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March 11, 2010 

Cat1Welcome New Members 

A1FIA Welcomes 5 New Members


Forging Producers:


         Jervis B. WebbCompany is located in Carlisle, SC where they produce custom and captive impression die forgings for the material handling, automotive, military, power generation, off road and truck markets.  Carl Snyder, Plant Manager, will serve as Official Representative to FIA. (864.427.8421)


         US Drop Forge - www.pennusa.comproduces both catalog and custom impression die forged pipe fittings in Swedesboro, NJ.  Bill Yanger, Plant Manager, will serve as Official Representative to FIA. (856.467.0500)


         Union Electric Steel Corporation ( Located in Carnegie, PA, Union Electric Steel produces custom open die ferrous and non-ferrous forged rolls.  Jim Laight, VP Manufacturing, will serve as Official Representative to FIA.(412. 429.7655)




         Macrodyne Technologies Inc. Located in Concord, Ontario, Macrodyne designs, manufactures and services hydraulic presses.  Andrew Kirk, President, will serve as Official Representative. (905.669.2253)


         Simufact-Americas LLC ( ) is a metal forming simulation software and consulting service located in Plymouth, MI.  Arjaan Buijk, Managing Director will be FIA's Official Representative to the company.  (734.238.2173)



Cat2A New Gold Anvil Member 

A2HHI Forging LLC Newest Gold Anvil Society Member

FIERF is pleased to welcome HHI Forging LLC as a Gold Anvil Member of the Foundation.  HHI Forging LLC represents the Impact Forge Group, Jernberg Industries and HHI FormTech facilities.


FIA Member support of the Foundation provides funding for university research, industry collaborative programs, scholarships and educational opportunities throughout the year.  Thank you to all of our Honor Roll of Contributors!


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Cat3Forge Fair 

A3Forge Fair Resource Center Posted to Help Maximize Your Forge Fair Experience


A4Energy Work Shop, March 24, 2010 at Timken, Canton, OH

William Kovacs, Senior Vice President from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for Environment, Technology and Regulatory Affair will speak at this event. He will discuss current public policy regulations & trends related to energy.

We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Arvind Thekdi -E3M, Ethan Rogers - Purdue University and Larry Boyd - Energy Industries of Ohio will speak at this event. All three are DOE hired energy experts. Furthermore, Damian Batcher - SuperSystems Inc., Mike Seifert & Nathan Abboud - both Timken Corp. - will present case studies to improve energy efficiency. The presentations are followed by a panel discussion.

The work shop is designed for Plant & Operations Managers, Technical Managers and Presidents that are evaluating the financial impact of public policy, its effects on CapEx requirements as well technical opportunities. The work shop is sponsored by the Timken Corporation in Canton, OH and will be hosted in their auditorium from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Early registration is advised as space is limited.

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A5FIA Forging University Distance Training Center

What is the Forging University?

The Forging University is an Interactive - On-Line - Web-Based Training Center, available to learners 24-Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, from any Internet connected computer, anywhere in the world.

What is the cost?

The Forging University is offered FREE to Forging Industry Association Member Companies.

What courses are offered through the Forging University?

There are currently 108 interactive courses in the University Catalog. Click here to view/print the complete list of courses

How do I sign up to take a course?

All you have to do is speak with your Human Resources or Training Manager, if your company is already a Forging University Subscriber, your training manager can sign you up right away. However, if your company has not yet taken advantage of the Forging University, ask your training manager to contact me, George, at: , or by phone at 216-781-6260 for additional details.

What if my company isn't an FIA Member?

Non-FIA member companies can participate by purchasing a subscription to the Forging University. Just contact me at the e-mail/phone number above, for details.

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Cat5Annual Meeting of Members 

A6Mark Your Calendars - FIA Annual Meeting, May 15-18, Amelia Island, FL

FIA company and supplier senior executives are encouraged to mark their calendars for the 2010 FIA Annual Meeting to take place at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island (Jacksonville), Florida. The agenda for this meeting is being finalized as of this writing. Please watch Quick Read, the FIA website and your mail for detailed information this month.


Cat6FIA Strategic Plan 

A7FIA/FIERF Technology Position Paper

In 2009 FIA updated the organization's Strategic Plan.  One of the plan's key objectives was: Leverage FIA and FIERF resources to advance forging technology.  The FIA Board formed a subcommittee to:Explore more efficient ways to govern and operate the two organizations to achieve the objectives laid out in the Forging Industry Technology Roadmap 2008 update.  The subcommittee has completed its mission and developed a Position Paper (Click here to view/print Paper) that spells out improving the effectiveness of advancing forging technology. 

Cat7Public Policy 

A8Political Action Committee Started by FIA

The Forging Industry Association (FIA) has established a Political Action Committee (PAC) called the Forging Industry Association Political Action Committee or ForgingPAC at the direction of the FIA Board of Directors.


The purpose of ForgingPAC is to promote political participation among the employees of FIA, approved member company participants and others with an interest in the forging industry through voluntary personal and financial participation in the elective process at the federal level of government.  ForgingPAC is not affiliated with any political party, and is organized and operated on a voluntary, non-partisan basis.  ForgingPAC will solicit and accept contributions to support the election of candidates for federal offices, as permitted by law.


Frequently asked questions concerning ForgingPAC can be found here: link to FAQs


 Additional questions can be sent to Roy Hardy - ForgingPAC Treasurer email:

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A9Safety Star Awards Program

Don't forget the "Safety Star Awards Program". When a company reports that they have gone 100, 200, or 300 days without a recordable incident, they will be recognized in the FIA Safety Newsletter, and receive a Star Certificate of Recognition for their accomplishment.  The safety manager may submit one or two paragraphs on what the company did to achieve this accomplishment, which will accompany their Certificate announcement in the Safety Newsletter.  The Certificates will be recognized in the following order:


Gold Star = 300 Days without a recordable incident

Silver Star = 200 Days without a recordable incident                          

Bronze Star = 100 Days without a recordable incident

For information, contact George at: 
A10Employee Safety Perception Survey - Cutoff Date April 15th - Don't Miss It!!

Companies that participated in the 2007 Employee Safety Perception Survey reported that in many cases, the survey opened their eyes to potential safety issues they were not aware of, as well as highlighting safety programs that were working.


The FIA Safety and Health Committee have developed this short, 50-question, Agree / Disagree Survey. The survey is designed to be administered by your company's safety and health coordinator, and should take no longer than 15 - 20 minutes for an employee to fill out. Employees will not be asked to identify themselves, their individual responses will be anonymous, to promote candor.


The Survey is designed to help you evaluate your workers' perception of your company's safety programs. The following are just a few of the areas that the survey focuses on:

  General view of your company's safety culture

  Management buy-in to a culture of safety

  Effectiveness of current safety programs

  Level of employees' willingness to open up to, and work with, management regarding safety issues

  How much do your workers care about safety, and much more


Your company's individual responses will not be identified, and only known by you, and an FIA staff person. Your data will be tabulated on-site by your safety coordinator, and e-mailed directly to FIA. FIA will then download your data into a comprehensive data base, made up of all participating companies. A personalized report will then be developed for you, showing you what the overall, aggregate Agree/Disagree percentage was, and what your company's responses were for each question.


Why Participate?

  Identify and prioritize problem areas

  Increase employee involvement, awareness, and responsibility in safety programs

  Raise employee morale

  Establish an early warning system

  Expedite problem solving and program improvement

  Validate management decisions

  Establish baseline measures for future re-survey comparison


Survey Cost:


There is no fee for FIA Member Companies to participate in this Survey. To participate, or for additional information, please contact George Layne, FIA Safety & Health Committee Liaison, @ 216-781-6260 -


Each company will receive their own personalized report. The person completing the Survey will be mailed their report, marked: "Personal and Confidential".

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A11Safety Certificate for FIA Membe
Program Overview:
In FIA's continuing effort to promote safety throughout the forging industry, the FIA Safety & Health Committee is recognizing individuals that take the time and effort to complete any five of the following Forging University safety courses, with a Safety Certificate of Recognition.  
  • Forge Shop Safety Orientation
  • Forge Hammer Safety
  • Forge Press Safety
  • OSHA & Medical Emergencies
  • OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces & Housekeeping         
  • OSHA Employee Safety-Electrical Systems & Equipment                      
  • Creating a Safe & Sound Environment                           
  • Watching Out for Others Prevents Accidents                 
  • OSHA Employee Safety - Personal Protective Equipment & Hazardous Confined Spaces
  • OSHA Employee Safety - Special Work Issues 
  • OSHA Employee Safety - The Work Environment          
  • Substance Abuse - Manager's Guide to Identification & Prevention                    
  • Workplace Violence - Identify & Defuse Your Time Bomb                                  
  • Risk of Drug & Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace - Overview for Employees
The FIA Forging University is an online, Web-based training center that can be accessed from any Internet connected computer, anywhere in the world, at anytime.
Who qualifies?
Any employee of any FIA member company.
How do I go about participating?
Just send me an e-mail at:, letting me know that you wish to participate in the program, and I will set you up, and you will be on your way.
Please make the subject line of your e-mail read "Safety Certificate".


Cat9Magnet School Capabilities 

A12FIERF Board of Trustees Tour Illinois Institute of Technology

The FIERF Board met at the IIT in Chicago on February 23, 2010 and the Thermal Processing Technology Center was visited. IIT is currently researching "Effects of Process Parameters on Closure of Center Line Defects of Large Steel Open Die Forged Blocks", a FIERF sponsored project. For more click here.


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Cat10International Meetings 

A13Attention Forgemasters Worldwide - 18th IFM Call For Papers Issued

The 18th International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM) will bring together hundreds of forging and supplier executives representing leading manufacturing companies from across the globe.  This extraordinary event - to be held in downtown Pittsburgh, USA -- will showcase the best in forging technical presentations for the worldwide forging community.


This premier event is hosted by the Ellwood Group, Inc. (EGI) and organized by Forging Industry Association (FIA).  Individuals interested in presenting a technical paper at the conference click here to review abstract submission details.