowledge and ideas on the latest trends and challenges. Plenty of Forging Capability Guide CDs promoting member custom forging services will be distributed. It's expected that many domestic and offshore forging operations will send personnel to prospect this growing market segment. See for more information on exhibiting or attending the show.