Taking Care of the Families
of Disabled U.S. Iraq & Afghanistan War Veterans
 Rebuild Hope - Quarterly Newsletter June 2010

  Rebuild Hope
  Continues to Innovate 

The steady growth in demand for Rebuild Hope services compels us to continually introduce new ways to serve our disabled current era veterans and their families. And during the past quarter Rebuild Hope again launched several new programs designed to expand our overall capacity. One program multiplies the economic impact of the donations Rebuild Hope receives. Another exposes more Americans to our mission and encourages them to help us help more veterans. And Rebuild Hope is now building a national partnership that will greatly enhance our credit and budget counseling services.

Rebuild Hope remains committed to developing innovative ways to serve the growing number of veterans who are discovering us. With your support Rebuild Hope aims to provide financial assistance, counseling and referral services to at least a hundred families in 2010.

Warmest regards, 

Dana Hendrickson

President & Founder

Rebuild Hope Now Offers No-Interest Loans

While banks increase the nation's overall money supply by re-lending a large percentage of their deposits, Rebuild Hope now increases the amount of support it provides veterans by re-lending a large percentage of its donations. How does this work? When a veteran can demonstrate the future capacity to repay a loan, Rebuild Hope increases the amount of funds it will supply in the interim. Most often the future income comes either from the Veterans Administration (when a claim for service-connected disability compensation is settled and back-payments are made), from the GI Bill, or from social security disability benefits. When the veteran repays the Rebuild Hope loan the money is provided to another family often again as a loan. So $1000 in donations can produce $2000 to $3000 worth of assistance. Generally, Rebuild Hope offers veterans a financial assistance package that includes monthly grants and a no-interest loan and is tailored to their particular situations. The loans are modest and must be used to pay basic living expense items.

  Do Good
  with Your Fitness.
  Enjoy Big Rewards
  Every Day.

In May Rebuild Hope initiated a one-month trial of our first online marketing program designed to build nationwide support for our mission and efforts. Called the Spirit of 2010 Challenge it capitalizes on the opportunity to engage fitness-conscious Americans of all ages in an innovative fitness-based social network. With this newsletter Rebuild Hope is formally launching this program and encouraging you to join and actively participate.
Join the Spirit of 2010 Challenge

And you can earn donations for the families of veterans disabled during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan simply by participating in your favorite fitness activities and enjoying the very cool benefits of a free membership in a fun fast-growing, Plus 3 fitness-based social network. Participating in the Rebuild Hope "Challenge" is fun and easy. Everyone is welcome; and everything from informal workouts to competitive events count. 100% of fitness-generated donations are distributed to our families. Do good and enjoy better health and fitness, camaraderie and public recognition.

Learn more and Join Now!
Meet The Christy Family

christy kids

After serving eight years in the Army - including two tours in Iraq, Ryan Christy was medically discharged and promptly filed for merited, service-connected disability compensation from the Veterans Administration. After more than two years and five appeals his rating was finally raised from 30% to 100%. His multiple medical problems will continue to require on-going treatments. Unfortunately, during this time Ryan has struggled to make ends meet. Rebuild Hope created a 12-month budget for Ryan, counseled him on dealing with his debt obligations and currently contributes monthly grants to help cover his family's living expenses until his social security disability benefits begin.

Learn more about the Christy's.
Better Credit & Budget Counseling


Staring this month a national non-profit staffed with 40 certified financial counselors will assist veterans who apply to Rebuild Hope for financial support.  VeteransPlus will provide veterans a number of services: credit counseling, budgeting, and identifying available non-VA resources. This partnership not only increases Rebuild Hope's capacity to serve more veterans, it also broadens our service offering.
We look forward to building this promising partnership with VeteransPlus.

Learn more about VeteransPlus.
What's Unique About Rebuild Hope

While there are hundreds of traditional non-profits helping military families and veterans in various ways, only Rebuild Hope aims to fully leverage the power of the personal connection made possible by the Internet to deliver financial assistance and related services.
The Rebuild Hope relies on a "one-of-a-kind" service model to help veterans with service-connected disability ratings of at least 50%.
  • Rebuild Hope families share their stories,
  • Receive modest financial grants and no-interest loans,
  • Benefit from financial coaching and counseling,
  • And referrals to specialists in legal aid, VA benefits, heath-care, financial services and employment.
  • Donors know who is receiving help from Rebuild Hope,
  • Can decide who receives their donations,
  • And know that 100% of gifts are used as advised.
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Rebuild Hope                      Continues to Innovate

Rebuild Hope Now Offers             No-Interest Loans

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