Rebuild Hope Newsletter February 2008
Americans Taking Care Of Our Own  
Injured Veterans And Their Families
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Rebuild Hope is off to a great start in 2009. More families are discovering our financial support network and applying for membership. And equally important, more donors are stepping forward to help them. While the current economic environment is difficult for both donors and beneficiaries we remain confident that we can help more than 100 families this year and position Rebuild Hope to help a much larger number in 2010. We are now expanding our volunteer team, refining our service models and broadening our reach to potential donors and applicants. 
During the year our newsletter will keep you informed of our new capabilities and programs. Again we thank you for your support.
Since we simply empower you to help them you deserve all the credit.
A1 Rebuild Hope: More Than Money
The families who approach Rebuild Hope quickly learn that our financial support network delivers a lot more than money. We help them create a 12-month financial plan, encourage them to take specific steps to improve their prospects and coach them on matters like renegotiating their debt obligations. And when we identify critical needs that are outside our misssion Rebuild Hope connects the families to individuals in other organiza- tions that can help them. Our overall objective is to help the families help themselves while providing them financial assistance during rough times.
A2 Meet Brooks Tims & His Family

Brooks Tims

In May 2008 Brooks Tims was honorably discharged from the Navy after seven years of military service and three tours in Iraq as a combat medic with the Marine Corps Infantry. While in Iraq he was severely injured by multiple explosives. Brooks left his job in October 2008 to obtain treatment for the multiple combat-related injuries which have plagued him and his family since his discharge from the Navy. He currently lives at The Pathway Home, a leading edge, non-profit short term residential healthcare facility dedicated to serving, our Nation's "New Warriors and expects to rejoin his family soon.

Learn How You Can Help This Family
A3 Video To Feature Rebuild Hope Families
 facto family
"In Their Boots" is a compelling web magazine show about the dramatic impact the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are having on us - the people here at home. Each video episode features a non-fiction narrative about how our servicemembers, their families, and their communities have been profoundly changed by the nation's campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Their Boots is currently working with Rebuild Hope on a story that illustrates the tough financial problems faced by veterans and their families in our current economic environment. We share the desire to get the word out about what veterans are up against, with the goal of helping to change the situation.

A4 Meet The Hardin Family
Kevin Hardin
Kevin, a frontline Army medic, suffered extensive permanent physical injuries when an enemy rocket intended for a tank missed and hit his vehicle. He is lucky to have survived and will continue to be treated at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for an unknown time. His parents continue to struggle with the unreimbursed costs of visiting their son despite receiving help from several non-profit organizations. After approximately 23 surgeries (and more to go), Kevin remains an outpatient at the Malone House near Walter Reed. When his parents travel between Florida and Washington, DC to visit Kevin, they have to pay their own expenses. They are extremely thankful their son is alive.

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A5 Tell Your Facebook Friends
About  Rebuild Hope

 facto familyRebuild Hope now has a "cause" page on Facebook that you can share with your facebook friends. Display Rebuild Hope on your profile as your favorite cause and invite your friends to donate or help us spread the word.
A6 Welcome Our New Advisory Team

Rebuild Hope is pleased to announce the first three members of our advisory team. The following individuals possess the expertise and commitment to not only directly help Rebuild Hope in significant ways but also help Rebuild Hope attract the support of other key individuals and organizations across our country. We look forward to their guidance and support.
Jim Anderson is a highly regarded Silicon Valley venture capitalist who has started and supported a number of social-minded organizations including Legacy Ventures.
Dr. David Gutelius, a successful entrapreneur and the chief technology officer for a Silicon Valley "start-up", has an outstanding background in the use of social networking solutions.
Lieutenant Colonel David Rabb facilitates the continuity of care and joint operations between Military Treatment Facilities, Warrior Transition Units, Army Community Based Hospital Community Organizations and VA Medical Centers and Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers. 

Learn More About Our Advisors
A7 Recurring Donations Now Possible
Rebuild Hope offer donors the opportunity to make recurring gifts automatically using your credit card through the Network for Good website. Now you can make every type of Rebuild Hope donation on a regular basis.
Our Success Depends On You
The Rebuild Hope financial support network needs your on-going support. Please help our families in any way that you can - donate, volunteer on our team, and spread the word about our mission and services to your friends, families and associates.
Warmest regards,

Dana Hendrickson
President & Founder 
Rebuild Hope
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Rebuild Hope: More Than Money  

Meet Brooks Tims & His Family 


"In their Boots" to Feature Rebuild Hope Families

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