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Of all of the things that renewable energy entrepreneurs have done over the last few years, the one thing they desperately need to do is register to be a part of the upcoming Florida Cleantech Job Fair and Exhibition of Florida Cleantech Innovation. It is a FREPA Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo series event.


 I would not ordinarily list any single event as being so important, but this one is. 


 Over the past few years lobbyist, businessmen and businesswomen have spent countless hours and countless dollars working to convince Florida lawmakers that (A) the clean technology and renewable energy industry in Florida is real, (B) if lawmakers are willing to dispense of the status quo and make new rules, this industry will quickly employ thousands of Floridians and make Florida a technology leader in the world, (C) if your build it with the right policies, they will come.. they meaning private investors, increased investments into Florida's economy, more venture capitol interest,  and more companies being eager relocate to Florida and (D) that open market renewable energy policy would change Florida's image into it becoming the technology and innovation leader of the Southeastern United States. 


When all else has failed, industry supporters have tried to guilt lawmakers into it by placing the green jobs mantra side by side with the often repeated pro-business stated ideology of our conservative legislature. Cleantech supporters, have even tried to use the contrast of the latter point, to highlight what is believed to be hypocrisies. Even that has not worked, lacking the undeniable hard evidence of the potential or reality of such green jobs or a cleantech future. Although, report upon report indicates that solar technology in the U.S. is surely a growth industry. And, that in recent years, Florida has seen a significant increase in jobs from solar installations. Year after year, cleantech entrepreneurs have pointed to the prospect of new jobs as the overarching reason the policy and regulatory landscape should be shifted to better gird this particular industry. More importantly, we have tried to make the case that investments in clean tech must increase as well as Florida lags behind. Boston is behind California   in Venture capitol funding while Florida is much further down the chain and not competitive.   But again, while we have threatened policymakers with the prospect that their decisions are stopping real jobs from being created and limiting the possibilty of more VC funding, we also have a duty to provide overtly tangible proof that those jobs exist and that our industry is real, alive and deserving of them shifting their  political capitol our way. But, as reports about increases in the interest in clean technology companies and cleantech jobs go, they are never as persuasive as being able to have a decision maker touch and feel such data when the data comes alive. Written in the bill analysis from Senate Bill 238 which eliminates the Florida Renewable Fuels Standard is an often mentioned 2008 article published by the St. Pete Times that points out the fact that the State of Florida spent $50 million of general revenue (pre - Obama stimulus) on renewable energy grants whereby the dollars spent did not produce one gallon of fuel. Then there is the recent fallout about solyndra, a solar company that received over $500 million from the DOE to later file for bankruptcy protection and more recently Beacon Power Corp  which is being called "another Solynda" has also asked for bankruptcy protection after receiving federal funds.


We know that once we dig down into the details of such headlines mentioned above, its never quite that simple and mostly politics of the day. And,  on some occasions, the investments made has not been placed in danger. But, the headlines along (during this  period) is nearly a death nail in the coffin of renewable energy policy. These headlines are occurring when the gridlock in Washington has evolved into a vicious attack against renewable energy and clean technology innovation as wasteful and wistful. In Florida, while key leaders have said " a comprehensive energy policy is a priority for the 2012 legislative session", bills  such as HB 4001  are breezing through the system. The bill repeals the law which  what  we could argue is the heart of the movement that placed clean energy in front of our collective conscious. That law is a legislative mandate (to be codified by the legislature) to have utilities reduce their greenhouse gas emmissions. The so called Cap-n-Trade policy while controversal, was indeed the catalyst for the movement. Opponents were successful  in their efforts to label the policy as  an unwanted burden and a tax. This writer  openly admits that cap-n-trade is close to dead in congress, and that the states acted in the past because they felt  that they had to. Given what they were hearing from Washington, It was their only way to maintan some control at the state level once it ( cap-n-trade) became the law of the land. So with the death of cap -n-trade in Washington, some states are seizing the moment to repeal such laws. Once repealed, it would be nearly impossible to have the statute placed on the books again. And  if anything, as long as such laws (although not codified) are  at least extended to remain on the books,  it makes greenhouse gas reduction a consideration as we plan for future electricity production.


So, the  fact that these bills exist not only in Florida, but even in states like New Hampshire,  speaks volumes about current day energy policy priorities, for some legislatures.  But with unemployment at an all time high across the country and specifically in Florida, and that there is genuine agreement that America may have lost its way with regard to being innovation,   politicians want to arm themselves with solutions for job creation in the technology business space. Therefore, the idea of this industry being a major job creator is one that even the most cynical of decision makers must pay attention to. It  supersedes any doubts about cap-n-trade as a method for stifling the industry.  Jobs are jobs are jobs!! Not to mention, in recent years renewable and cleantech lobbyist, have in fact placed a lot of emphasis on the mantra of green jobs as a way of getting the attention of decision makers whom have made jobs the number one issue in 2012 elections.


So, we challenge you. If you are a renewable energy company, provide products or services in the  sustainability business space, export or manufacturer  energy efficiency technology or products, a solar installer or manufacturer, an engineer with a renewable energy practice, energy plant construction company,  participate in the training of students for green jobs or any other related jobs, help cleantech companies locate to Florida, are a energy researcher or other related business or organization  and you do not show up... then, perhaps it will be your fault if we cannot be in a position to provide jobs in the cleantech and green energy business space. If you exist, you must prove it. 


  Sign up today. This might be the last chance to prove that you exist!   




Florida Cleantech  Innovation





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At the Florida State capitol

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green jobs exit

Green Jobs at the Florida State Capitol





February 7-8, 2012

Renewable Energy Legislative Days


Florida Clean Tech/Renewable Energy  Jobs Fair
 and Exhibition

*State Capitol Courtyard reseved for exhibits

The State Capitol
(photo used courtesy of FCIT/ USF)


The Florida State Capitol, Tallahassee

*event taking place at the Florida Capitol



A Few Partners:

One World Sustainable

Job Corps

Verticle Turbine Power, LLc

Florida A & M University
Florida Gulf Coast Energy Network







Renewable energy companies and ancillary businesses can exhibit at the State Capitol. Exhibitors can begin setting  up as early as 5:30 p.m. on February 7, 2012 ( security will be available overnight to secure exhibits for next days exhibition on the Capitol Courtyard)

* there is a small fee to help defray some cost such as refreshments, reception, dinner, tents,security and etc



Doubletree Hotel ( Adams Street) Tallahassee and Homewood Suites

contact: to RSVP so that we can advise the hotel for a pre-headcount as we consider certain deadlines for final group adjustments


Attendee Ticket

FREPA Member attendee ticket: $40  

Non-Member attendee ticket: $75

Government( other than member of legislature or staff)/non-member: $50

Member of legislature or staff: $25

*Attendee ticket allows theregistored ticket holder attendee to particiate in all events(policy symposium,reception, dinner and ect)


Exhibit Space Fee

FREPA Member exhibitor: $60

Government : $80

Non-member a exhibitor: $100

* Add and additional $25 for each needed attendee ticket for all events( $15 for






All FREPA events are part of the FREPA Sunshine State Energy Expo series







Signup and register as an attendee, exhibitor and/or sponsor

*the fee is necessary to help us defray cost not covered by sponsors so that this event achieve its goals and ends up being a valuable experience for all participants . Ticket all the ticket holder to participate in all meals, reception and other events.


Attendee Ticket Fee Only

Non FREPA Members $75

 Member $40

Government (other than members of the legislature and staff $50

members of the legislature and staff $25


Exhibitor Booth  Fee (one event attendee ticket included)


Non FREPA Members $100

Government $80

Member  $60

*Add $25 for each additional attendee ticket for those wishing to participate in all related events ( $15 for FREPA members)




Sponsorship Levels

Listing in "Florida Green Innovation" Magazines business guide, listing on event placard, logo and link on event website as bronze sponsor and:


Company name and logo displayed on a placard placed at entrance ( northeast  and northwest entrances of the capitol Courtyard) 


One (1) complimentary exhibit booth




Listing in "Florida Green Innovation" Magazines business guide, quarter page advertising in magazine, central logo placement as a tent sponsor (logo on tent banner and placard), logo and link on event website as gold sponsor and:

One (1) complimentary attendee passes for all related event activities-tba


One (1) complimentary exhibit booth (subject to availability)


Company logo displayed on a sponsor banner during event and on placard      strategically placed according to your choosing according to event floor plan


And, Company name and logo displayed on a placard placed at entrance  and exit  (northeast  and northwest entrances of the Capitol Courtyard) and exit (southeast and southwest) 




Listing in "Florida Green Innovation" Magazines business guide, half page advertising in magazine,  logo and link on event website as diamond sponsor, logo banner and placards placed at  entrance and exit
( northeast  and northwest entrances of the Capitol Courtyard) and exit (southeast and southwest)  and:


Two (2) complimentary exhibit booth


One (1) complimentary attendee passes for all event activities -tba


Company logo displayed on a sponsor banner during event


Half page ad in Florida Green Innovation Magazine and business guide


Company insert in event gift bag




Listing in "Florida Green Innovation" Magazines business guide, space for a full page promotional article in the magazine, full page ad in magazine, logo and slogan on entrance banner and placard, logo and link on event website as platinum sponsor,  listing on all event placards, one year annual FREPA membership with all benefits(offered and optional), verbal introduction and  acknowledgement of company or organization at lunch ceremony in addition to recognition by TBA state legislator at ceremony, and:


Two (2) complimentary exhibit booths (for car dealers: two spaces to exhibit           flexfuel, hybrid vehicles)


Up to four complimentary attendee passes for all event activities-tba


Full page ad in program booklet which will be available statewide


Name and logo listed on event display board at entrance of event


Recognition at all meals and event advertising


Company insert in event gift bag


Pay Now




Be and Partner or Supporter


Being a Partner and Supporter, we would ask that you agree to support the event in many different ways. One key way of doing that would be the distribution of information about the event to your natural network, securing exhibit space and providing financial help to cover some cost of the event by adhering to the suggested partner/supporter fees. We would also ask that our event be placed on your website and that it is otherwise mentioned in your communication to stakeholders throughout your network. Your partnership status would be mentioned by your logo placement in event publications and on placards.


Suggested Partner /Supporter fees below:


$50 - Supporter


$75 - Workforce Champion


$100 - Workforce Leader

 Pay Now 


 or visit Sunshine State Expo  site to Make Payment Here

 * do not need to have a paypal account. Click link that says"do not have a  paypal account? (on right) once on payment page for standard payment from

(optional)  and/or complete

Registration Form to fax to (708) 778-8864

*note: the attached form is a multipurpose form. Therefore, please do not hesitate to augment the form for any FREPA  event registration  




Doubletree Hotel Tallahassee

Contact to inquire about group rate 


Why become a sponsor? The Cleantech Job Fair is an opportunity to show that you are a part of the solutions to our high unemployment and that you are relevant to consider when policymakers determine how to make sure clean energy job creators are free to do their parts since this event will be a visible reminder to leaders and in the front yard of our policymakers. Also, sponsorship establishes your leadership in the market, your community consciousness, community goodwill as it relates to the future of our energy needs, and provides valuable exposure and advertising for your company in what is an exciting industry.



 We are currently looking for Exhibitors & Sponsors!  For further information on exhibit packages and/or sponsorship, please contact: our office by phone at 850-363-4122, e-mail,





Priority placement of name and logo on event website as it is updated. Same for event promotional materials.



Dignified and appropriate signage recognizing sponsorship



Complimentary exhibit table & registration



Reference in all media advisories















  Business guide fees will be provided in a seperate release. We  hope to count on your support as we will seek you out for content and occassional spotlight articles.  





Please send any inquiries to: 







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Join FREPA today or simply make a donation of support. Download NEW membership app HERE. Please allow 24 hrs for all credit card s to be processed. Membership applications can be faxed to (708) 778-8864. Mail all application and checks to :4005 Brandon Hill Dr, Tallahassee, Fl 32309

Please contact our office by phone at (850) 363-4122 or e-mail,
 or for additional information about  FREPA.    


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