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Brent and Skylla
Brent and Skylla
It is with great excitement that we announce another Customer Appreciation Day! You, our loyal customers, have significantly helped us to improve the way our dogs and cats eat!

Around this time, 10 years ago, my wife Tamara and I thought about closing our first shop in Calgary because it seemed like most people just didn't "get" what we were about. Now, thanks to you, we are 13 stores strong and now there are many dogs and cats living healthier, longer lives. It brings joy to our hearts every time we hear another success story!

So as a thanks to you, on May 1st, 2010, we are offering 10% off - everything in the store - at all Tail Blazers locations. We will also have gifts and prizes and for May 1st we are donating 5% of our sales at all locations to local animal charities.

We would also like to ask for your help in continuing to spread the good word so we can reach all the pet guardians, and their pets.

With Sincere Thanks,

Brent Hauberg,
President of Tail Blazers

To keep up-to-date on our prizes and store events. Join us on Facebook and Twitter! Or, visit our website at www.tailblazerspets.com

Please take special note of the pets featured in our photos - these animals are all available for adoption at some of the charities receiving donations!
Customer Appreciation Day!
May 1st save 10% on everything in the store!*
Spoozy - Available for adoption in Edmonton at www.prairieanimalrescue.org
Join us on May 1st, 2010 for our bi-annual Customer Appreciation Day! Get 10% off everything in the store at all Tail Blazers' locations across Alberta and BC!

Each store will be giving goodie bags to the first 30 customers!

ALL Tail Blazers stores will donating 5% of their sales on May 1st to local animal charities!!

Participating locations will be serving up Feelgood dog cake in store!

Keep updated on our progress by visiting our website frequently.

Please visit our events page for a list of prizes and contributors!

If we reach 100 followers on our new Twitterpage before May 1st, participating locations will be Tweeting extra prizes to those who show us our Tweet on their mobile device!

Prizes available at participating locations. Not all prizes are available at all stores. In store guests will not be present for entire event. Goodie bag contents and store hours will vary from store to store.

*Special orders excluded. No other specials or discounts apply. No returns or exchanges May 1st.

Cancer and your Pet
What you can do to help prevent and treat Cancer in your pet
by Brent Hauberg
Lydi - Available for adoption in Calgary at www.mistycreekdogrescue.com

Tail Blazers was created ten years ago because there was a need to address the preventable, diet-related health issues that dogs and cats were facing. Thanks to pet guardians that were willing to learn and ready to embrace change, many of our domestic companions are now eating and thriving on raw diets. The success of the raw food movement has also encouraged many companies to develop and market high quality grain-free dry foods. Even canned foods and treats have improved!


Perhaps the biggest and most notable change over the last ten years has been the huge and ever-expanding selection of healthy, species appropriate foods. Unfortunately, two of the most common ailments that have prompted pet guardians to visit Tail Blazers are still running rampant through our pet population. Cancer and Allergies.


Cancer and allergies are still responsible for far too many visits to the vet and all too much pain and suffering for both our pets, and their human companions. Although we do have many success stories, we still have many people to reach.


Both Cancer and Allergies have many causes, but let us first address Cancer. It may be shocking to believe now, but in the 80's there were very few doctors that believed diet had any impact on Cancer. Today there has been wide-spread success of TV shows like Dr. Oz that cover in detail the role that food and lifestyle play in preventing cancer. Research is continuing to reveal how certain foods can reduce the risk of certain Cancers by as much as 75%!


So what causes cancer?


Read On...
Product Feature
K-9 Immunity
Dog Immune
Dog Immune

K-9 Immunity - K-9 Immunity is one of the most exiting items we have seen for Cancer since Ip6. It contains three of the most widely used anticancer immune-modulator compounds used in the world today.


K-9 Trans Factor - K-9 Trans Factor works synergistically with K-9 Immunity to increase the immune response. 


Dog-Immune - From the makers of  K-9 Immunity, Dog-Immune is a daily supplement used as a Cancer preventative.

For more information go to www.dogcancer.ca

Not all Tail Blazers stores carry the same products. Please call yours to be sure.

Store News
What's Happening at your Location?
Balou - available for adoption in Lethbridge at www.humanehaven.ab.ca
14th Street - Calgary Store:
Ask a Vet! Nutrition information session at 14th Street Tail Blazers Monday, May 3rd from 6-8pm.  Call to register as space is limited.

Look for Doggie Boot Camps coming this summer at 14th Street location. Call for details.

Copperfield - Calgary Store:

Is looking for an experienced, full-time groomer. We are also looking for a part-time pet food consultant. Please click on the appropriate link for more info!

Inglewood - Calgary Store:
Want a great business opportunity? The Inglewood store is where it all got started - the very first Tail Blazers store and it's available to a qualified buyer. Please click HERE for more details.

West End - Edmonton Store:
Another great opportunity! The West End store in Edmonton is three years old and has a well established clientele. It is also available to a qualified buyer. Please click HERE for more details.

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Vet feeding Homeless Dog Vet feeding Homeless Dog
Vet feeding Homeless Dog