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  April 2011

Brent and Skylla
Brent and Skylla

Spring has finally arrived, and we hope you have been able to enjoy it so far!

I would like to invite you to join us for "Talk to the Experts" on Saturday, May 14th from 4 to 5pm MST on CHQR 770 AM radio, live on the air or live internet streaming for those outside the listening area at www.am770chqr.com. I personally will be taking calls and having a live discussion about the importance diet in the health of our pets. We look forward to you joining us for this exciting program!

With Sincere Thanks,

Brent Hauberg,
Founder and President of Tail Blazers

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Acana RanchlandsNow available - a NEW grain-free Acana Ranchlands for dogs!      

Acana Ranchlands is a combination of 3 red meats, all raised locally in Alberta. These red meats are free-range, human grade, anti-biotic free and preservative-free beef, bison and lamb - all delivered fresh for processing.

Acana Ranchlands has 31% protein, 18% fat, is carbohydrate limited, grain-free and suitable for all life stages and breeds.

Additionally, it contains wild-caught herring oil to supply omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat plus locally grown vegetables and herbs.  All Acana products are made in Alberta and are species appropriate for your pet! 

Learn more at www.championpetfoods.com/acana/ 


Acana also makes species appropriate/health promoting grain-free cat foods. In addition to beingWild Prairie Acana made in Alberta, all ingredients are all human-grade, preservative free and local where possible.

Wild Prairie: Contains free-run chicken, whole eggs and various wild-caught fish including flounder, halibut, and whitefish all delivered fresh, never frozen, for processing.

Pacifica:  Contains salmon, herring, whitefish, flounder and cod caught wild from local lakes and off the coast of North Vancouver Island, delivered fresh.


Grasslands AcanaGrasslands: Contains Alberta raised free-range lamb, Pacific salmon from off Vancouver Island, Northern Walleye from lakes in Alberta and Saskatchewan and free-run Alberta raised duck and chicken, all delivered fresh.      

All Acana cat formulas contain 35% protein, regionally fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and vitamins and are appropriate for all life stages and breeds.

Because Acana is processed and uses ingredients close to home - feeding Acana helps to support our local economy as well as reduce your carbon footprint, as ingredients are shipped shorter distances from grower to your pet's bowl!

Learn more at www.championpetfoods.com/acana/

Having a hard time transitioning your cat to a better diet? Here is a two part video with some great tips from Dr Becker, DMV.       

Part 1 - YouTube Video 

Part 2 - YouTube Video 



Mountain Dog FoodEvery once and awhile we feel it's a good idea to check in and make sure that our customers fully understand the products they are feeding, and most importantly are feeding them correctly. This month, we will discuss the different varieties of Mountain Dog raw food and what the difference between them is. Alberta made Mountain Dog Food is made with human grade ingredients and shipped frozen, just like all of our raw foods.

Chicken/Turkey with Bone 
The "with bone" varieties of Mountain Dog contain ONLY meat and bone. No organs, no vegetables and no fruit. In order to make this food a complete meal, it is necessary to add the following:

-          5-25% veg/fruit

-          5-10% organ meat

-          An omega 3 fatty acid such as flax, fish, or hemp oil

-          Kelp, or some other multivitamin for trace vitamins and minerals

This variety would be great for allergy trials or for those that like to add their own veggies and organs.

Chicken/Turkey Veg and Fruit
The "veg and fruit" varieties contain meat, bone, alfalfa, and vegetables and fruit. No organs. In order to make this food a complete meal, it is necessary to add the following:

-          5-10% organ meat

-          An omega 3 fatty acid like flax, fish, or hemp oil

-          Kelp, or some other multivitamin for trace vitamins and minerals


Bovine Veg and Fruit
The "bovine veg and fruit" variety contains meat, bone, alfalfa, and vegetables and fruit. In order to make this food a complete meal, it is necessary to add the following:

-          An omega 3 fatty acid like flax, fish, or hemp oil

-          Kelp, or some other multivitamin for trace vitamins and minerals

*available in 2lb only


Chicken/ Turkey Low Fiber
The "low fiber" varieties contain meat, bone, organs, and vegetables and fruit. No alfalfa. In order to make this food a complete meal, it is necessary to add the following:

-          An omega 3 fatty acid like flax, fish, or hemp oil

-          Kelp, or some other multivitamin for trace vitamins and minerals


Tessie from West Edmonton Tail Blazers

Chicken / Turkey /Beef Ascension
The "ascension" varieties are the only ones that are 100% complete as they contain, meat, bone, organs, vegetables and fruit, and a multivitamin.
*available in 2lb only

For the average pet, alternating between the "veg and fruit" and "low fiber" varieties while adding an omega 3 fatty acid and kelp should keep most dogs pretty well balanced. Many multivitamins contain an omega 3 fatty acid making supplementation much easier!  Some examples include: Holistic Blend Sea Greens, Solid Gold Sea Meal, Nature's Logic, and many more.

For more info, please visit www.mountaindogfood.com
NEW KITTEN TIPS! Part 2 of 3


Introducing your Kitten to the Rest of the Family    Kittens


  • Introduce your cat to children gradually, during short periods of time. 
  • Teach children to be gentle (no tail pulling, hitting, etc) and how to properly pick up the cat (one hand under the chest, the other hand under the hind quarters).
  • Make sure they avoid making loud threatening noises or rapidly moving towards the kitten.
  • Children and adults alike should get down and play with kitty at their level.  

Other Cats

  • Keep your new kitten in its own room for a couple of weeks, and then start opening the door a crack to gradually introduce them to the rest of the house.
  • Introduce your kitten to other cats carefully and gradually. Let your kitten rub and sleep on a blanket or toy to give to the other cat(s) so they get used to his/her scent. Then put the kitten it its carrier to introduce to the other cats face to face. There may be some hissing initially, but over time the other cat will most often accept the new member of the family.
  • Do not leave them alone together until you know they will get along.


  • Most dogs and cats also get along, but this may take a little longer. 
  • Introduce the new kitten's scent to the dog the same as you would to another cat (see above).
  • Make sure your dog is fed, exercised and relaxed before the introduction. Put him on a short leash or in his crate.
  • Put your cat in their carrier and let them check out each other at a distance while talking soothingly to your dog. Make sure and give out treats to both parties.
  • Reward your dog for being calm around your cat. If you are unable to calm him, try the introductions again later.
  • Repeat short 5 to 10 minute visits several times a day, gradually giving your dog more leash as appropriate.
  • Eventually you can take your dog off the leash, and supervise the two closely. If there are problems not easily corrected, go back to the previous step for a few days. Gradually make the sessions longer. Do not leave them alone until you're sure there won't be any issues.
  • Make sure each pet has their own space in your home. Use rewards to reinforce positive interactions. Keep kitty's litter box and food bowl out of reach from your dog.

And Remember...

Show your "old" dog or cat lots of affection so that they won't be jealous of the newcomer and let them accept the new kitten at their own pace. 

NEW PUPPY TIPS! Part 2 of 3


Puppies and chewing go hand in hand. However, most products advise against giving them to a puppy under the age of six months! So, what do you do?

Definitely ask your vet first. It is my belief that most of these product's manufacturers are likely worried about your puppy choking since some young puppies can be a bit silly about chewing things properly. The problem that comes with avoiding chew treats is if your pup has nothing to chew on, they will FIND something on their own. It will likely be something inappropria
Puppyte like their leash or your shoes! These things are just as much of a choking hazard as a chew toy - and worse they are not as digestible and can cause internal problems too. It's a catch 22.

With my dogs I always ensure I am there to supervise them when chewing even though they are adults. So, if they are getting a little too short on that bully stick, I can take it away. If they are breaking and swallowing large chunks of bone I can take the bone away. I would rather choose something a little oversized then something too small. Every dog is different, so we need to treat them as individuals when it comes to chewing and be responsible puppy parents.

Chewing releases endorphins that help relax your pup; it is also great for their teeth and it helps make their teething stage more tolerable. Giving healthy chew treats (skip the rawhides!) inside of a crate is a great way to create a positive association with their crate and "fun and relaxing" times. It also gives you a chance to relax and kick back!  


Information courtesy of www.tailblazerscopperfield.com



This time of year we begin to hear a lot of complaints of diarrhea and itching. One major contributor to these "new" problems are the introduction to river swimming and water drinking - but very often the food gets the blame! If your dog likes to swim in the river or drink out of puddles, consider this as being the culprit!*

*this information is not meant to replace information from your pet's health care provider

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