Please Help the Families of Disabled U.S. Iraq & Afghanistan War Veterans
 Rebuild Hope Annual Donor Appeal December 2010

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  Our Wounded Vets Did!

December is the last month of our annual appeal for donations.

If you have already responded with a gift to Rebuild Hope, THANK YOU!

If not, please make one now!


In the past nine years, the families of thousands of severely injured veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have struggled with debilitating financial problems as they strive to build healthy and stable civilian lives. While they wait five months or more for the start of merited disability compensation they often cannot pay their most basic living expenses. And when a veteran's spouse leaves a job to take care of a severely disabled partner, the loss of two incomes impedes the veteran's rehabilitation and weakens the entire family. Meanwhile, many live in poverty.


Rebuild Hope enables Americans to provide these families emergency financial assistance. Qualifying and deserving veterans receive up to $2500 in grants and modest no-interest loans, and Rebuild Hope helps them create conservative budgets, coaches them on financial matters and refers them to suitable financial, legal, and healthcare resources. Our operating expenses are extraordinarily low and 100% of beneficiary donations are distributed to our families.

Rebuild Hope families will never forget these wars. Nor should we forget them as they deserve our gratitude and strong support. So how can you help?  Our goal is to assist at least one hundred families next year, and we need your generous support to raise $40,000 by December 31, 2010.

It takes tremendous courage and humility for veterans to ask for help. Your gift will enable us to again say "Yes".

Warmest regards, 

Dana Hendrickson

President & Founder

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* Rebuild Hope, 365 Ambar Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Gary Morgan

"I can't thank you enough for stepping up to help us as you did, especially for doing it on such short notice. Things are working out great for my family and this would not have been possible without your support.

 I look forward to helping Rebuild Hope in the future when my financial situation is better."

- Staff Sgt Gary Morgan (Veteran)

A2 chris walters

SPC Chris Walters (veteran) was injured by two improvised explosive devices while serving in Afghanistan. He received an Army commendation medal for personally rescuing a young boy from an active minefield. 

Rebuild Hope is helping his family pay for basic living expenses while he awaits 100% disability benefits from the Veterans Administration.

hugo gonzalez

The blast fragments from an explosive device penetrated Army Specialist Hugo Gonzalez's skull permanently damaging his brain and altering his life.

Rebuild Hope provided Hugo monthly grants and a one-time no-interest loan to help his family with basic living expenses while they implemented a conservative budget and Hugo found part-time work.

What's Unique About Rebuild Hope

While there are hundreds of traditional non-profits helping military families and veterans in various ways, only Rebuild Hope aims to fully leverage the power of the personal connection made possible by the Internet to deliver financial assistance and related services.

The Rebuild Hope relies on a "one-of-a-kind" service model to help veterans with service-connected disability ratings of at least 50%.

Rebuild Hope families...

  • share their stories,
  • receive modest financial grants and no-interest loans,
  • benefit from financial coaching and counseling,
  • referred to specialists in legal aid, VA benefits, heath-care, financial services and employment,
  • publicly recognized for their sacrifices.

Donors ...

  • know who is receiving help from Rebuild Hope,
  • can decide who receives their donations,
  • know 100% of their gifts are used as advised.
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