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Girl Scouts of West Central Florida is the lead agency for the Florida Girls Collaborative Project.  GSWCF serves 8 counties, 22,000 girls and 11,000 adults.  Girl Scouts introduces girls of every age to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with activities that are relevant to everyday life. Whether they're discovering how a car's engine runs, becoming math whizzes, or learning about careers in STEM fields, girls are moving forward into the future.   
Florida Girls Collaborative Project Seeking Leadership Team Members

Do you have a passion to promote gender equity In STEM?


The vision of the National Girls Collaborative Project is to bring together organizations throughout the United States that are committed to informing and encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).The NGCP began in 2002 as the Northwest Girls Collaborative Project through funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). In 2004, NSF awarded additional funding to replicate the NGCP model. To date, 27 Collaboratives, serving 36 states, have been established as a part of the NGCP, facilitating collaboration between more than 12,800 organizations and indirectly serving more than 5.3 million girls.


Girl Scouts of West Central Florida (GSWCF) is the convening organization to host collaborative activities and help meet the objectives of the project for the state of Florida.


This project allows Girl Scouts of West Central Florida to partner and collaborate with organizations and meet STEM professional that we might not otherwise have been aware of. Through collaboration, we are able to expose girls in our organization to new opportunities.


The structure of NGCP Collaboratives consists of a Convening Organization and a Collaborative Leadership Team. The local Leadership Team is key in making the Collaborative a success. The Convening Organization works with the Leadership Team to carry out the activities of the Collaborative. The Leadership Team includes members of organizations that are also invested in girls in STEM and are able to contribute to the project's success. Serving on the Collaborative Leadership Team allows you and your organization the opportunity to provide statewide leadership in initiating and expanding STEM activites and the opportunity to be a recognized partner in a National Science Foundation grant.


Leadership Team members roles vary according to available time and expertise. Leadership Team members might assist with the following:


  • Event planning
  • Provide updates to the National Team for the local Collaborative website
  • Develop and distribute the e-newsletter 
  • Coordinate the online mini-grant process 
  • Recruit local programs to the Program Directory
  • Support media relations and publicity 


As a team we will meet in person at least once a year and via phone conferences quarterly. If you would like to serve on the Leadership Team for the Florida Girls Collaborative Project, complete the Leadership Team Contribution Form and email to Shari Money.


Additional information about the project is available: www.ngcproject.org



  Articles, Reports, Resources


Hard Times, Unemployment, Majors and Earnings: Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal

This fascinating report provides information about college majors and unemployment rates. STEM jobs still rule...but watch out right now for Architecture!  


Research in Youth Development

The National Association of Extension 4-H Agents publishes The Journal of Youth Development twice annually. The Fall 2011 issue can be downloaded HERE. Contributing authors are researchers from the fields of psychology, family and consumer sciences, education, sociology, public health and nutrition, agricultural education, and other disciplines. This journal is multidisciplinary, applied, and focused to the development of school-aged youth through the transition to adulthood (ages 6-22).  


Building a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education Agenda

This report from the National Governors Association focuses on strengthening STEM education and discusses goals of the STEM agenda; why the STEM agenda is important; weak links in the system; Implementing a State STEM agenda; and moving forward.

New Bayer Survey Released

According to faculty at America's top research universities, U.S. female students enter college most prepared for STEM studies. Why aren't more women graduating with STEM degrees? Survey findings show female and minority students deterred by early discouragement and traditional STEM teaching approaches. Click here to learn more. 


NASA Expands WOMEN@NASA Website to Encourage Girls to Explore STEM Careers

NASA has expanded its Women@NASA website to include Aspire 2 Inspire, a new feature aimed at helping middle school girls explore education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.


10 Hot Careers for 2012 - and Beyond

Lots of science, technology, and engineering jobs included!

Intel Survey Finds Job Variety and Earning Power Motivate U.S. Teens to Consider Engineering as a Career 

Researchers Probe 'Myths' Around Math Gender Gap





University of South Florida Polytechnic

1st Poly STEM Conference

April 9, 2012

8 a.m. - 7 p.m.


Share your ideas in an interactive and collaborative setting.


  • Connect your business/industry with a growing STEM workforce
  • Participate in guiding our economic growth and prosperity through STEM
  • Meet life size robots, Bert and Ernie
  • Enjoy interactive robotic activities with USF STARS Mentors
  • Showcase of science fair winners, faculty and students research projects in STEM
  • Network with industry, education and community  leaders who share the passion for STEM


Who Should Attend?

Buisiness leaders, economic developers, government leaders, K-12 educators, university educators and interested citizens.


Registration Fees and Deadlines

$35 - register by March 19; $45 - late registration by April 9 *registration fee include coffee, donuts, lunch and afternoon refreshments.

Click here for more information about the conference

Click here to register 



Florida Girls Collaborative Spring Forum

Watch for information about the Florida Girls Collaborative Project Spring Forum. The forum will feature: 


  • Networking opportunities
  • Overview of NGCP Program Directory
  • Design Squad Nation-Inspire and encourage the next generation of engineers by collaborating with youth serving organizations and professional engineers using the Design Squad Nation resources.


Are you in the Program Directory?

Gain access to mini-grants and have the first shot at opportunities such as role model training and other curriculum and resource dissemination across Florida!  Sign up your program, organization and/or event in the National Girl Collaborative Project Program Directory. Join over 190 listings from across Florida and find collaborators and other STEM educators in your area. Registration is free...can't get better than that! Join here!



2012 National Collaboration Conference: Advancing the Field through Collaboration, Capacity Building, and Equity.  

NGCP is hosting the 2012 National Collaboration Conference:  Advancing the Field through Collaboration, Capacity Building, and Equity during April 25-27, 2012 immediately preceding the USA Science & Engineering Festival.

Click here to register


National Robotics Week

April 7-15, 2012
The third annual National Robotics Week will be held from April 7-15, 2012 with a series of regional events and activities aimed at increasing public awareness of robotics technology as a pillar of 21st century American innovation. The week highlights the growing importance of robotics in a wide variety of application areas and emphasizes its ability to inspire students while building their interest in STEM. Events held throughout the week will feature dozens of opportunities for the public to interact with robots in a hands-on learning environment. Panel discussions, robotics competitions, introductory courses on robotics for kids, educational workshops for businesses, demos, and tours of innovative labs will provide networking opportunities as well as expose many to the genius and wonder of robotics. To find and event in your area or to host your own event visit: www.nationalroboticsweek.org. 



Share your Events and News

We hope you find this newsletter filled with information and resources that helps move your organization forward in advancing the agenda in gender equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  If you would like to highlight an opportunity or submit a future article featuring your successful program or strategy please email Shari Money







The Florida Girls Collaborative Project is a collaborative effort funded through the National Girls Collaborative Project and the National Science Foundation.  Partners of the National Girls Collaborative Project are featured above.  Agencies involved in the leadeship of the Florida Collaborative include Girl Scouts of West Central Florida.  To learn more about the National Girls Collaborative Project or to contact one of the above agencies click here.
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