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Equicizer News!  March 2010
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Hi Everyone!
Jockey Frank Lovato JrA letter from Frankie..
"Spring has sprung, the buds a blooming, the grass is turning green here in Northern Ohio, this is certainly the most inspiring time of the year!"
 Speaking Of Inspiring!

We have been so blessed with some of the stories, places, and people that have come into our lives since creating the Equicizer. This story and video is no exception.  

Morgan's Wonderland link              We had received an order for two Equicizers last year for this special amusement park that was being built, but this was no ordinary park. This is a story about a father whose daughter's disability inspired him to create a 30 million dollar amusement park designed specifically for those with special needs. This wonderful creation is called;

Morgan's Wonderland.  It is located in San Antonio, Texas and is the World's First Ultra Accessible Family Fun Park. It is a 25 acre park specifically designed for children and adults with special needs. A unique oasis.

Morgan's Wonderland VideoPlease click and watch this video if you have a moment. This was on the ABC News with Diane Sawyer. You can catch a glimpse of the Equicizer in this clip. Click Play to watch "Spreading Joy To Special Kids at Morgan's Wonderland!

"Special thank you to Myrna Flores and everyone at Kinetic Kids of San Antonio Texas for letting this wonderful organization know about the Equicizer!" 

Big Events!  

This April offers two major events for the Equicizer to be attending starting with Equine Affaire April 8-11. There you can meet Sandy and I and this is also the first event that we are unveiling our new look with our 2010 models with the Equicizer Elite and Classic models. Joining us this year in our booth will be Terry Myersnationally known trainer and horseman Terry Myers!

 Terry will be spending time at our booth offering his expertise riding advice using the Equicizer! Terry has used the Equicizer previously for this reason, if you have a problem with your horse or issue with your riding, this is jaw dropping break through experiences with riders he worked with. Simply amazing! So if you are going to be there, stop by, I promise this will be a thrill!
On the other side of the of the country in Los Angeles California, our dear supporter and angel here on earth, Rita Roberson will be attending the Abilities Expo linkAbilities Expo April 9-11 with her Equicizer I had built for her a few years ago she named "Rita's Fancy". The Abilities Expo is focused on "Enhancing The Lives Of People With Disabilities". We are extremely excited about this event and opportunity for attending. This will be the first event of this kind that the Equicizer will be seen and tried.  Rita is a true believer in the benefits of what the Equicizer has done for her dealing with her disabilities, and for this reason, she wants to share her experiences with the world!
"We truly would like to thank Rita, her staff, Jordanne & Michael for making this possible for all of us!!"

In The News!

 Valentina's Equine NewsThis month, a really nice article was written on the Equicizer by Valentina's Equine News that offers articles and current news affecting the horse. If you would like to give this a read, click here!

The extra bonus to Valentina's Equine News, is she often will travel the Florida area and do video interviews as well. Valentina actually visited our very dear friend and Equicizer supporter FEI Dressage

Valentina and Ruth Hogan Poulsen trainer/rider/instructor Ruth Hogan PaulsenRuth Hogan Poulsen and personally received a lesson from Ruth with Rocky the Equicizer!

We have it here on Equicizer TV! Click Play to see! 


For The Jockey In You!  

My"What It Takes To Be A Jockey Video" is just about to be released! We did have some setbacks and those who have been waiting, I truly apologize but we are finally at the finish line! To add to that, as some of you know, I amJockey Wristband YouTube always offering jockey tips and tools on my youtube channel. This past month I made a video with one of those things no one ever teaches you, its about the wrist bands that jockeys wear! It's actually quite interesting!

If you would like to see my new jockey tip video, Click Play!


Templeton ThompsonIn case you missed last months newsletter, the Templeton Thompson song "A Horse That Can Fly" which is also the official theme song for my What It Takes To Be A Jockey DVD, is getting rave reviews!!

If have not seen it, or would like to see it again, share with your friends and family, Click Play!! 

Thank you for reading our newsletter! Remember to check out
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Happy Trails as always!!
Frankie & Sandy Lovato
Frank & Sandy Lovato
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