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A Very Special Tool For Exercise, Training & Therapy!
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Hi Everyone!
Jockey Frank Lovato JrA letter from Frankie..
"It has been a month of jam packed action to say the least; life in the fast lane in our horse world with expos, travel & business.
Yet, in the mix of all this, I was taking snow stakes down that I had used to mark the shop's driveway. I was reminded of the baby Maple tree I had planted last year. I thought the baby tree had died as the leaves wilted and fell off last summer. BUT, I noticed very healthy buds on it's branches... it's alive and well!! This made me so happy and I just had to share! Ahh, the simple things can be so breathtaking! Just when you think something has had it's last moment, life fights back and wins."
Frankie and Sandy
Frankie and Sandy at Equine Affaire
 Expo Highlights

Equine Affaire- Columbus, Ohio   

Wow, what an event. We had 3 Equicizers set up in our booth and figured we had approximately, 3,500 riders jumping aboard for a ride over the four days!

One of the highlights during the expo was Colleen Kelly's Rider Biomechanics presentation. Colleen used the Equicizer in her
Colleen Kelly Presentation
Colleen Kelly Presentation
presentation and what an awesome presentation it was. People were crowded around to hear her knowledge and quips. Colleen is an internationally acclaimed Equestrian. Dressage master, Jose Mendez traveled from Australia
Jose Mendez, Frankie, and Colleen Kelly
Jose Mendez, Frankie, and Colleen Kelly
to join Colleen as a special guest.
Please check out ColleenKelly.net for more information!


Also, a very special thank you to champion horseman and clinician, Terry Myers, who
Terry Myers working with a rider.
Terry Myers at Equine Affaire
spent hours in our booth working with riders aboard the Equicizer. Terry and his Ride-in-Sync™ philosophies helped people have break throughs with their riding using the Equicizer right in our booth. It's always amazing to see Terry do his magic and the rider's results on the Equicizer after just 5 minutes! Be sure to check out Terry's website at TMTrainingCenter.com

 NOTE: Clinicians and instructors' get immediate results with rider's on the Equicizer. We witnessed riders correct his/her position, address fears, and fix bad habits just in the few minutes at our booth.   
Los Angeles Abilities Expo- Los Angeles, California

This was the Equicizer's first expo to be presented to the healthcare industry!

Special thank you to Rita Roberson and friends to make this possible. Rita was born with Moderate to Severe Spastic Athetoid Quadriplegia Cerebral PalsyLos Angeles Abilities Expo and uses the Equicizer regularly. At the expo, Rita with her Equicizer, "Rita's Fancy", was able to show attendees how the Equicizer helps her with her everyday life.
This video was taken at the expo
If you would like to take a peek,
click Play to watch!
 NOTE: Clinics, therapists, and individuals get amazing results with the Equicizer in a variety of disciplines to address core strength, flexibility, muscle tone, balance and even vocalization, among other benefits. 
Kentucky Derby Time!

The 136th running of the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday May first!


Dear friend & colleague Jackie Baker of Regarding Horses featured me in one of her blogs.

Jockey Frankie Lovato, Jr.
Jockey Frankie Lovato, Jr.

Jackie and I thought how fun it would be to make this interactive, allowing readers to ask any question they would ever have about jockeys, horse racing or the Derby.

I wanted to share this with all of you incase you wanted to take a look. There are no dumb questions in horse racing! And I will answer every question personally!
If you are interested and would like to see some of the comments and questions so far, click here. Regarding Horses Kentucky Derby Fever Blog
Equestrian Life Video
You can also watch this short video with me produced by EquestrianLife.com discussing the Kentucky Derby and road to the Triple Crown.
Click Play to watch!
Stampede of Dreams LogoStaying with the theme of the Kentucky Derby, for our therapeutic riding lessons on April 29th, we thought how fun it would be to race it up a bit! All the students had a chance to dress up and ride like a jockey on Brownie the  
Fun at Stampede of Dreams
Stampede of Dreams - Jockey Lesson
Equicizer during their warmup. They also got a little jockey lesson on their horses during lessons. Of course we got some pictures and thought we'd share!

Poster autographed by last years Kentucky Derby winning jockey Calvin Borel. Poster for purchase & proceeds for our non-profit Stampede Of Dreams program. Special thanks to jockey Calvin Borel!
Stampede Of Dreams Group Photo

To see a complete slide show of our lessons on April 29th, click here!
NOTE: Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy Programs find the Equicizer to be invalueable with their riders. They are able to safely discuss horse familiarization, stretches, warm-ups, address specific lesson points, and practice mounting and dismounting while sparing the live horses.
Shout Outs!

Ruth Hogan Poulsen
Ruth Hogan Paulsen

To Ruth Hogan Poulsen who was featured at Everything Equine at the Champlain Valley Expo Center Vermont. Ruth did various presentations during the event which she used her Equicizer Rocky. Ruth let us know that she will have video's of her latest adventures with the Equicizer soon.  

Find us on Facebook Click here for Ruth's Facebook page! 
Steve Lanvit
Steve Lantvit Horsemanship
To Steve Lantvit who is hosting the Extreme Cowboy Association (EXCA)Races at Highgrove Farm on May 15-16 and October 9-10. Extreme Cowboy Racing is a fun, fast-paced event that truly tests the horsemanship and  skills of the Rider and Horse Teams. Participate in one of the most exciting equine sports and see what the excitement is all about!
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