Rebuild Hope Newsletter December 2008
Taking Care Of Our Own  
Injured Veterans And Their Families
Dear ,

First of all, thank you for your support of Rebuild Hope and our military families in 2008. Since our initial public announcement in June more than 20 families have received financial aid through our unique financial network. And in 2009 Rebuild Hope aims to assist more than 100 families. Each one qualifies to receive six to twelve months of transitional financial support through the generosity of compassionate Americans like you. Since we simply empower you to help them you deserve all the credit.
More Injured Veterans and Their Families Are Facing Financial Problems
Today all Americans are feeling the negative effects of our rapidly contracting economy and failed financial credit system. In that sense, we share a common experience. However, the personal costs of such times are never evenly distributed. As many of us tighten our belts, others with inadequate financial strength face huge hardships in weathering this storm. In the best of economic times every military family who seeks help through the Rebuild Hope financial support network struggles to make ends meet. As unemployment spreads and consumer credit tightens, the rate that families join the Rebuild Hope community is expected to accelerate in 2009. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to help them, we hope you will do so. 
Meet The Milligan Family

Milligan Family
Navy Specialist Laurie Milligan, a single mother with two sons, served in a Construction Battalion (Navy Seabee) in Iraq where her team was repeatedly subjected to intense mortar attacks. These led to multiple deaths and injuries and her eventual diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after she had received an honorable discharge and joined the Naval Reserve.  In early November, Laurie lost her job so her family is now living soley on $1000 a month in VA service-connected compensation.  Recent expenses for car repairs, childcare, school supplies and a deposit for a new apartment have completely exhausted both her savings and retirement fund. Laurie hopes to be working again at the start of 2009 and needs help until then. Through Rebuild Hope she is requesting funds for food, utilities, past childcare and rent.

Learn More About The Milligan Family 
Congressional Candidate Charlie Brown Gives Rebuild Hope a  Big Boost
During his recent campaign to represent California's 4th District Charlie Brown donated 5% of his campaign contributions - almost $95,000 - to a dozen non-profits that serve veterans and their families. Lt. Colonel (Retired, US Air Force) Brown's Veterans Challenge program was unprecedented and we are grateful for his generous $14,500 grant to Rebuild Hope. This funding which equates to almost 3 months of support for our current families could not have come at a more critical time in the development of our financial support network. Charlie, thank you!

Rebuild Hope Initiates Partnership Program with VA Vet Centers
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In the course of getting to know our families in the Rebuild Hope community we often identify needs we cannot meet. This month we initiated a program to develop relationships with Vet Centers across the US starting at the Concord, California. Vet Center counselors at over 200 locations provide a wide variety of services to combat veterans in the effort to ease their transition from military to civilian life. Services include individual counseling, group counseling, marital and family counseling, bereavement counseling, medical referrals, assistance in applying for Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits, employment counseling, guidance and referral to alcohol/drug assessments, military sexual trauma counseling & referral, outreach and community education, and information and referral to community resources. Beginning in early 2009 Vet Centers and Rebuild Hope will refer Veterans and their families to each other.
Meet The Oyen Family
Oyen Family After serving from March 2006 to June 2007 Army Sgt. Tom Oyen was medically discharged, called back to active duty and injured again in September 2007. While pursing an insurgent responsible for rocket attacks in Northern Iraq Sergeant Oyen's unamored vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb. After two weeks of treatment for severe hand and shoulder injuries in a field casualty tent he returned to combat for another seven months before undergoing multiple surgeries in Germany and Hawaii. Now on a medical hold with a 85% disability rating he is being treated at John Muir Hospital. John suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, an infection resistant to the broad-spectrum antibiotics commonly used to treat it and hearing problems (tinnitus). While he hopes to return to full active duty within a year a second medical discharge is possible. In the meantime, his family needs help to pay bills and buy groceries.

Sears And Fox Network Honor And Help Rebuild Hope Family
The producers of a recent special Veterans' Day program hosted by Howie Long, produced by Fox Networks and sponsored by Sears discovered the Rivera family through Rebuild Hope. While Army Sergeant Victor Rivera was being treated for an injury at Brooks Army Medical Center, he and his family were moved into unfurnished military quarters. Victor's powerful story, humility and engaging manner touched millions. And Sears generously provided the family home furnishings and $2000 worth of Sears gift cards. Rebuild Hope and it's partner the Soldiers' Angels are pleased to have brought these parties together.
National Public Radio To Feature Rebuild Hope and One of Our Families
Daniel Zwerdling, an award-winning senior correspondent for NPR (National Public Radio), is working on a story about the financial difficulties now experienced by military families. He has selected one of our members as a interviewee and also will focus on how innovative non-profits like Rebuild Hope are helping them. The stories will be highlighted on our website when they are published in January.

NPR has produced a series of excellent  stories about the lives of military families and veterans impacted by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are viewable  at www.npr.org
Our Success Depends On You
Rebuild Hope enters 2009 with a greater appreciation for your support and the growing need for our financial support network. Please help our families in any way that you can - donate, volunteer on our team, and spread the word about our mission and services to your friends, families and associates.
Warmest regards,

Dana Hendrickson
President & Founder 
Rebuild Hope
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