This is special news that we would like to share with you!
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Special News!
Special January News!  January 2009 
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This is some special news that we wanted to share with you. We realize that we have just sent you our January Newsletter, but this just could not wait for February!
Frankie has just completed a video that is much like a virtual tour of our business with the Equicizer.
Frankie narrates and visually takes you through the last 27 years since he created the first Equicizer.
This video also invites you right into Frankie's shop and shows you how the Equicizer is made!
We feel this video will give you a birds eye view of what the Equicizer world is all about!
This video can be seen on our home page in the section; "Featured Video"
Take the video tour from our home page! 
There is also a direct link to Google Videos for this video, click here; Click to take the virtual video tour of the Equicizer world
Thank you so much and please share with us any of your thoughts or questions! Also, please send and share this video with all your friends!
Happy Trails Everyone!
Frankie & Sandy Lovato
The Wooden Horse Corporation 
Wooden Horse Farm
Frankie with the Equicizer & Equipony