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   Rebuild Hope Quarterly Newsletter  

February 2011     



2011: Greater Challenges And Opportunities 


During the past six months the "surge" in U.S. military personnel and combat missions in Afghanistan has produced a large stream of war casualties. These will soon translate into more medically discharged veterans needing various types of assistance as they and their families strive to rebuild their civilian lives.  Rebuild is already gearing up to handle more requests for our financial services. Our year-end fund-raising has put us in a good financial position at the start of 2011, and we are increasing our efforts both to reach out to more families and to coordinate our work with other nonprofits. Together we can provide more holistic solutions to veteran and family problems.


I want to thank everyone who graciously continues to support our work and welcome your ideas and insights on how we might do even more.

Warmest regards,


Dana Hendrickson

President & Founder 


Meet Ken Phillips


Ken Phillips

Ken is a former U.S. Marine sergeant, former Army staff sergeant and Iraqi war veteran who continues to deal with the life-altering impact of PTSD and a traumatic  brain injury.

 "I volunteer at East Coast Assistance Dogs whenever I can to help educate other veterans and civilians that have physical or mental disabilities and I also train potential service dogs.  I love animals and have my own personal service dog, "Zeus", who has helped me tremendously with my own disabilities. I love to spend time with my fiancÚ and her two children. Whenever possible, I like to take long drives as these help me calm my nerves." (Learn More)

Rebuild Hope has helped Ken pay his rent and utilities.

Donate An Airplane? 



yellow ribbon


Rebuild Hope is one of seven national veteran support nonprofits to benefit from a new vehicle donation program provided by Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA), the leading U.S. salvage auto auction company. The national IAA call center will arrange for the donation and pick-up of any motorized vehicle anywhere in our country. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, etc. - running or not.  


Learn how you can make a donation and designate it for Rebuild Hope veterans and their families.


Accept Our Fitness Challenge?



So far, participants in our on-going fitness challenge have raised over $4000 for Rebuild Hope families. Please join them now and help us raise even more funds simply by reporting your activities in the on-line Rebuild Hope clubhouse. It's fun, inspirational, motivational and free! Join now. 


Also, Rebuild Hope is looking for a business to sponsor our Fitness Challenge starting in July 2011. The Rebuild Hope Challenge offers its sponsor an excellent way to enhance its brand and standing with employees, customers, suppliers and all the communities it serves. Perhaps, you know someone with a company who might appreciate the benefits of assuming this role.  


If so, please contact Dana Hendrickon to learn how you can help "connect" us.


Help Dustin Brown?



"My experiences in Iraq between the shoot outs, mortar rounds and IEDs have left me permanently scarred. These are invisible to the naked eye but hurt and affect me everyday. I hope to one day attend a residential PTSD program and try to beat my illness.  


I have tried to budget my money wisely and am very frugal. With my VA compensation and expected social security disability benefits I should have no more financial problems. Until then, I need help only with my rent. If I were to receive help from Rebuild Rope it would alleviate so much stress and really help me focus on getting back on track." (Learn More)  


Rebuild Hope has helped Dustin pay his rent.


   Breaking New Ground



Rebuild Hope is a charter member of the Yellow Ribbon Coalition (the "Coalition"), a new association of innovative, national non-profits bound together by the mission of improving the effectiveness and efficiency with which they individually and collectively serve the need of military families and veterans. The Coalition intends to focus on four key areas: emergency financial assistance, housing, employment and higher education. The Yellow Ribbon Donation and Auction program is our first joint fund-raising activity. The Coalition will soon introduce a national veterans registry that will help all member nonprofits evaluate veteran needs and requests for assistance.


Give 100%. Our Vets Did.   
       * Rebuild Hope, 365 Ambar Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025

 What's Unique About Rebuild Hope

While there are hundreds of traditional non-profits helping military families and veterans in various ways, only Rebuild Hope aims to fully leverage the power of the personal connection made possible by the Internet to deliver financial assistance and related services.


The Rebuild Hope relies on a "one-of-a-kind" service model to help veterans with service-connected disability ratings of at least 50%.


Rebuild Hope families...

  • share their stories,
  • receive modest financial grants and no-interest loans,
  • benefit from financial coaching and counseling,
  • referred to specialists in legal aid, VA benefits, heath-care, financial services and employment,
  • and are publicly recognized for their sacrifices.  

Donors ...

  • know who is receiving help from Rebuild Hope,
  • can decide who receives their donations,
  • know 100% of their gifts are used as advised.

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