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  March 2011

Brent and Skylla
Brent and Skylla

Did you know one of the core foundations of Tail Blazers is having knowledgeable staff? We want to help you find the right food, treats and accessories for your pet - so ask us! Or we can answer any questions you may have about your pet's current diet. What you feed your pet is the most important decision you can make for your pet and we are able to help you with that vital decision!

With Sincere Thanks,

Brent Hauberg,
President of Tail Blazers

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See below for a few questions that have come up in our survey... 
 Survey Q & A's  

We would like to answer a few questions that came up in our survey!   


Q: Why don't you have a rewards program?  

A: We actually have numerous rewards programs and discounts that we implement!

Most of our dry food companies offer a buy 12 (or 10), get 1 FREE program for dog and cat food.  They are free and easy for you to use! The Natura line of foods (Evo, California Natural, Innova) is the most recent to implement a program.  Read more about this new frequent buyer program later in this newsletter.  

Additionally, we offer 5% case discounts*on most items bought as a case, such as raw foods and cans. 5% is better savings than most frequent buyer programs out there! Wouldn't you rather have that extra spending money right now? Ask at your local Tail Blazers for more details.  

*some exceptions apply, ask in-store for case sizes on specific products



Kitty under couchQ: Why don't you carry more/very many Canadian products? 
Our first
choice is to carry Canadian made products - and we have MANY! For example, ALL but one of our raw foods comes from Western Canada. Many treats we carry are also Canadian, everything from Benny Bully's to Northern Biscuits to Ambrosia Bits. 


Since canning pet food is an expensive venture to take on for any pet food company, very few Canadian companies offer canned varieties. The only other option for many of these companies is to outsource production and many of our companies don't feel comfortable doing this.


We are committed to, and are always on the lookout for more good Canadian products, though if a product does not meet our strict quality criteria, we will not carry it, regardless of where it is made!



Q:  Do you have biodegradable poop bags?  

A: We do! Biodegradable or degradable poop bags are the ONLY kind we carry. Our in-store shopping bags are also biodegradable, as we are committed to carrying products that are environmentally friendly wherever possible.


Pumpkin the Dog

Pumpkin from Tail Blazers 14th, Calgary


Q: Why don't you have more chews and bully sticks?

A: Unfortunately there is a very limited supply of quality bully sticks
available and we would rather not have any, than pass off poorer quality
products to you, the consumer. Our commitment is to finding your animal quality products that also are made with good manufacturing practices. This is not always easy and many changes in the industry lately have made it rather difficult to always have items available for your animal. Since there is only one "bully stick" per bull, we know there is a limited number available! There are many bully sticks out there, but for several reasons many of the choices do not meet our quality standards. Most Tail Blazers stores now carry Puppy Love and/or Open Range bully sticks and chews - check out the information below on these bully sticks!


Remember, when stock is sporadic you can always try elk antlers or raw bones! They make excellent chews and we seldom have problems sourcing them!

Bully Sticks - Naturally Good Chews


Puppy LovePuppy Love  

Puppy Love is a 100% Canadian company, that operates and sources its meat out of Alberta. High quality, and all natural, Puppy Love bully sticks have no preservatives or additives. These Beef Bully sticks come in 6", 10" and 16".


Open Range Pet TreatsOpen Range Natural Pet Treats

Open Range is a Canadian company, that sources their meats from Brazil, as they can get a reliable source of beef that is free-range, as well as hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. They do however, process and package their bully sticks and chews in Canada. These top quality bull sticks are odour free and steam cured, with no preservatives. 4", 6", 12" and 24".  Bully Stick  

What is a bully stick?

Yes, it is true, bully sticks are made from a body part that ONLY the bulls possess... But don't let that stop you - they are a great chew for your dog, and dogs love them! And of course, there are different sized bullies, for different sized dogs!

**Please note, not all products are available at all locations. Please call YOUR LOCATION to be sure!**    
Natural Instincts - Quality Raw Diets for Dogs and Cats


Natural Instincts is BC company that sources their non-medicated, human grade meats from BC, Alberta and New Zealand, where they have some of the highest farming standards in the world. Most of the meat is free range and some is certified organic.
Their full line of raw diets for dogs include meals containing meat with organs, bone and vegetables as well just meat so you can customize for your pet's specific dietary needs. Many of Natural Instinct meals contain GreenMin - a highly absorbable, all natural vitamin and mineral supplement made from:
1) Certified organic Alga calcarea - a type of nutrient rich seaweed that has been harvested from unpolluted water and low temperature dried.
2) California Spirulina - a blue green algae with a huge and complete spectrum of nutrients.
Learn more about GreenMin at www.peterdobias.com/greenmin

GreenMin is also available separate in supplement form.
Meals for cats are supplemented with wild salmon oil (except salmon and chicken), cod liver oil and full spectrum vitamin E, as well as some contain the GreenMin supplement.
The variety of proteins in the Natural Instincts line allows a healthy rotation of proteins in the diet and something to be found for even the pickiest eaters, as well as pets with allergies.
The various meats are: 
  • beefNatural Instincts 
  • bison (temporarily unavailable) 
  • chicken
  • elk
  • goat
  • lamb
  • rabbit
  • turkey
  • wild salmon
  • venison
And of course, everything is all natural and contains no additives! Learn more at www.naturalinstincts.ca

**Please note, not all products are available at all locations. Please call YOUR LOCATION to be sure!**    

Almo Nature - Simple & Wholesome Food Toppers for Your Cat!


Almo NatureAlmo Nature cat cans are all natural food toppers made solely of human grade meats, vegetables and a small amount of rice. There are no by-products, additives or mineral and vitamin supplements in them. Tuna, Tuna with Cheese, Chicken as well as Salmon with Carrots are a few of the delectable flavours that your cat will go crazy for!  

Almo Nature is meant to be a food topper - so it is excellent for adding that extra flavour and moisture on dry food for kitty. (Almo Nature is not meant to be the main diet of your cat, as it doesn't have any vitamin/mineral supplements.) Additionally, if you have medicine or supplements to give your cat - mixing it with Almo Nature is an excellent way to get it into kitty  - as they love the taste of Almo!    

Source: www.almonature.ca/en_ca

**Please note, not all products are available at all locations. Please call YOUR LOCATION to be sure!**    

Introducing The Natura Frequent Buyer Program!

Buy 10 bags, get 1 FREE!


Dog or Cat: Buy 10 bags of 5 lb or larger dry food bags from California Natural, Innova or Evo (all made by Natura), get 1 bag FREE*!


Mixing and matching varieties/brands is permitted, but your free bag will be the smallest size on the card. Ask at your local Tail Blazers for more information or to take advantage of this free program.


California Natural, Innova and Evo are all high quality, species appropriate, health promoting foods for your cat or dog. Learn more about Natura products at www.naturapet.com . 


*Free bag is equal to the smallest and least expensive bag on the card. Does not include taxes.

New Kitten Tips! Part 1 of 3

It's springtime -
a time when many people become pet parents to new kittens! In this three part series, we will answer come common questions about your new kitten.

KittenNew Litter Box Setup and Training                  

Litter box training is actually quite easy! Kittens will instinctively know to dig in litter around the 4 weeks. You can aid in the process by putting your kitten in the litter box after they wake up and after meals. As well as following these tips to help ensure they have a healthy "relationship" with the litter box:


  • Place the litter box in a quiet location that your kitten can easily access at any time. Out of reach of the family dog is also a good idea!
  • Use litters made out natural ingredients such as pine (Feline Fresh), wheat (Swheat Scoop) or corn (World's Best) to avoid health issues such as respiratory infections.
  • Do not move the litter box
  • Keep the litter box clean: scoop daily
  • Do not disturb your kitten while he/she is using the litter box, otherwise they may develop an aversion to using it
  • Give each cat/kitten their own litter box
  • And with a bit of patience, your kitten will be litter trained in no time!

New Puppy Tips! Part 1 of 3

It's springtime! And that usually means we are getting more questions about puppies. In this three part series, we will answer come common questions about your new puppy.    

Q: My Puppy Freaks Out and Cries When I Leave Him.

It is not uncommon for puppies to go through a stage of separation anxiety with you. Usually your Puppydog figures out your routine when leaving the house and can start to pant and pace before you are even out the door.


What do you do?

Ideally, have a professional come in and help you with it. If you take a few easy steps you can overcome this problem sometimes very quickly and easily!


Your dog has your routine figured out so mix it up! Pick up the car keys, put on your coat, do these things when you are not planning on leaving. Then, put them down and go watch TV. Change the order in which you do things - keep your dog guessing!


Another great point I have picked up from dog trainers is to not make a big deal of your "comings and goings". Have a "matter-of-fact" attitude about it. Don't re-enforce their whining by telling them it's OK. Don't jump up and down with excitement when you get home. It just "is".  

Information courtesy of www.tailblazerscopperfield.com

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