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Volume 17                                                                                 October / November  2011

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 Dear Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to this volume of the IGNITE  E-newsletter from FREPA. This volume is dedicated to action that gets results.


 For all too long renewable energy advocates in Florida has approached renewable energy much like an evangelist seeking converts. In some cases, we have even had what amounts to a tent revival i.e. rally for the already converted and etc.  In some cases, we really have tried to convert not only unbelievers, but those who have no reason to pick renewable energy over any other source of energy in the execution of their official duties, for which... they simply don't show up.  Factually speaking, the scope of duities in the legislature's role of overseeing the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) are broad, but yet, narrow. The legislatures  main duty is to make sure that Florida has a safe, reliable, secure and affordable supply of energy for its citizens to rely upon. The same policy principles are true for the PSC commissioners.

ome will argue that the legislatures  role is not to pick winners and losers, or to pick renewable energy against any other energy source. However, I would submit that such an argument does not hold much water. That is because; the legislature picks winners and losers all the time via regulation that favors one industry or one group over the other. For instance, simply look at the casino legislation that is now proposed.  To be honest, at times it simply comes down to who has the most political clout and the most lobbyists.

I have written in the past about the stark realities that our industry face when it comes to political clout... we don't have much. We are somewhat new at this.  With all of that, the fact that renewable energy and cleantech is still discussed at all is a testament to our industries importance as we reconfigure what our nation  becomes with respect to where our economic strength will come from. In Florida, the renewable energy community  simply has not made the sale. And to be honest, I fault the lack of a consistent and reasonable message, organizations that are more personality driven than based on sound strategic direction and a clamoring for headlines that does little to advance our cause.     As an industry, our campaign contributions are a pittance of what the investor owned utilities or petroleum industries have contributed for nearly a century or more to politicians at all levels of government. If we are to make believers out of policymakers and have them go our way, we must not preach to them. We must prove our worth. We must prove our worth to the state of Florida as job creators, about our importance as players in the economic recovery of our state, and our role in creating the new Florida this is focused on innovation and the exporting of innovation. We must convince the agriculture community that we are a profitable bet.  We must prove our worth as a component that may make companies want to relocate here. Do companies want to know that the air is clean for their employee's families as a result of the states commitment on using cleaner energy sources? Do employers want to know that if their kid wants to find a job in renewable energy in Florida that there is a robust industry here? We must also discuss the role of cleaner energy on our health and the health of our citizens in the future as the cost of illness due to hospital visits, a loss of productivity in the workplace due to the side effects of dirty air is staggering.


Anyone who has met with policymakers in the legislative or executive branches over the summer know that renewable energy , simply for the sake of more renewable energy has taken a backseat as a priority of the Florida legislature. To not acknowledge that and continue lamenting the Charlie Crist days is.... well .... a disservice to our industry and the patience of our members. As politics evolve, so must organizations and their strategies. The days of holding a rally at the capitol to demand renewable energy NOW is over.   It did not work then and it won't work now. FREPA has been a trail blazer and have offered scathing criticism of the direction of the legislature on energy policy and will continue to add our voice when constructive. Deregulating utilities is only a pipe dream and to suggest it places you out of the mainstream in policy talk.  Feed  -In -Tariffs will never pass the conservative  Florida legislature. A Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) could pass if stakeholders got on board and stop confusing legislators with talk of a Feed-In-Tariff, asking for carve outs, or cutting deals for private clients. A Public Benefits Fund could gain support depending on how it is crafted. Whether or not advanced cost recovery for nuclear continues is a political fight that will be settled by Republican legislative leaders whom may be more interested in what their voters think, if the voters get to be heard. There are many windmills we can tilt at. But, we are focused on job creation. 

 We believe that adding our voice to state the obvious is counterproductive. We also believe that renewable energy in Florida will continue to grow. It has continued even without the polices sorely needed in this state. Risk takers and entrepreneurs continue to find ways to get projects going,  finding investors and working  with our local governmental and Economic Development Councils to create jobs. I have gotten to know economic development leaders from Orange County, Lee County, Leon County, Sarasota County, Florida's Great Northwest in the  panhandle and other locations within the state. They all are working to bring renewable energy and cleantech jobs to their counties and regions. They are doing that without the perfect storm of opportunities that the right policies would create. Entrepreneurs are never completely deterred. However, Florida will not meet its potential until policymakers do see our worth and decide to pass legislation that does in fact help independent job creators in the energy business space.

So, for FREPA's part, we are bringing cleantech jobs to the state capitol. While one can debate the merits of picking winners and losers, no one can debate the fact that Florida benefits when we help businesses that provide jobs.  On February 8th, 2012, FREPA and its partners such as the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida A & M University, Florida State University and more will host the first Florida Capitol Cleantech Job Fair to be held at the State Capitol during the legislative session.  We also encourage FREPA members and supporters to attend the upcoming Only Sustainable event in Miami November 7-9, 2011.  If you want to make a difference and let policymakers see your worth and get to know more about cleantech and green jobs, you should sign up for the Cleantech Job Fair.  Show and tell is a very old concept, but for renewable energy policy in Florida, I think it's the only way forward.  

 We ask for your support and participation so that our action will get results.



Michael Dobson

FREPA President and Founder





to the




green jobs exit

Green Jobs at the Florida State Capitol





February 7-8, 2012

Renewable Energy Legislative Days


Florida Clean Tech/Renewable Energy  Jobs Fair

*State Capitol Courtyard reseved for exhibits

The State Capitol
(photo used courtesy of FCIT/ USF)


The Florida State Capitol, Tallahassee

*event taking place at the Florida Capitol



A Few Partners:

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Florida A & M University




Renewable energy companies and ancillary businesses can exhibit at the State Capitol. Exhibitors can begin setting  up as early as 5:30 p.m. on February 7, 2012 ( security will be available overnight to secure exhibits for next days exhibition on the Capitol Courtyard)

* there is a small fee to help defray some cost such as refreshments, reception, dinner, tents,security and etc



Doubletree Hotel ( Adams Street) Tallahassee and Homewood Suites

contact: to RSVP so that we can advise the hotel for a pre-headcount as we consider certain deadlines for final group adjustments


Attendee Ticket

FREPA Member attendee ticket: $40  

Non-Member attendee ticket: $75

Government( other than member of legislature or staff)/non-member: $50

Member of legislature or staff: $25

*Attendee ticket allows theregistored ticket holder attendee to particiate in all events(policy symposium,reception, dinner and ect)


Exhibit Space Fee

FREPA Member exhibitor: $60

Government : $80

Non-member a exhibitor: $100

* Add and additional $25 for each needed attendee ticket for all events( $15 for






All FREPA events are part of the FREPA Sunshine State Energy Expo series






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*the fee is necessary to help us defray cost not covered by sponsors so that this event achieve its goals and ends up being a valuable experience for all participants . Ticket all the ticket holder to participate in all meals, reception and other events.


Attendee Ticket Fee Only

Non FREPA Members $75

 Member $40

Government (other than members of the legislature and staff $50

members of the legislature and staff $25


Exhibitor Booth  Fee (one event attendee ticket included)


Non FREPA Members $100

Government $80

Member  $60

*Add $25 for each additional attendee ticket for those wishing to participate in all related events ( $15 for FREPA members)




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$1500- Platinum


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Being a Partner and Supporter, we would ask that you agree to support the event in many different ways. One key way of doing that would be the distribution of information about the event to your natural network, securing exhibit space and providing financial help to cover some cost of the event by adhering to the suggested partner/supporter fees. We would also ask that our event be placed on your website and that it is otherwise mentioned in your communication to stakeholders throughout your network. Your partnership status would be mentioned by your logo placement in event publications and on placards.


Suggested Partner /Supporter fees below:


$50 - Supporter


$75 - Workforce Champion


$100 - Workforce Leader

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 or visit Sunshine State Expo  site to Make Payment Here

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Registration Form to fax to (708) 778-8864

*note: the attached form is a multipurpose form. Therefore, please do not hesitate to augment the form for any FREPA  event registration  




Doubletree Hotel Tallahassee

Contact to inquire about group rate 


Why become a sponsor? The Cleantech Job Fair is an opportunity to show that you are a part of the solutions to our high unemployment and that you are relevant to consider when policymakers determine how to make sure clean energy job creators are free to do their parts since this event will be a visible reminder to leaders and in the front yard of our policymakers. Also, sponsorship establishes your leadership in the market, your community consciousness, community goodwill as it relates to the future of our energy needs, and provides valuable exposure and advertising for your company in what is an exciting industry.



 We are currently looking for Exhibitors & Sponsors!  For further information on exhibit packages and/or sponsorship, please contact: our office by phone at 850-363-4122, e-mail,





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FLORIDA GREEN INNOVATION magazine will provide florida specific industry articles, announcements and news about the Florida renewable energy industry,bioenergy and its partners, green transportation industry,cleantech innovation, the sustianabilty business space and sustainable living. It will provide advertising opportunities for clean technology companies, renewable energy producers, ancillary businesses,product providers, sustainable bulders, engineers and the likes. Additionally, it will provide a business guide that will be available electronically and in print to be distributed to those business partners you hope to reach. 


Fee Scedule:


Standard Listing:


$50____ non-FREPA Member

$20____ FREPA Members




* All advertising except business  card size include standard listing in business guide as well


Business Card- $35 ( apply a 15% discount toward standard listing in Business Guide)


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Full Page ____$350



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Energy Politics




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  *Special FREPA offer

Dear Friend:


The Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association, as a supporting organization, would like to invite you to the OnlySustainable - 2011 International Conference on Clean Energy that will take place on November 7-9, Miami, FL.


This is a great opportunity for networking and developing business.


For our members, the package price is only $225, a 50% discount, valid until Friday, October 28th. Please use the promotional code FREPAOS  to registerfor the full Conference (also includes breakfast, lunch and cocktail). We recommend that you register now since seating is limited. You may also register at the 5 star Epic Hotel for a special rate $179 p/d for attendees. If you are not a member and would like to take advantage of this offer, download a FREPA membership app here to fax back to our office with credit card payment or mail application with  check to  FREPA at 4005 Brandon Hill Dr, Tallahassee, Fl 32309. For this event offer, we are offering new FREPA members a %50 discount off of FREPA membership.



The conference will feature 40 dynamic speakers and panelists from the American, Canadian, Mexican, Colombian, and Spanish markets. They will address clean energy topics relevant to the Americas including: project finance, investment opportunities, legal and regulatory environment, technology trends in shale gas, biomass, hydrogen, wind, solar, and smart grids. Last year’s 350 participants represented renewable energy companies, engineering, government, law, investors, real estate developers and more.


This is your chance to get up close and personal with some of the leading experts and business executives from the most renowned companies in this exciting and growing industry. Please join us this year!

After opening the invitation attached above, you can zoom in on it to enlarge it to full size.


 *50% discount only applies for full 3 day conference
For additional information please contact
registration@onlysustainable.orgor call 305 395 6562.

Visit the event site HERE  



Any organization in this dynamic environment must continue to challenge itself and constantly evolve in a rapidly changing business environment. To continue leading, we need leaders on our governing board that are committed to our mission, are visionaries and have a strong knowledge of not only the renewable energy industry, but national and international business trends so that we can best prepare our members for all opportunities.
The first step to being on the FREPA board is to become a FREPA Member. If you are intested inserving on our bard, please submit membership application with a check (or register online), then send an e-mail to the address mentioned below.   Additionally, If you are interested in serving on a committee or participating on our board or be an advisor, please send your bio to  





Dr. Kome









 Dr.  Oghenekome Onokpise  


We welcome Dr.  Oghenekome Onokpise to the FREPA governing board. Dr. Onokpise  is an Associate Dean and Assistant professor   at  Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University aka Florida A & M University or ( FAMU) in the College of Engineering Science, Technology and Agriculture to be more recently merged to be called the School of Agriculture.  FAMU is one of our countries few a land grant schools and it has a unique mission with respect to agriculture. Its work history and research in the field of agriculture in the state of Florida places the university in  a leadership position as we work to expand  biofuels markets in Florida. Florida A & M University has long standing relationships with Florida's agriculture community that spand more than 100 years and their work will surely be a catalyst for bioenergy growth in Florida.  



kristin dozier

Kristin Dozier


We welcome Kristin Dozier to the FREPA Advisory Board. Ms Dozier   is currently a Leon County Commissioner in Tallahassee Florida.


Commissioner Dozier has agreed to participate on the FREPA  advisory board where she will lend her knowledge regarding the sustainability business space, the role of local government in attar tracting sustainability industry leaders and those in the clean technology as well as renewable energy business spaces. In addition to here duties as a commissioner, Kristin is the  Vice President and Green Building Advisor for Mad Dog Constrction of Tallahassee where she worked on LEED projects and offered many presentations on sustainable construction throughout North Florida. Kristin became a LEED Accredited Professional in 2007. 


She will also help provide FREPA, its members and our policy team with   insight gained by her over the years  from the building and construction industry regarding sustainable building. She will also give insight that will help our members  better enhance  relationships between the sustainability and cleantech business leaders with local government. 




Join FREPA today or simply make a donation of support. Download NEW membership app HERE. Please allow 24 hrs for all credit card s to be processed. If you are joining to take advantage of the ONLY SUSTAINABLE speacial FREPA member offer, we are offereing a one time time discount of  50% for new members joining by November 1, 2012 . Membership applications can be faxed to (708) 778-8864. Mail all application and checks to :4005 Brandon Hill Dr, Tallahassee, Fl 32309

Please contact our office by phone at (850) 363-4122 or e-mail, or for additional information about  FREPA.    


Michael Dobson
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association

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