Rebuild Hope operates a nationwide financial support network that enables individual Americans to directly assist the families of veterans whose efforts to build healthy and stable civilian lives are hampered by severe injuries, illnesses and unexpected economic problems.

 Rebuild Hope Newsletter April 2009
Americans Taking Care Of Our Own  
Current Era Veterans And Their Families

Hello Contact First Name,
A2 Meet Travis Felton & His Family
felton family
Travis Felton is an Iraqi war veteran and proud father of a Georgia family of nine. Since his discharge from the Army Travis has struggled to care for them despite a full-time job as a security guard.
He needs temporary financial assistance to pay for basic living expenses and repay loans he received when not working and waiting for the VA to approve his combat-connected disability claim. Travis expects his income to increase significantly. His employer expects him to receive a security clearance from Homeland Security in May and then will raise his wages to $3000 a month. Travis also has submitted a well-supported claim for an increase in his income from the VA. A ruling is expected in August 2009. Rebuild Hope is helping the Felton Family through this difficult transition period.
 A1Please Help Us Help Them 
Asking a friend, neighbor or associate for money -  even for a worthy cause - is not easy for most Americans. But one-to-one advocacy, that is another story. Philanthropic organizations of all kinds depend on supporters to spread-the-word about their humanitarian missions and programs, and Americans have traditionally responded with unmatched generosity.
As a young non-profit Rebuild Hope needs to build a large network of supporters, and the current recession has only added greater urgency to our efforts. More injured veterans are now struggling to make ends meet as full-time jobs disappear, available aid shrinks, and most wait four to six months for the Veterans Administration to rule on their claims for disability-connected compensation.
In this tough fund-raising environment, Rebuild Hope needs you to not only make donations to our families  but also encourage your friends, neighbors and associates to join our financial support network, and ask them to get even more people involved.  We can help you introduce Rebuild Hope to others in your community, and are ready to support your efforts.
Warmest regards,
Dana Hendrickson
President & Founder 
Rebuild Hope
A3Host A Reception For Rebuild Hope


One of the best ways you can introduce others to Rebuild Hope is to host a reception in your home. You invite your friends, neighbors and associates and we handle all the logistics and costs. A Rebuild Hope reception is informal, lasts a couple of hours, and includes a short program. We aim to meet potential donors, volunteers and people who can introduce Rebuild Hope to companies, community organizations and other individuals. And a reception is a low-key fund-raising affair. We simply send a follow-up letter that requests help.
A4No Mortgage Relief For Injured Veterans
Clearly, everyone who has trouble making mortgage payments does not deserve a bail-out. But figuring out who does is proving to be tricky. So while the Obama administration scrambles to check the surge of middle-class foreclosures, many Americans will continue to complain that not enough is being done, that they have been left out. There is one community; however, that DOES deserve help, in a big way and soon - current era veterans who suffer from life-altering injuries connected to their military service. If the U.S. government fails to address their housing problems the heavy burden will bring down more of their families and strain the non-profits that strive to help them. Do we not have a moral duty to stop this humanitarian crisis?

Read entire post.
A5Rebuild Hope Awarded Google Grant
Google not only operates the most popular search engine, Google Adwords is the most successful on-line advertising service, ever. That's why Rebuild Hope is so grateful Google recently selected us to participate in its Google Grants program. 

Google Adwords are concise three line ads displayed along with search results when keywords like "veterans financial assistance" are entered into the Google search engine. Rebuild Hope ads now appear when veterans and potential donors search for an organization that serves their needs using a number of different keywords.
The Google Grants program enables Rebuild Hope to display an unlimited number of ads at no cost. There is virtually no limit on how often they appear and they can run indefinitely.

Rebuild Hope appreciates Google's generous support. Adwords are a powerful way to spread the word about Rebuild Hope over the Internet.
A6Follow Rebuild Hope Tweets
You can now use Twitter to receive the latest news, i.e., "updates" from Rebuild Hope. To add Rebuild Hope to your Following List, go to
Welcome Our New Team Members
A7Rebuild Hope depends on a growing team of volunteers who possess the intelligence, talents, and passion to assume key roles.
Melinda Kaewert helps veterans join our financial support network. She guides them through our application process and connects them to other service providers. Melinda also helps us stage  receptions and generously supports individuals who host them.
Dave Rosenmarkle represents Rebuild Hope in the Washington, D.C. area as a spokesman to businesses and community-based organizations. Dave also plans to help us create a small local team of volunteers.
An ex-Marine recruiter,  Rick Nee is leading our current efforts to promote awareness of Rebuild Hope within the communities of current and former Marines and Navy flyers. Rick has lots of great ideas and contacts.

A8What's Unique About Rebuild Hope
While there are hundreds of traditional non-profits helping military families and veterans in various ways, only Rebuild Hope aims to fully leverage the power of personal connection made possible by the Internet to deliver financial assistance and related services.
The Rebuild Hope relies on a "one-of-a-kind" service model:
  • Financial support for 6 to 12 months.
  • Financial aid plus coaching and counseling
  • Donors know who is receiving help
  • Donors can decide who receives their donations
  • 100% of a gift can be designated by the donor
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