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Equicizer News!  May 2009 
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Hi Everyone!
Frankie here! Two more top horsemen have
joined the Equicizer team! 
Starting with! 
Jane Savoie, one of the world's most recognized and respected names in dressage as a competitor, coach, instructor, clinician, speaker and author.
As you may have seen in last months newsletter, 
Ruth Hogan-Poulsen, FEI trainer, competitor, instructor, medalist and Equicizer owner recently teamed up with Jane to create their latest DVD, "Program Your Position." This DVD package offers a unique formula to help riders improve their position, thereby becoming more effective riders, and improving communication with their horses.
"Program Your Position" reveals how important a rider's position and balance affects their horse. Ruth uses her Equicizer "Rocky" in all her lesson plans to increase her student's awareness in any bad habits, weaknesses and poor position issues they may have acquired.  The opportunity to make corrections and improve muscle memory is immediate!!! The Equicizer's balanced mechanism is revealing to any motion, rhythm and balance by the rider good or bad. 

Dressage Masters Jane Savoie, Ruth Hogan-Poulsen & Rocky 

Jane Savoie was recently introduced to "Rocky" at Ruth's East Hill Farm in Vermont.  Under Ruth's instruction and guidance, Jane served as the demonstration aboard "Rocky" the Equicizer!! To view the video of Jane Savoie, Ruth and Rocky is the neatest thing to see two of the nations top dressage riders working together with an Equicizer! click here for a must see! Riding Lesson with Jane Savoie, Ruth Hogan Poulsen & Rocky YouTube Video!
Our second featured horseman!
Terry Meyers. Terry is a leading trainer, teacher and national clinician. Though sporting a cowboy hat, his training transcends all disciplines. He incorporates work with both horse and rider to achieve balanced movements. His Ride-in-Sync™ philosophy helps riders understand how body position affects a horse's movement and performance.

Recently, Terry and I were both asked to be presenters at the Uckele Equine & Human Vitamin Supplements Spring Open House. My presentation was done indoors with the Equicizer, and Terry was scheduled for two horsemanship presentations with his beautiful paint mare in the outdoor pen. It began to rain and there was no cover for Terry or the people who wanted to participate in his presentation. Terry considered canceling but instead brought it indoors using the Equicizer for his presentation!!

His presentation outlined his Ride-In Sync philosophy. Honestly, one would think that bringing the presentation indoors, with only the Equicizer and not a real horse would have people disinterested. But, long to short, it was the most amazing presentation! Those attending were blown away with Terry's theories and many were able to climb aboard the Equicizer for a try.  Within seconds, Terry had analyzed and make the appropriate adjustments to each rider for their bodies and hips to move more freely and naturally balanced in the saddle. Riders experiencing epiphanies one after another with the realization that there were certain bad habits they had been riding with for years and likely have been inhibiting the natural movement and communication with their horse. 
Terry Meyers first introduced to "Mocha" the Equicizer last summer Cashman's Polo match. Terry's first ride explained how realistic it felt, the core and leg exercise it gave him and what a great tool for any riding instructor! 
The motion of the Equicizer revealed the riders freedom of movement in their hips, hands and back. Many of these techniques and adjustments allowed rider corrections in seconds and inspired every one to hurry home, saddle up and ride their horses!
Terry was even able to speculate to riders what types of habits that their horses were likely exhibiting simply by observing the riders right there on the Equicizer. Terry would tell the riders, "this horse [equicizer] is telling on you!" where everyone in the room would break out in laughter. What a great presentation and one where Terry received great applause. Terry's final words to me were, "I do not know how you did it, but this is an amazing piece of equipment." Please be sure to check out Terry's website at

Deep Thoughts! 
What a great month!!!  To have all these amazing horsemen connected by their passion for the importance of body positioning and alignment ultimately bettering the communication between horse and rider. The Equicizer is helping the teacher achieve better communication with their student. The student is to better able to learn, understand and be more aware about themselves to acheive their goals and be at their best. This is win win! The Equicizer is breaking down barriers ;-) 
Great Fun Stuff!
Oh this is so much fun to share with you! World famous reining champion and Equicizer supporter Stacy Westfall  had some fun with this video. In the spirit of the Kentucky Derby, I gave Stacy a jockey lesson on the Equicizer, taped it and made it into the really fun clip. To see this reining champion in some action, you have to see this!!!!! Stacy Westfall wins the Derby!

On A Final Note!
California based Ride Magazine published my most recent article called "A Road To The Horse to Remember". This was a natural horseman event that Sandy and I attended with the Equicizers and was such an amazing experience on so many levels. Sorry that I do not have a direct link for the article but Ride Magazine's May issue is on line and my article is on page "52" !!!
Thank you so much for being a part of my world and happy trails always!
Frankie :)
Frankie & Sandy Lovato
The Wooden Horse Corporation