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Volume 19                                                Feb- March 2012

 ocean energysolar clouds


Michael 09

Message From The President  


The regular session of the Florida legislature ended on March 9, 2012.


 No organization and no industry gets everything it wants out of a legislative session, and the renewable energy industry in Florida is no exception. To be frank, this session has been difficult for renewable energy policy in Florida. We saw the Florida legislature eliminate statutory language that placed Florida on a track to lead the entire Southeastern United States. Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards language were eliminated along with language that was a precurser to a cap-n-trade system that (regardles of the politics) allowed for a tracking of greenhouse gas reduction efforts. As we warned FREPA members early on would happen, bills that would essentially deregulate certain aspects of renewable energy production did not get out of the starting gate. And as warned, legislation to give tax payers property tax relief for renewable energy device installations did not pass for a variety of reasons,  mainly with  quiet opposition by municipalities. However,  FREPA's legislative agenda did garner some wins, if only they were in a package that did not eliminate so much.


Some existing companies that produce energy,   now have tax credits and tax incentives. And, the legislation took up a FREPA agenda item that will allow for a cataloging of renewable energy resources in Florida.  As a result, HB 7117 does make an effot to reward some well positioned producers through the tax incentives, which worded differently could be a broader market driven approach. It is our interpretation, that the language does not lend itself to broad opportunity  to participate in the incentive scheme for many independents. There is  room to expand upon the benefit for a more competitive market.  We also maintain that the passage of such without renewable energy goals may make good intentions falter even farther and perhaps will not create the new and growing renewable energy  industry we desired. Therefore, in the final analysis, HB 7117   leaves the industry with only  a faint heartbeat, when before it was pounding with some excitement and anticipation.  


So with the good intentions mentioned or the could have beens in the bill, it makes it all that more difficult for us to now state that we cannot support the bill becoming law. We have come to that conclusion for a variety of reasons.  One being that ( again)  after careful inspection, even the good things in the bill may be limited to the benefit of a few and not geared toward a wide ranging policy that is comprehensive in nature and truly opens markets for new business and industry  to develop. Further, because of the bills severe limitations, passage would lull the legislature into a false sense of believing that we now have a renewable energy policy, when we do not. And if the past is prolog, after a bill has been hyped as being a victory after 4 years of trying, even if  the bill does little, that issue will more than likely never be addressed again, unless Florida is pressed by congress   to do so . To that point, the bill has nothing to indicate that something else is in place to move beyond the steps taken. Moreover, the bill does not do what the Governor wanted, that is create a comprehensive energy policy.


 Another reason it is difficult for us to recommend that the bill be vetoed is the great respect that I have for Commissioner Adam Putnam and the staff that has worked so hard on this bill, not to mention to Committee Chairs. I worked with Commissioner Putnam many years   ago (1999-2002) on agricultural policy as a lobbyist and got to know him as a fellow native of Bartow Florida.


Once when meeting with Commissioner Putnam when he was a member of the Florida House and Chairing the Agriculture Committee before going to Congress, he an I started talking about Bartow Florida, our hometown. I shared with him that i was the starting half back for the Bartow Senior High yellow Jackets  in 1975. He talked with me about Ronald Sabb of Gause Furneral home (the  only black funeral home in Bartow), Mr. James Austin, Mr Alvin Pearsal ( a former basketball coach) and many others who  were pillars of the black community. He knew them all and they knew him. He knew of Walt Harris, Katherin Harris's brother who was on the football team with me, of Liz Gibson (whose father was one of the few doctors in Bartow).  We even talked about Peace River.  Commissioner Putnam is my homeboy, and I am proud of him. I also think that he may one day become Florida's Governor. He would be  the first Governor from Bartow since Spessar Holland.


So, our  decision to recommend a veto of the bill has been indeed hard. We believe that the Commissioner should go back and get a real energy policy, one that gives renewable energy a solid future and one that is comprehensive. This bill simply eliminates all things that were needed to move renewable energy forward and replaces them with nothing, And in the end, there is not really much in the bill that independent developers or  entrepreneurs could get excited about, unless you are the favored few.  Again, we appreciate all of the hard work that went into this bill, but allowing it to become law would be a crucial mistake if we are serious about ever having a larger policy. We also want it to be known that our opposition and action toward HB 7117 should not be thought of as in opposition of those who benefit. As a trade association with a broader mission, our duty lies in the overall health and wellbeing of the larger industry. Those that benefit from HB 7117 can and will  also benefit from a broader energy policy that allows for the same incentives/benefits and more. If you share our concerns, we encourage you to write the Governor.


 So at FREPA, we will redouble our efforts to develop renewable energy goals and a clear strategy for Florida moving forward. But, In order to have  any success, FREPA will need the emotional and financial support of readers and members. That is why FREPA is under going an aggressive membership  and fundraising drive. We are candidly making it clear that  If renewable energy and cleantech companies want better outcomes, they are going to have to put skin in the game. This year FREPA celebrated its 5 year anniversary. Naivete' can no longer be an excuse. As the founding member of one of the State Capitols oldest lobbying firms, we have to cadily ask you to gird yourself for what will remain a challemgng environment . Your efforts and support now must include financial support.


FREPA has succeeded while others have fallen by the way side. And, FREPA has been on the right side of gauging where best to place our members efforts mostly due to our longtime experience lobbying Floridas legislature and the advantage of a having a historical prospective. Go to JOIN FREPA NOW and become a member today. We are offering new members a 25% discount in the month of March 2012. Join now or feel free to simply make a one time donation on our website at the payment button on the membership page.


Also,  we continue to  urged lawmakers to consider creating a statutorily approved Blue Ribbon Panel as described HereWe urge you to think about how you can contribute. This effort is only as strong as each individuals  contribution.  Your help will secure our industry.  



Wishing you the best, I am,


Michael Dobson

 President, FREPA








On February 24, 2012, I called Roger bayly to return a call from him the previous day after a little telephone tag. In that call, Roger Bayly, a FREPA member and owner of VT, Inc of Ft Myers informed me that he has been newly  diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I've never received a call from anyone and have them share such news with me before.  I've even heard of stories where closest relatives are hesitant to share such diagnosis with their family members. In the conversation, I tried not to tell Roger that I knew how he felt or could imagine what he is going through .....because that would be a lie. When one faces certain crossroads, he/she can never quite know the emotional journey until it happens.


 But, what I did tell Roger is that I will do what ever I can do in my small way to help him. My first thought was to help him get informaton so that he can fight. I immediately thought of our beloved Senator Jim King and his fight against this disease. I advised Roger to call Kelly Williams in Senator Thrashers office, a long time aide to the former Senator King. I thought that she may have some insight from the Senators gallant fight. I also routed him to the Mayo clinic and the state funded biomedical research initiative.  I am asking any of you to also think of how you can help Roger.


Below is a photo of Roger and his team exhibiting their mobile renewable energy generator at the State Capitol (Feb 8, 2012) during the recent Florida Cleantech Summit at the State Capitol held by FREPA.


Roger is our brother. Not only our brother in humanity, brother in Christ, but also our brother in this fight to bring renewable energy and cleantech jobs to Florida. Please visit the website HERE  to help Roger and his family. His staff has put together this website to raise money to help Roger with this fight. As someone who has gotten to know Roger over the year, he is a cleantech leader in Florida, a great guy, committed family man and is tough as nails. And, if you are ever in Ft. Myers, please go by their shop and take a look at what they have created for the future. Please help Roger.


  Photos below taken by Arthur Lugisse  of Roger Bayly and Staff ,  and their Vertical Turbine Power - Mobile Unit..a  mobile renewable energy product which can be used in remote locations, for military use, at Florida parks and disaster relief. Does not need to be  connected to grid to provide energy and power the usage  needs of those around them.  


Roger, his team and their products


Roger and his team In Capitol Courtyard Feb 8, 2012




Vertical  Turbine Power - Mobile Renewable Energy Unitat Florida State Capitol Feb 8, 2012




 vtp exhibit








Florida poised to lead the Southeast just a few years ago  




After reviewing the reports and studies below, one can't help but ask, how did  we come to where we are today, after so much promise. How did our policy go in such a direction when we have  such clear  evidence of our states ability to lead in renewable energy production?




Florida Renewable Energy Assessment ( Navigant Study)Florida Renewable Energy Assessment ( Navigant Study)





What  Some of Our  Presidents Have Said About Energy

  - the take  away, by Michael Dobson, FREPA President-



Please view the various videos below.


I think, you will find  them somewhat fascinating. In 1973, President Nixon faced an oil embargo that forced him to focus on energy. President Carter warned the nation that because the gas lines were no longer present that we were not out of the woods and that we needed to tackle energy policy by investing in new energy sources. The Florida Solar Energy Center is a part of that legacy.  Both President Bush's accepted Climate Change science while also being considered major oil men, which (with the exception of T. Boone Pickens) by todays standards, would seem odd by many. President Nixon asked us not to be afraid to pursue nuclear energy and made the case for the investments needed to embrace newer technologies ( nuclear was considered dangerous then, and dangerous now). He promoted nuclear, more domestic drilling and an all of above approach.  In all cases, the Presidents new that continuing to rely on fossil fuel was foolhearted, particularly relying on imported oil. My sense also is that all presidents believed that we needed to increase domestic oil production to wean us away from foreign dependence, while also acknowledging that would not be enough. It seems that all presidents saw the need to make the investments  no matter the political party.  In many cases, in there eras,   we wanted to do big things. We wanted to build a space program, we wanted to bill an Alaskan oil pipeline, we wanted to lead. Did we have a sense of pride about who we were as a nation then that we no longer have? We actually wanted to compete for greatness then. Today, we are okay with allowing china to corner the solar market for no good reason accept for partisan opposition toward embracing clean technologies enough to make the longterm  investments.


 Yes! Somehow today,  energy has become a partisan issue. Even if you do not believe in Climate Change science or Global Warming (for  whatever reason),  most rational people would have to admit that  releasing poisons into the atmosphere certainly cannot be good, and surely has to have an effect on  the environment in a negative way. Even those who don't believe in the science, agree that it is implausible that the earths atmosphere was made to simply absorb the poisons without any side effects. In truth,  our children and grandchildren will bear the brunt of it. And,  doing nothing will continue to be bad for our national security and we will remain hamstrung to the oil cartel. ... not to mention the finite nature of fossil fuel. 


 In conversations with policy leaders , I have often wondered if the pastisan nature of the energy debate is noting more than what I call " the ghost of Al Gore and the 2000 presidential election". Could it be that because Global Warming and Climate Change is so closely aligned to Al Gore... that partisans view allowing  renewable energy  policy to flourish is nothing more than allowing a win for Al Gore. And that doing so,  allows the guy who lost the most devisive political race in our history the ability to write the most radical change in energy policy from the sidelines, and doing so after Presidents have grappled with this issue for half a century or more. After all, this is the guy who some suggest claimed that the movie "Love Story" was about him and Tipper. Would allowing Cap-n-Trade, a National Renewable Energy Standard and the likes be akin to allowing Al Gore a win after all? Conspiracy theory? Maybe! Or, perhaps as some politicians look to return back to the legacy of Ronald Reagan, that legacy includes a disregard for an energy policy that promoted renewable energy technologies. As you may remember,  Reagan famously removed the solar panels from a roof at the White House installed by Jimmy Carter shortly upon taking office.. read HERE. In the videos below, particularly the one whereby Reagan was interviewed as Governor of California, you do get a sense that, to his credit, his views  came to him from a core set of beliefs and was not mere politics. However, history would bare out their faulty   assumptions.. as history does. The interview also interestingly brings to mind the recent debate in Florida about highspeed rail. President Kennedy talked about what is possible, how we can lead and why we needed to do big things. He talked about what being American is all about.


As recently as  2006- 2008  many post Obama Republicans agreed that Climate Change was real and that investing in renewable technologies was a responsible strategy for our nation. Did someone float a memo around that said Anti Climate Change rhetoric can solidify a base of voters.. so lets use it? Did the push poll indicate that  coupled with it being Al Gores idea, it would really drive the base? Simply, when and why did it become such a partisan idea when its really about our nations security,competitiveness, our environment, our children, jobs  and ability to innovate.  


We are hoping that  our leaders will  be statesmen on energy policy again. Our country needs to embrace the possible again so that we can lead, so we can innovate, so we can get Americas working again.


President Bill Clinton on Climate Change in 1998
President Bill Clinton on Climate Change in 1998


President Obama Speaks on American Energy
President Obama Speaks on American Energy


President Obama Weekly Address: Taking Control of Energy Future

View Here


President Richard Nixon on the Environment in 1970
President Richard Nixon on the Environment in 1970


President George W. Bush on Climate Change in 2008
President George W. Bush on Climate Change in 2008


Bush Climate Change Proposal
Bush Climate Change Proposal
President Richard Nixon's Energy Initiatives
President Richard Nixon's Energy Initiatives


50 Years Ago, President LBJ on Climate Change
50 Years Ago, President LBJ on Climate Change


Ronald Reagan: Dismantle the Depts. of Education and Energy
Ronald Reagan: Dismantle the Depts. of Education and Energy




President George H. W. Bush on Climate Change in 1990
President George H. W. Bush on Climate Change in 1990








Ronald Reagan on Energy, Environment, & Ecology
Ronald Reagan on Energy, Environment, & Ecology




President Kennedy We Choose to Go to the Moon Speech pt2-2 1962 09 12 NASA color 9min
President Kennedy We Choose to Go to the Moon Speech pt2-2 1962 09 12 NASA color 9min





 Summary of the dispoition of Renewable Energy bills at end of 2012 Florida Legislative Session
HB 0743 Relating to Energy Efficiency (Rehwinkel Vasilinda)
03/09/12 HOUSE Died in Economic Affairs Committee
HB 0779 Relating to Electric Energy Production (Burgin)
03/09/12 HOUSE Died in Energy and Utilities Subcommittee
HB 4001 Relating to Florida Climate Protection Act (Plakon)
03/08/12 HOUSE Enrolled Text (ER) Filed
HB 4013 Relating to Florida Renewable Fuel Standard Act (Gaetz (M))
03/09/12 HOUSE Died in State Affairs Committee
HB 0087 Relating to Tax on Severance and Production of Oil (Hudson)
03/09/12 HOUSE Died in Conference Committee
SB 0156 Relating to Assessment of Residential and Nonhomestead Real Property (Latvala)
03/09/12 SENATE Died in Budget Subcommittee on Finance and Tax
HB 0133 Relating to Assessment of Residential and Nonhomestead Real Property (Frishe)
03/09/12 SENATE Died in Community Affairs
SB 1106 Relating to Electric Energy Production (Altman)
03/09/12 SENATE Died in Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities
HB 1283 Relating to Solar Energy System Rebates (Brodeur)
03/09/12 HOUSE Died in Energy and Utilities Subcommittee
SB 1864 Relating to Solar Energy System Rebates (Bennett)
03/09/12 SENATE Died in Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities
HB 7087 Relating to Economic Development (Finance & Tax Committee)
03/16/12 Signed by Officers and presented to Governor (Governor must act on this bill by 03/31/12)
HB 7117 Relating to Energy (Energy & Utilities Subcommittee)
03/10/12 HOUSE Enrolled Text (ER) Filed
HB 4031 Relating to Nuclear and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants (Rehwinkel Vasilinda)
03/09/12 HOUSE Died in Energy and Utilities Subcommittee
SB 0238 Relating to Florida Renewable Fuel Standard Act (Evers)
03/09/12 SENATE Died in Commerce and Tourism
SB 0740 Relating to Nuclear and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants (Fasano)
03/09/12 SENATE Died in Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities
HB 0695 Relating to Development of Oil and Gas Resources (Ford)
02/28/12 HOUSE Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading




































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New Final Date

April 26, 2012




" A look at Renewable Energy Project Financing in 2012 and beyond"

New Date 
 April 26, 2012

Location: Radisson Hotel, Celebration Florida ( Orlando area)






The Event Summary

Renewable energy companies and ancillary businesses can learn more about how to get thier projects financed in todays environment, what are the trends in cleantech financing, how best to position your company for success at financing its project, governmental barriers or opportunities and how to make them work for your company. Also, what are the public policy scenarios to anticipate as you seek long-term funding in short-term political think.. and more


The event is a one evening and full  day event. It begins on April 19th with an FREPA membership meeting and open reception. On April, 20, 2012, there will be a group of sessions geared toward a focus on project finance. The day  will begn with a breakfast and the various sessions will  last throughout the day.





*Attendees Special FREPA membership offer: 

Interested in becoming a FREPA member at half of annual membership Fee to include Project Finance Summitt?  GO to the FREPA website membership page and register now at half price HERE 




April 25, 2012


 FREPA General Membership Meeting  and Open Reception 


April 26, 2012


7:30 a.m.



Welcome- Michael Dobson FREPA President

Comments from FREPA Board Chairman

Keynote Speaker - TBA


 8:30 a.m - 9:15 a.m.

U.S. Department of Agriculture-  Rural Development Renewable Energy Program, U.S. Department of Energy : What opportunities exist currently, what to anticipate over the next 6- 12 months. Questions about funding criteria, application process and assistance.



USDA Rural Renewable Energy Program - Presenter TBA


U.S. Department of Energy - Presenter TBA 


9:30a.m.- 10:15 a.m.  

 Renewable energy  and clean technology funding opportunities in Florida via private equity programs designed by Florida policy makers to increase private investment into such targeted areas


 Florida Gowth Fund - Presenter (TBA)

 Florida Opportunity Fund _ Presenter (TBA)

 Technology Research and Development Authority - Representative Invited (TBA)  


10:25 a.m. -11:00a.m.

 Overview of State and Federal Tax Credits, subsidies and incentive strategies:


Presenters  (TBA)


11:10 a.m.- 11:45 a.m.

 A snapshot of  private equity activity in cleantechnology and what are the expected trends


 Presenters (TBA) 



12:00- Noon- Lunch

Awarding of 2012 Florida Renewable Energy Champion ( awarded to legislators- TBA)


Award and acknowledge some of Florida's long standing  renewable energy businesses and their owners


Key Note Speaker:


John May  - Confirmed

Stern Brothers



 1:15 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

A nonpartisan overview of proposed energy policy anticipated from congress based on a variety of scenarios. 


Eric Milman, Milman Research and Consulting- confirmed


Maryland State Senator Roger Manno- Invited

Roger currently serves in the Maryland state senate. He is the former Legislative Director to Congressman Stanford Bishop of Georgia. In that capacity, Roger handled a variety of substantive and appropriations matters for the congressman. Roger continues to consult with congress and the White House on a variety of issues.


Congresswomen Kathy Castor- Invited 

 Congresswomen Castor is the ranking member from Florida on the energy and commerce committee.



1:50 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.

Energy policy in Florida and its impact on project financing opportunities for renewable projects and private equity for cleantechnologies


Presenters- TBA


2:45 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.

 Message from the field: Anecdotes, lessons learned and learned opportunities from some of Florida's top Independent Power Producers, sustainable building professionals  and governmental leaders .




3:45 p.m.- Closing Remarks





*Attendees Special FREPA membership offer: 

Interested in becoming a FREPA member at half of annual membership Fee to include Project Finance Summitt?  GO to the FREPA website membership page and register now at half price HERE


Fee To Attend:

Non member rate:$75.00
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Government rate:$50.00


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Who should exhibit and/or attend:


Engineering firms

Agriculture industry professionals and Florida farms

Land owners

Technology firms




Solar contractors and Installers

Energy Plant contruction companies and ancillary businesses


College job training programs or institutes

College job placement

Workforce organizations

Florida University System

Community Colleges

Petroleum marketers ( key to clean tech innovations important to transportation fuel infrastructure)

Automobile dealers

Electric car industry

EV Electric plug infrastructure and deployment

Ocean and wave energy technologies


Florida based solar panel manufactuers and distributors

Wood pellet producers

University researchers

Economic Development councils

Local governmental entities

Electrical generation developers ( biomass, solar, wind, hyroelectric, natural gas and other clean energy technologies)

Producers of enery efficiency technology or products

Producers of HVAC technologies

Magnet technologies for electric generators, wind turbine technolgy and all power systems

Power systems technologies 

Materials manufactures for wind turbines


Energy efficient lighting and appliance manufactures or innovators

Developers of stand alone energy systems using clean technology

waste to fuels and waste to energy plant developers and operators

Energy efficient building materials companies and entrepreneurs

Green building technologies

Sustainability living systems

Energy consultants


* To name a few. The cleantech industry is broad and expanding


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Bringing  clean technology  to Florida 






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 Why become a sponsor? The 2012 Florida Renewable Energy Finance Workshop is an opportunity to show your commitment to improving Floridas economy, that  you are  interested in providing  solutions to our high unemployment and that you are relevant in this industry. Also, sponsorship establishes your leadership in the market, your community consciousness, community goodwill as it relates to the future of our energy needs, and provides valuable exposure and advertising for your company in what is an exciting industry.


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 Radisso Celebration

 Click photo above get info about  Hotel


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 Read MNore  



  Renewable Energy News


The Florida Current

 Topic: Alternative Energy

 ***Most read to get summary of legislative session

Note: Bruce Ritchie and his colleagues have done a terrific job of following legislation and writing on energy policy this legislative session.  Read The Florida Current HERE 



Turkey Creek Preserve pursues new options for energy park zoned land 

Turkey Creek Preserve LLC, owner of roughly 1,225 acres of land in east Hillsborough County zoned for a renewable energy park, has terminated a contract to sell the property to Imperium Development Inc.Read More


 Fracking Driller Greased Sierra Club With $25 Million in Gas Money 

Campbell said she at least was encouraged that Brune stopped taking Chesapeake's gas money. "Let's hope that the new leadership of the Sierra Club will be less willing to compromise than that of Carl Pope," she added.


Brune told Time he was concerned about the prominence President Obama's State of the Union address gave to increasing gas production. Read More



U.S. Ethanol Production Continues to Skyrocket as Exports Surge

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire -02/22/12)- Shares of ethanol producers have performed well in 2012 as demand continues to grow. 

Read More

Renewable energy goal would boost Fla. power


With just four dissenting votes - two each in the House and Senate - the Florida Legislature passed a bill in this year's session that could give a spark to the state's promising renewable energy industry. Read More


FPL awards $39,000 in grants to teachers across Florida to fund renewable energy projects

JUNO BEACH, Fla., March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Thirty-seven teachers across the state of Florida have just received a combined $39,000 in grants from Florida Power & Light Company's 2012 Renewable Energy Teacher Grant program. The grants will fund classroom projects to teach students about renewable energy sources and uses.

Read More 


 Michael Dobson: Florida must get serious about renewable energy  

March 1, 2012- A  year later and with only days left in the 2012 session, Florida may once again try to pass a renewable energy bill that will not produce renewable energy. Florida's HB 7117 and SB 2094 have proven just that, to even include Tea Party rallies in opposition. 

 Read More  


1-GenOn to shut 7 U.S. Mid-Atlantic coal power plants.

By Scott DiSavino 


 Feb 29 (Reuters) - U.S. power generator GenOn Energy Inc on Wednesday said it would deactivate 3,140 megawatts of mostly coal-fired generating capacity in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey by 2015 due to more stringent federal environmental regulations.  

 Read More 


Biomass fuel becomes energy resource for qualified utilities


Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law Wednesday legislation that would give financially distressed biomass processing facilities and pulp and paper mills a break from compliance rules dealing with the expensive process of clean-energy conversion.

 Read More



Army Issues Draft RFP for $7 Billion in Renewable Energy Contracts


On Friday February 24, 2012, the U.S. Army Engineering & Support Center in Huntsville, Alabama issued a draft request for proposals (Solicitation No. W912DY-11-R-0036, the "Draft RFP") titled "Large Scale Renewable Energy Production for Federal Installations."

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Florida Tea Party Rallies Against Renewable Energy Bills


The Florida legislature is frustrating Tea Partiers and grassroots conservatives by fast-tracking legislation that would ramp up taxpayer subsidies to Solyndra-style renewable power projects. Read More 



Renewable advocates split on Florida energy bills


 Feb 15, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Advocates of conservation and renewable sources such as solar and biomass are split over what sponsors are calling "modest" energy legislation in the belief that even a small start would cause those efforts to snowball. Read More



 Review Of "2012 Global Cleantech Directory: 100 Cleantech Lists That Matter


"2012 Global Cleantech Directory: 100 Cleantech Lists That Matter", written by Shawn Lesser, is a fantastic resource guide that highlights interesting cleantech facts about a combination of 100 countries, states, cities and company's. This coversation piece, which is built from a book of lists, provides a relevant discussion about the initiatives, and influencers around the world and how these stakeholders are moving clean technology to a period of significant growth and innovation. Read More


Pilot Biorefinery Dedicated in Perry, Florida

Florida State Representative Debbie Mayfield dumped a load of sugarcane waste to dedicate a new pilot biorefinery this week in honor of her late husband, Stan Mayfield.

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 Solyndra's Lessons: Challenges of the Global Energy Market


 In September 2011, Solyndra, a US-based solar panel manufacturer, declared bankruptcy.  The Solyndra case illustrates the complexity of developing renewable energies.  Many globalization factors influence the production and distribution of  renewable energy, such as economics, politics, science and technology policy, and commodity markets, to name a few. The demand for energy continues to rise as populations grow exponentially and as countries further industrialize. Read More




Renewable energy: advocates need to raise their 'game' to match fossil energy interests 


 With the absence of an energy discussion in this year's presidential race, one might think the U.S. faces few, if any, substantive energy problems, or opportunities for that matter. Most energy experts agree that is not the case. Yet what constitutes a problem or an opportunity, is subject to interpretation. Read More

Statement by CEO of NextEra Energy on the "Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012"


JUNO BEACH, Fla., March 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- NextEra Energy, Inc. Chairman and CEO Lew Hay issued the following statement on the "Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012," which was introduced today by Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources:

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Why There is no Renewable Energy Policy in Florida


Florida has no renewable energy policy and the legislature is working at lightning speed to repeal all progress made in recent years. How can this be? We are the sunshine state.

 Read More  As published in the Tallahassee Democrat Nov 2, 2011 HERE 



 LS Power Completes Financing of Arlington Valley Solar Energy II


NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LS Power announced today that it had completed financing and authorized construction of the $550 million Arlington Valley Solar Energy II Project ("AV Solar"), a 127 megawatt (AC) photovoltaic solar farm, near Arlington, Arizona. The AV Solar Project, to be constructed on more than 1,100 acres of land, will directly convert sunlight to electricity.  Read More 



Credits for renewable energy seen as big part of aggregation

NORMAL - Area residents could be involved in a major green energy credit purchase, should they vote for electricity aggregation questions appearing on ballots next week.

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Utilities start legislative fight over renewable energy credits


Here's a news item from the Associated Press: BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Idaho utilities today began what's likely a tough legislative fight to force small alternative power projects to hand over their renewable energy credits. Idaho Power Co., Avista Corp. and Rocky Mountain Power began pushing lawmakers on the Senate State Affairs Committee to award them these so-called "green tags" that result when they buy renewable projects' electricity; the committee agreed to introduce the bill.  Read More 




Florida Biodiesel, Inc. has completed a sale of two B-15 laboratory Biodiesel processors, made by to L T Scientific, Inc.

The equipment will be exported to Germany.

Clearwater, Florida, United States of America ( March 2, 2012 -- L T Scientific, Inc. has chosen the B-15 laboratory Biodiesel processor as the standard for their advanced Green Fuel technology research. The B-15  Biodiesel processor requires 60 minutes of assembly time and will allow  researchers to safely produce 10 gallon batches of ASTM grade Biodiesel.  

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