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Volume 16                                                                                                                           Sept/Oct 2011

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Dear Supporters and Friends,



Welcome to the fall 2011 electronic edition of IGNITE, FREPA's E-newsletter.


First, thank you  to the attendees  who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the FREPA 4th Annual Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo and Symposium held a Captiva Island on July 27-29, 2011. We also thank the many presenters, some of whom came as far away as California, Texas, and Washington DC and elsewhere. 


Attendees got a high level overview of issues regarding project finance, the outlook within the private investment community and trends in cleantech funding in general. Moreover, we were provided insight into the Florida Opportunity Fund and the Florida Growth Fund....  both funds created by the Florida legislature and administered by state agencies and partnerships with private sector investment professionals. Additionally, attendees got a bird's eye view of the political landscape in Washington and in Florida as it pertains to energy policy as well as expectations about energy policy trends into the future. Not only was the South Seas Island Resort a wonderful facility for this event. It allowed us to arrange an event that provided attendees more than sufficient rest and relaxation while maintaining good networking opportunities that we believe allowed attendees to forge lasting business relationships. 


Since the expo, FREPA has been fully engaged in doing the work to continue building upon key relationships with the legislative and executive branches of the Florida legislature as renewable energy policy will certainly be handled during the 2012 legislative session. Governor Scott has been clear that renewable energy is a legislative priority for his office. And, as you may know, the legislature has tried and failed on renewable energy policy for the last 4 years. The good news is that the conversation continues and FREPA has been given a place at the table to have our member views known based on their experience as renewable energy businessmen and women. No 

matter the political stripe in 2012, the issue will be jobs, jobs, jobs and no new taxes. So, as we approach policy, we must place certain realities at heart. And remember, after all, that each member of the legislature will indeed be on the ballot in 2012 and is thus their approach will be conservative. 


Also in the shadow of those conversations, will be the ghost of Solyndra. The Solyndra Solar company is the solar manufacture who has filed bankruptcy after receiving over $500 million in tax dollars in the form of a DOE loan guarantee. So, for those who are not supportive of renewable energy and believe that the whole idea of climate change is questionable; this single event will threaten the legitimacy of an entire movement. Not to mention that their remains a philosophical difference between the Governors office, the Florida legislature and renewable energy business advocates on what policies are best to create the right economic environment for independent renewable energy producers. Most students of energy policy in the US would agree that a carefully crafted Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) policy has been proven a success in any state that has o adopted one.  Our energy policy consultants at Dobson Craig and Associates believe that (in the end), the Solyndra controversy will also allow for a real discussion. And we believe that, in said real discussion,  we will talk about how cost competitive renewable energy projects have become, we will better educate potential investors about the market therefore  encourage more investment and we will juxtapose renewable energy subsidies with those of oil, gas, nuclear and the likes. We will also get to discuss the industries successes, the growth projections for solar, the innovation such at that at the Advanced Magnetic Lab of Brevard County Florida that seeks to make wind turbines more efficient, new discoveries in hydrogen fuel cell technology, better understanding about bio-energy fuel crops, which could be grown, so that farmers can be better poised to add energy crop to their farming mix. Moreover, we can and should discuss the many factual examples of industry success as a result of the help that the Federal government and many state governments have provided in the form of loan guarantees, rebates, tax incentives, grants, policy mandates and etc.


While congress responsibly discuss the guaranteed loan program for its suggested inefficiencies, they also need to not forget how    energy companies such as Duke Energy, Chevron, Florida Power and Light, Progress Energy, The Southern Company, BP, San Diego Gas and Electric, Constellation Energy, perhaps TECO and many many others have participated and benefited from tax payer subsidized loans, grants and the likes ..currently, and over the years. They should also discuss how these government investments have made our energy infrastructure the envy of the world and how such continued investment will make us a leader as the world seeks innovation to ready itself for energy challenges ahead through R&D, improving upon existing technologies, and etc. So, we urge our legislators and congressional delegation to be vigilant in getting a clear understanding of the potential cleantech jobs we will gain in Florida by supporting investments in technology. There is an old saying that "any jack--- can burn down a barn, but it takes a statesman to seek real solutions to deal with the issues at hand, without conjecture or political posturing". We hope for the latter. 


In Florida, remarkable things continue to happen for renewable energy. Its happening against a lack f key industry polices to spur growth in the industry. It is being done by people who are really sticking their necks out and sticking to their guns.  For instance: just in the Big Bend Region, two exciting projects are on the horizon.. the newly announced National Solar's solar farm in Gadsden County, the Innovation    Bing Energy which has brought to Tallahassee. In Gainesville a 100 MW biomass plant is being constructed, North Florida Renewable Energy Center.. a 40 MW Biomass Plant in Port. St Joe Florida, the alternative fuel and renewable energy generating power plant in Vero Beach by the Ineos/New Planet Energy joint venture to name a few . All of this good news is providing for Florida two things which are undeniable, that is the creation of Jobs and the introduction of more investment into our communities. 


 To that end, February 7-8, 2012 will be designated "Renewable Energy Day" at the State Capitol. On February 8, 2012, exhibitors (renewable energy companies and ancillary businesses) are encouraged and invited to participate in the first ever Cleantech Jobs Fair at the Capitol. If you plan to exhibit and attend, please register below.  Fees are listed further down in this publication. We are looking for sponsors and partners. Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College, Florida A&M University and local government have been tapped as event supporters. As Florida college students and governmental leaders are eager to learn more about Florida's potential green jobs, this event could not take place at a better location or happen at a better time.


Moreover, we have a commitment of participation from the Gainesville Jobs Corp, one of a few like centers in the nation to receive funding from the Federal stimulus program to train prospective green technology workers with the skills needed to install solar panels.  A confirmation of all partners and sponsors will be announced on the event website which is being updated (give it a few days form this writing on 9/29/11). We also encourage Florida utilities to exhibit at the Job Fair to tell their story. FPL, Progress Energy, Gulf Power, TECO and Florida municipal utilities have been  leaders in the countless ways they provide renewable energy jobs in their service areas through the building of solar plants, introducing and building our energy efficiency measures, conservation, purchase power supporting independent power producers within the current legal constructs and the likes. We at FREPA look forward to working with them to eliminate certain barriers that interfere with our mutual desire to create more green jobs in a way that allows regulated industry and independent renewable energy producers to be profitable.


We also encourage our partners in agriculture and waste to energy business space to engage this event as well. FREPA biofuels members are operating on two fronts.. one producing transportation fuels via known technologies and processes, the other.. pursuing innovative startups and R&D to refine new fuel source opportunities such as algae, cellulosic ethanol, introduction of Florida energy crops into farmers crop rotation, solving the problems of our states  biofuels productions infrastructure, EV plug Infrastructure, electric car manufacturing and the likes. 


This is an exciting industry and it is an exciting time to be alive as technology has completely changed the way we live which has also made us re-examine how we use energy, how we produce energy, how we distribute energy and how we prepare for dwindling resources in one area and abundant resources in another area. We are forced to face population growth and global population shifts which force governments to examine energy needs and uses while seeking to not harm the environment. We simply urge your support as we seek to be impactful in helping our leaders as they work to grasp the enormity of this new changing world that has been transformed by global markets and technology which has made us a global village of some sorts while we all compete for the natural resources we need.  


Thank you for supporting FREPA and please continue to be engaged. A list of events is noted in this communication. We hope to see you on our membership roster and as an attendee at one of the FREPA events.




Michael Dobson

FREPA President





Some Presenters at the 2011, 4th Annual Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo (July 27-29, 2011)





B Moline at expo   kottcamp at expo 2011r beckford at expo 2011p breslow at oxpo 2011

 Barry Moline (FMEA) Jeff Kottkamp (Fmr Fla Lt. Gov) Roy Beckford ( UF- IFAS)  Paul Breslow ( Dir AUO)


G salama at expo 2011b armiatage expo 2011M kennedy at expo 2011m dobson at expo 2011 











Ben Armitage (Vertical Turbine) Monica Kennedy (Elite Solar) Michael Dobson (FREPA ) George Salama (CEO)




 vtp expo 2011

 Feature Exhibit:  Vertical Turbine Power, Inc

We at FREPA thank all presenters and exhibitors. We hope to see you at the same place next year.





  Energy News and Informative Links



The pseudo-debate over Solyndra


Ever since Solyndra went bankrupt in August, there's been a pseudo-debate in Washington over loan guarantees for energy projects. It's a pseudo-debate because neither party really believes that energy should be left to the whims of the free market. Read More




Sen. Landrieu Reads Darrell Issa's Letters Begging For Taxpayer Clean Energy Loans On The Senate Floor


House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Darrell Issa's (R-CA) investigation of clean energy loan programs was undercut this week by a revelation, first reported by Bloomberg, that he had also requested money from the same program for companies in his district.Read More




Whose Subsidies Trump Whose?


Renewable energy deserves subsidies, its partisans say, because conventional energy sources have enjoyed bigger subsidies for decades. The latter is a hard proposition to
quantify, but a new report by a venture capital firm that specializes in renewables takes a stab at it.Read More




Siemens Exits The Nuclear Energy Industry


Siemens (ETR:SIE), the global manufacturing giant, which in recent years has shifted more  of its business to solar and wind energy technologies, has formally exited the nuclear energy business.  In doing so it appears to be leaving behind the potential for substantial revenue.Read More


Dubai targets 5 percent renewable energy by 2030


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The Gulf commercial hub of Dubai is aiming to generate 5 percent of its power needs from renewable energy sources by 2030, a top energy official in the emirate said Monday.Read More



 Largest Solar Farm in Southeast to be Built in Gadsden County

Tallahassee, Florida - September 26, 2011 -11:30am -

National Solar Power today announced the company will build the Southeast's largest solar farm in Gadsden County, Florida - generating hundreds of new jobs and pouring $1.5 billion in economic investment into the region.

 "Gadsden County was chosen for this significant project for many reasons, including its great year-round climate, strong community leadership, incredibly inviting regional support and the strong potential for future economic growth," said James Scrivener, CEO of National Solar Power. Read More 



North Carolina Court issues a bad biomass decision
August 11, 2011 By Nevena Djurdjevic

On August 2nd, 2011, the North Carolina Court of Appeals turned down an appeal from a couple of environmental organizations, and ruled that wood derived from whole trees in primary harvest can count as a renewable energy resource when burned for electricity.Read More


NC 'clean energy' firms jump by 700 to 1,800 in less than year


*FREPA Note: This article provides more evidence of the key role state mandated  renewable energy standards play in creating renewable energy jobs

By RICK SMITH, WRAL Tech Wire Editor

Raleigh, N.C. - Passage of the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) law in 2007 by the North Carolina General Assembly and incentives from the federal government are helping create a growing "clean industry" in the state, according to the NC Sustainable Energy Association. Read More


Renewable State Updates: Missouri


With the state and federal legislatures out of session, it has been a relatively slow couple of weeks in the world of renewable energy law.  Fortunately for you, what may seem like a lack of significant new developments is actually an excellent opportunity for me to highlight a few of the significant stories that I wasn't able to cover the first time around.Read More



Florida Alternative Energy Workforce Profile (2009)



Bio Energy Insight






For events requiring a fee, we encourage you to reserve your space now


September 31 through November 4 is FREPA annual membership drive

* All new members receive 50% discount off of membership fee during this period.


October 10, 2011

FREPA Big Bend Chapter (Tallahassee)

Membership reception and Membership Drive


Double Tree Hotel


6:00- 7:30



* No fee to attend. however, we encourage you to become a member now if you have not joined FREPA. Join by clicking HERE

 *Also any donations of support are accepted  at Donate










Double Tree Hotel,Tallahassee



October 17, 2011

Florida Energy Policy Symposium

Renewabe Energy Portfolio Standards.... aka RPS( a policy discussion)

*a policy whereby a certain percentage of a states electricity is generated from renewale resources. There are 30 other states that have and RPS  policy, Florida does not have such a policy.  

Event Co Sponsor:

Dobson, Craig and Associates

(Governmental Relations/ Energy Policy) 

lite snacks/ sandwiches  and refreshments served

Where: Old Capitol ( Senate)

 old capital senate



Time: 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.




Pay Now


October 28, 2011

Renewable Energy Project Finance Workshop

Where: Peabody Hotel, Orlando

peabody hotel 


8:30- 3:30

Attendee Fee: $60 

Want to exhibit?

 Exhibit table $ 85 


Pay Now

November 2, 2011

FREPA members receive discounted rate to attend Fuel Sell Summit at Disney Dolphin resort



November 4, 2011

FREPA Board Meeting and Membership

Where: Ritz Carlton , Orlando

 orlando ritz carlton


* no fee to attend, accept we are accepting donations not to exceed $30  to help defray cost for dinner and reception. Donation is not mandatory to attend.


If you are not a member and of FREPA and would like to join prior to attending the meeting, please JOIN HERE


December 15, 2011

FREPA Christmas Party

(sustainability and renewable energy supporter invited)







February 7-8, 2012

Renewable Energy Legislative Days


Clean Tech/Renewaale Energy  Jobs Fair

*State Capitol Courtyard reseved for exhibits

Where:The State Capitol (photo used courtesy of FCIT/ USF)


State Capitol, Tallahassee


Renewable energy companies and ancillary businesses can exhibit at the State Capitol. Exhibitors can begin setting  up as early as 5:30 p.m. on February 7, 2012 ( security will be available overnight to secure exhibits for next days exhibition on the Capitol Courtyard)

* there is a small fee to help defray some cost such as refreshments, reception, dinner, tents,security and etc



Doubletree Hotel ( Adams Street) Tallahassee

and Homewood Suites

contact: to RSVP so that we can advise the hotel for a pre-headcount as we consider certain deadlines for final group adjustments


Attendee Ticket

FREPA Member attendee ticket: $40  

Non-Member attendee ticket: $75

Government( other than member of legislature or staff)/non-member: $50

Member of legislature or staff: $25

*Attendee ticket allows theregistored ticket holder attendee to particiate in all events(policy symposium,reception, dinner and ect)


Exhibit Space Fee

FREPA Member exhibitor: $60

Government : $80

Non-member a exhibitor: $100

* Add and additional $25 for each needed attendee ticket for all events( $15 for members)



July 18-20, 2012 


Fifth Annual

Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo



South Seas Island Resort

Captiva Island, Florida


 south seas


Attendee Fee: $275

Exhibit booth Fee: $375

( include one free attendee pass to breakout sessions)

 *All meals included( breakfast,  lunch and dinner)



All FREPA events are part of the FREPA Sunshine State Energy Expo series



Register Now!

Be  an Exhibitor




Florida Renewable Energy Legislatives Days

"Florida Cleantech  Jobs Fair at the Capitol"



Florida State Capital

(during 2012 legislative session)


Visit event website HERE 

 *all events are registered as a part of the Sunshine State Energy Expo series 

Where: Florida State Capital, Courtyard and other meetings at Double Tree Hotel

When: February 7-8, 2012

 capital 1




February 7, 2011




10:00 - 2:00

Green Jobs Symposium ( Florida Old Capital )

 *note:lunch served at noon


Discussion by Florida workforce  professionals, insight from University system, community college and  cleantech job training and educational tracks and insight from Florida cleantech manufacturers, economic development professionals ,  researchers  and energy producers


5:30 p.m.

Courtyard open for exhibitor setup for next day exhibition ( Capital security will be assigned overnight)



February 8, 2011


6:30 a.m.

Courtyard open for exhibitor setup for those who choose to set up on Feb 8th


8:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

State Capitol Courtyard open for cleantech/green jobs exhibits


(Sample of who should attend and/or exhibit: cleantech manufactures, environmental scientists, university representatives, researcers,  makers and distributors of products, technology innovators, builders, construction firms, engineers, roofers, renewable  energy producers and project developers, bankers and investors,  investor utilities, municipal utilities, electric co-ops, local government, economic development councils, cleantech job training centers, solar companies, agriculture, energy effciciency , fabrication professionals, environmental law professional, policy consultants, government, community and politcal leaders, forestry, representative companies from wind/ solar/biomass/biofuels and to name a few who are key to this new industry)


 Note: other activities (tba) will be coordinated by partners




2012 Florida Renewable Energy Legislative Days







Signup and register as an attendee, exhibitor and/or sponsor

*the fee is necessary to help us defray cost not covered by sponsors so that this event achieve its goals and ends up being a valuable experience for all participants . Ticket all the ticket holder to participate in all meals, reception and other events.


Attendee Ticket Fee Only

Non FREPA Members $75

 Member $40

Government (other than members of the legislature and staff $50

members of the legislature and staff $25


Exhibitor Booth  Fee (one event attendee ticket included)


Non FREPA Members $100

Government $80

Member  $60

*Add $25 for each additional attendee ticket for those wishing to participate in all related events ( $15 for FREPA members)




Sponsorship Levels


$250 - Bronze


$500 - Silver


$1000 - Gold


$1500- Platinum


Pay Now




Be and Partner or Supporter


Being a Partner and Supporter, we would ask that you agree to support the event in many different ways. One key way of doing that would be the distribution of information about the event to your natural network, securing exhibit space and providing financial help to cover some cost of the event by adhering to the suggested partner/supporter fees. We would also ask that our event be placed on your website and that it is otherwise mentioned in your communication to stakeholders throughout your network. Your partnership status would be mentioned by your logo placement in event publications and on placards.


Suggested Partner /Supporter fees below:


$50 - Supporter


$75 - Workforce Champion


$100 - Workforce Leader

 Pay Now


 or visit Sunshine State Expo  site to Make Payment Here

 * do not need to have a paypal account. Click link that says"do not have a  paypal account? (on right) once on payment page for standard payment from

(optional)  and/or complete

Registration Form to fax to (708) 778-8864

*note: the attached form is a multipurpose form. Therefore, please do not hesitate to augment the form for any FREPA  event registration  




Doubletree Hotel Tallahassee

Contact to inquire about group rate 


Why become a sponsor? The Cleantech Job Fair is an opportunity to show that you are a part of the solutions to our high unemployment and that you are relevant to consider when policymakers determine how to make sure clean energy job creators are free to do their parts since this event will be a visible reminder to leaders and in the front yard of our policymakers. Also, sponsorship establishes your leadership in the market, your community consciousness, community goodwill as it relates to the future of our energy needs, and provides valuable exposure and advertising for your company in what is an exciting industry.



 We are currently looking for Exhibitors & Sponsors!  For further information on exhibit packages and/or sponsorship, please contact: our office by phone at 850-363-4122, e-mail,





Priority placement of name and logo on event website as it is updated. Same for event promotional materials.


Dignified and appropriate signage recognizing sponsorship



Complimentary exhibit table & registration





Reference in all media advisories

















FREPA is finalizing its agreement with Media Edge Communications, LLC  to publish the "FLORIDA GREEN INNOVATION" magazine.





FLORIDA GREEN INNOVATION magazine will provide florida specific industry articles, announcements and news about the Florida renewable energy industry,bioenergy and its partners, green transportation industry,cleantech innovation, the sustianabilty business space and sustainable living. It will provide advertising opportunities for clean technology companies, renewable energy producers, ancillary businesses,product providers, sustainable bulders, engineers and the likes. Additionally, it will provide a business guide that will be available electronically and in print to be distributed to those business partners you hope to reach. 




  Business guide fees will be provided in a seperate release. We  hope to count on your support as we will seek you out for content and occassional spotlight articles.  




Please send any inquiries to:










News Links of Interest

*the following links are also on the FREPA website


Energy Politics


Any organization in this dynamic environment must continue to challenge itself and constantly evolve in a rapidly changing business environment. To continue leading, we need leaders on our governing board that are committed to our mission, are visionaries and have a strong knowledge of not only the renewable energy industry, but national and international business trends so that we can best prepare our members for all opportunities.
The first step to being on the FREPA board is to become a FREPA Member. If you are intested inserving on our bard, please submit membership application with a check (or register online), then send an e-mail to the address mentioned below.   Additionally, If you are interested in serving on a committee or participating on our board or be an advisor, please send your bio to  


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Michael Dobson
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association

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