Rebuild Hope Newsletter September 2009
Americans Taking Care Of Our Own 
Severely Disabled Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans
And Their Families

A Special Message    from Our President

In late July, Rebuild Hope made the tough decision to cap the number of families in our financial support network after donations declined dramatically for two months. Rebuild Hope is requesting your immediate help so we can support more veterans who are struggling to build healthy family lives. It takes tremendous courage and humility for them to ask for help. Your gift will enable us to again say "Yes".

Rebuild Hope financially assists the families of current era veterans who suffer life-altering injuries and combat-related illness from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During the past year Rebuild Hope supported more than 35 families nationwide providing each about $2400 of financial aid over 6 to 12 months, plus budget counseling and referrals to financial, healthcare and employment resources. These families face four big challenges: adjusting to the return home of combat veterans from war, transitions from military to civilian life, major medical and mental health issues and financial problems aggravated by long delays in the start of merited disability compensation.

So how can you help? Rebuild Hope needs to raise $15,000 by October 31, 2009 and another $20,000 by year-end. This would enable us to accept new membership applications from veterans and their families starting in November. I hope you will help us reach these goals by making a generous donation to Rebuild Hope soon. 100% of your donation will be distributed to deserving beneficiaries.

Please also spread the word about Rebuild Hope among your personal network of friends, family and associates so even more help can be provided.

We are currently maintaining a waiting list of families who wish to join Rebuild Hope. With your support we can help them pay basic living expenses.

Warmest regards,

Dana Hendrickson

President & Founder

A2Host A Reception For Rebuild Hope


One of the best ways you can introduce others to Rebuild Hope is to host a reception in your home. You invite your friends, neighbors and associates and we handle all the logistics and costs. A Rebuild Hope reception is informal, lasts a couple of hours, and includes a short program that features the president of Rebuild Hope. We aim to meet potential donors, volunteers and people who can introduce Rebuild Hope to companies, community organizations and other individuals. A reception is a low-key fund-raising affair and we simply send a follow-up letter that requests help.

Want to learn more?

Send a message to dana@rebuildhope.org
A3What's Unique About Rebuild Hope
While there are hundreds of traditional non-profits helping military families and veterans in various ways, only Rebuild Hope aims to fully leverage the power of personal connection made possible by the Internet to deliver financial assistance and related services.
The Rebuild Hope relies on a "one-of-a-kind" service model:
  • Veterans have at least a 50% disability rating
  • Financial support for 6 to 12 months.
  • Financial aid plus coaching and counseling
  • Referrals to specialists in legal aid, VA benefits, heath-care, financial services and employment
  • Donors know who is receiving help
  • Donors can decide who receives their donations
  • 100% of gifts are used as advised by donors
Newsletter Delivery Options
The Rebuild Hope newsletter is distributed to registered subscribers about six times a year unless they request a less frequent delivery. Please send a message to dana@rebuildhope.org to request a different delivery schedule.

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A Special Message

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What's Unique About Rebuild Hope

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