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Brent and Skylla
Brent and Skylla
We'd like to thank you for making our Customer Appreciation Day on May 1st a huge success!

Thanks to you, Tail Blazers donated well over $3000 of our sales on May 1st to local animal charities!

We would also like to ask for your help in continuing to spread the good word so we can reach all the pet guardians, and their pets by forwarding this newsletter to your friends and family.

With Sincere Thanks,

Brent Hauberg,
President of Tail Blazers

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Please take special note of the pets featured in our photos - these animals are all available for adoption at some of the charities that received our donations!

Allergies and Skin Problems in our Pets
The Skin is a Window to your Pet's Health
By Brent Hauberg
Tori and Babe - Available for adoption in Calgary at www.pawsitivematch.org

In last month's newsletter we took a look at how Cancer develops and some of the things we can do to help prevent our pets from getting Cancer. Allergies and Cancer are similar in that they can both be linked to the weakening of the immune system - AND the body not having the proper environment to function.

When we think about the major elimination organs in the body most often what comes to mind are the liver, kidneys, and intestines. However, the skin and lymph systems play an important role in assisting these organs when they are overworked. The skin acts like a window to how the other organs are functioning as it can tell us more obviously that something is not right in the body. Two of the most obvious ways that we are pet guardians can assess the health of our pets is by monitoring their bowel movements, and their skin and coat health. 

When signs of distress are present in the body, conventional wisdom tells us that we should treat the symptoms with the use of drugs. All this does is bury the symptoms further into the body without addressing the problem. The symptoms appear to disappear quickly, but the problem is still there and further damage is likely being done to the tissues of the body.

Drugs, along with poor quality food and water, toxins in the home, emotional stress (working breeds without a job commonly experience emotional stress) are the most common causes for physical stress. ALL drugs have side-effects (take a look at the lengthy brochure that comes with the prescription) and remember they only alleviate symptoms and not the cause of the problems. The reality is that it is often VERY difficult to pin point cause - and there can be MANY causes for allergies and skin problems.

In terms of prevention, never underestimate the value of the food you feed your pet. But remember, even if you feed the best food there are several other factors in our environment that compromise the immune system. If the environment cannot be controlled to the extent that is needed, adding a supplement may be necessary to give the body the extra boost it needs. Please see our "Product Feature" for some suggestions.

For more information on skin allergies and the treatment of skin allergies, please read more in the links below.

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Product Feature
Immune Enhancing and Herbal Allergy Supplements
Earth Greens
Earth Greens

Carnivora Earth Greens - EarthGreens is especially recommended for pets that require more specialized supplementation due to cancer or immune-related disease processes like allergies. Preventative supplementation with EarthGreens can also benefit healthy pets and optimize their well-being.


Carnivora Earth Origins - The nutrients in Earthorigins simply and conveniently enhance the healthy diet you feed your pet. Earthorigins daily supplement contains a spectrum of naturally occurring nutrients; vitamins, macro and micro minerals, and phytonutrients from spirulina, sea vegetables and montmorillonite minerals. 


Vet's Best Seasonal Allergy Support - Help for seasonal woes. For dogs plagued with
Seasonal Allergy Support
VB Seasonal Allergy Support
seasonal allergies, our calming blend gently supports skin health due to exposure to pollens and flea bites.

Nature's Herbs for Pets Allergy Relief - Safe and effective alternative for runny eyes & nose, sneezing, breathing difficulties, etc. due to environmental allergies (pollens, moulds, chemicals, etc.).

Nature's Herbs for Pets Itch Relief -
Relieves red, itchy and inflamed skin and promotes healing. For food allergies, use with Gas Relief formula.

*Please note - not all products are available at all Tail Blazers' locations. Please call your location to be sure!

FFWD's Best of Calgary 2010 Winners
Tail Blazers wins third "Best Place to Spoil your Pet" for Calgary!

You can bet we'll be working hard to get FIRST next year!
Click Here and check out the entire list for "Best of" winners in Calgary.

Store News
What's Happening at your Location?
Lois - available for adoption
in Edmonton at www.prairieanimalrescue.org
14th Street - Calgary Store:
Look for Doggie Boot Camps coming this summer at 14th Street location. Call for details.

Copperfield - Calgary Store:

The Copperfield store is looking for a part-time pet food consultant.

There is a lot going on at the Copperfield location! If you are a Copperfield customer or just curious, please click here for all the news and happenings!

If you are a holistically minded pet business looking for space to practice or for workshops, please contact: Holly at [email protected] for more info on the newly available space (~300 square feet) inside the Copperfield, Calgary, location.

Panorama Hills - Calgary Store:
Visit with the Chinook Winds Greyhounds on June 19th between noon and 2 pm. Come on by - you may find a new friend!

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