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Brent and Skylla
Brent and Skylla
Happy Howl-oween! Remember that Halloween can be a scary time for your pets with all those gouls and goblins knocking at the door! If your pet is stressed, try putting them in their crate for the night with a juicy raw bone, or in a seperate room where they cannot see their ghostly visitors!

If you decide to take Fido out with you trick-or-treating, make sure he can be seen in the dark with reflective gear, or a safety light like Ruffwear's "The Beacon" or Nite Ize's "SpotLit" and keep him on leash in-case something new and unusual should startle him.

With Sincere Thanks,

Brent Hauberg,
President of Tail Blazers

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On California Naturals Lamb and Rice 30lb bags!
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California Naturals
California Naturals would like to thank their customers with a limited time offer of $7.00 off a 30lb bag of California Naturals Lamb and Rice Dog food. There is a limited supply and many stores are already sold out - so get yours before they are all gone!

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De-Bunking Clever Marketing - Pedigree Vitality
What's Healthy and What's Hype?
Pedigree Vitality
Pedigree Vitality

In this era of clever pet food marketing it is more important than ever to be an informed shopper! Now that consumers like yourselves have demanded more natural foods, many large corporations are trying to find ways to appeal to you.

One recent example is "Pedigree Vitality" and their "healthy pockets". They use familiar terms like "probiotics" and "glucosamine" knowing they will appeal to consumers. The problem is that the amount of these ingredients are very seldom even close to a therapeutic dose.

Let's take a peek at the "Vitality" formula. This diet has 250mg of glucosamine per kilogram of food. This means that in their small 2kg bag of dog food there are 500mg of glucosamine.

Now, let's take a look at another popular joint supplement for pets called "Recovery SA". On their bottle, it suggests a 40lb dog have two tablets per day and each chewable tablet has 250mg of glucosamine hydrochloride.

What does this mean to you? It means that a 40lb dog has to eat an entire 2kg bag of "Pedigree Vitality" every day to get a proper therapeutic dose of glucosamine. It is a little like asking for sugar in your coffee and getting a granule or two! You wouldn't be able to taste it, but it's in there! Similarly, the dose in your dog food is ineffective, but it is on the label and ready to be marketed as a benefit to your pooch.

If your dog suffers from Arthritis or other symptoms of inflammation, it is best to add glucosamine to their diet in supplement form and put them on a healthier diet. That way you can be assured that they are getting therapeutic amounts that would make a difference.

It has to be mentioned that with all the talk about "Health" and "Vitality" in their advertising, that the first ingredient is ground yellow corn, followed by unidentified "meat" and bone meals preserved with BHA and BHT. If you are unsure about why these ingredients are about the farthest thing from being "healthy" for your pet, check out our ingredient dictionary and learn for yourself.

When making your product decisions, make sure you take the time to decipher what's healthy and what's hype! 

See you next month when we'll be de-bunking weight loss diets!

Product Features
Winter Gear for your Dog
Meteorlight K-9 L.E.D. Dog Ball
Meteorlight K-9 L.E.D. Dog Ball

Meteorlight K-9 L.E.D. Dog Ball

Whether your schedule prevents you from exercising your canine buddy during the day, or you just prefer carousing with him or her at night, our tennis ball-sized Meteorlight K-9 is the perfect exercise toy. Push the button, the LED light begins its steady glow, and you can both see what you're doing and have fun doing it. Perfect for romps in the yard after sundown, or, if you're both craving a little socialization, take it to the dog park at night, turn it on, and watch the interested human/dog crowd form around you both! Bright, durable, and water resistant, the Meteorlight floats and comes with two long-life, easily replaced batteries.

Double Diamond
RC Double Diamond Jacket
RC Pets Winter Jackets

RC has several winter coats to choose from. The "Double Diamond" coat has a water resistant nylon shell and a fleece liner. The "Whistler Zip Line" offers generous haunch coverage as well as easy harness access. Great for barrel chested dogs.The "West Coast Rainwear" jacket is lightweight and keeps dogs warm, dry, and visible even on the shortest days!

Ruffwear Winter Boots

Ruffwear has an amazing selection of high quality winter boots and there is something for everyone! The "Skyliner" boots are a lightweight boot with a pliable sole that is ideal for lower impact activities on groomed terrain. The "Grip Trex" boots have high traction and an aggressive lug provides comfort and stability on rough or unstable terrain. The "Polar Trex" are an insulated, winter-specific boot with specialized lug pattern designed for use in icy or snowy conditions. Both "Trex" boots feature "Vibram" rubber soles.
Please note, not all products are available at all locations. Please call YOUR LOCATION to be sure!

Healthy Senior Pets
Do you have an inspiring story about how great food, exercise, and supplementation have kept your senior pet young? If so, please email your short story and a low resolution photo to: [email protected]! Your story may be featured in a future newsletter, or on our website!
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