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 Volume 15                                                                                           May  2011


Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association



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  Lets talk about Renewable Energy on Captiva Island July 27-29, 2011

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South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island, Florida. FREPA Conference July 27-29, 2011











 Message From President/CEO
2011 Florida legislative session, not Florida's moment in the sun with Renewable energy 

Dear Members and Supporters,

Welcome to this installation of IGNITE, the FREPA E-newsletter. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read what will be a very lengthy note. It is lengthy because the 60  day legislative session has lent itself to much reflection and even some repose as we contemplate strategies moving forward. Moreover, this writing may even be a bit unusual as we will reveal some dynamics that are self defeating, which we hope will spur more introspection.  This was (after all) a watershed moment for the renewable energy community in Florida.


Today ( May 9, 2011) , the dust  is beginning  to settle on the 2011 Florida legislative session . It was a session that saw nearly 30 renewable energy bills, but the interest of the legislature and all parties was on only one.  FREPA advised its members and other  renewable energy advocates that SB 7082 was coming and would be the focus in 2011 as far back as the summer of 2010 ( a year ago). The bill pursued  was legislation to allow advance cost recovery for investor owned utilities for the purpose of what are projects that are specific to  certain utility and certain vendors or companies with partnership interest in the project. In the summer of 2010, FREPA advised other  organizations and advocates that leadership would only focus on an advanced cost recovery bill (which failed the 2010 session) in the  2011 legislative session. We even advised others that last summers "clean energy summit" was a rollout for the strategy aimed to pursue the same bill filed in 2010. Being a veteran lobbyist, I have been given certain insight in which I have seen those roll out strategies before. We also advised others that it woud be futile to try and get the legislature to pass anything else that was not the advance cost recovery bill sought by large IOU's in 2011. In the lead up to the 2010 legislative session, we

CT 4 Michael Dobson
CT 4 Michael Dobson

 addressed the University of Central Florida Venture Lab (on Feb 2010 above) at a one day meeting on Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS) and advised that a feed-in-tariff policy  or any bill that somehow mimmicks a feed- in- tarriff is completely off the table in the Florida legislature. In this talk, we also discussed our thinking about pursuing a ballot initiative. Therefore, the  demise of feed-in-tariff lite policy proposals  in 2011 again was predictable. States with feed-in -tariff policies usually get them after an Renewable Energy Portfolio Standads (RPS) policy is in place and is working. The feed -in- tariff then compliments the states RPS. For all those reasons, FREPA is pursuing the changes needed through its Florida Green Energy Initiative, a statewide ballot petition for renewable energy targets for 2012. During the summer of 2010, FREPA made its predictions for 2011 session while asking like minded groups to support the Florida Green Energy Initiative only to hear  various organizational leaders voice fear that such an initiative would divert dollars away from their organizations botton lines by asking their members to support it... and was told, "they  would rather make a decision after a failed 2011 legislative session". Well, if you are a member of one of those groups, a year has passed and the 2011 legislative session was a failure to achieve what we advised could not be achieved. So, we ask you to join us at FREPA and donate to the initiative, engage in our sound strategies and support the cause.  As we write,  petitions are being gathered even as we continue to work with leaders and other groups as the 2011 legislative session was surely not a time when the sun shined on renewable energy in Florida .


For reasons that are both difficult to understand, but yet understandable when considering hard political realities, the  legislative body had an obligation to try and pass the desired renewable energy bill (SB 7082)  after failing to pass it during the 2010 legislative session. That year,  there were concerns about how it would play in an election year and during a recession. So therefore,while this approach was predictable, it is nontheless disappointing. The bill had many issues that FREPA highlighted as anti-competitive and had no safeguards to deliver renewable energy in Florida at the least cost by forgoing prudent review, a responsibilty and burden the independent renewable energy developers face in order to get Purchase Power Agreements and approval from the Public Service Commission. The bill did nothing to foster open markets and encourgage broadscale economic development . FREPA's opposition to the desired bill was outlined  here and published throughout the state and beyond.  The Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association has remained consistant since its beginning. It has constantly asked the legislature to simply let the market work on its own within the constructs of a regulated environment by opening the door to competition.   Our mission is to work with policymakers to develope a policy landscape that will allow the renewable energy and clean tech industries in Florida to flourish in open markets. We have advocated in public testimony in legislative committees that our view is that government should not be a impediment, but get out of the way to allow the market to work. However, we stress to all that we are advocating fundamental change in ways so that our system is not picking winnners and losers simply by keeping a death grip on the status quo.  We stress that the independent renewable energy industry is historically up against a stacked deck of regulations and an environment that does not force open markets or level the playing field. We maintain, that the only policy with a chance of passing in the legislature is the Florida Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS). It is a policy that works and have a track record of success in other states, it is a policy that lawmakers are familiar with nationally. 



In our opposition to SB 7082 during the 2011 legislative session, FREPA partnered with the  Manufacturing Association of Florida, the Florida Retail Federation, Florida Hospital Association, the National Federation of Independant Business,  Americans For Prosperity and others  to a oppose SB 7082. We congratulate the coalition members for what was a success in making sure that we get to go back to the drawing board and develop open market renewable policies. Our team was up against the legislatures most powerful forces. We also thank Nanette Schimpf for her work and Bill Herrle, Executive Director of the National Federaton of Indepedent Businesses/Florida  for his article in the Tallahassee Democrat.  Additonally, FREPA began a partnership with Florida Million Solar Rooftops, Inc and its leader Jessie Roche who used his wide network to educate Florida's about issues surrounding the bill. Jessie educates voters  year round on issues in the industry at Florida Million Solar Rooftops,Inc.   It remains our view that passage of SB 7082 would have allowed for only an illusion of a renewable energy bill that,  instead was  a piece of legislation for narrow interest at the expense of a holistic renewable energy policy that is broad, inclusive and creates open and competitive renewable energy markets. Finally, the passage of such a bill would have pre-empted dialogue toward a real  statewide renewable energy policy.. the dialogue that was started  a few years ago. The 2011 legislative session marks  the second session that was completely spent on a focus toward a bill which was narrowly tailored to a defined  interest, instead of creating a broad renewable energy policy. The legislatures of 2008 and 2009 actually attempted broad, meaningful and stately renewable energy policy which could make Florida into a state with  a robust renewable energy industry. Those legislatures discussed and came close to passing a renewable energy portfolio standards bill.



Throughout, FREPA  has remained focused on its mission. We continue to raise money and collect petitions for the Florida Green Energy Initiative which will establish an RPS of 20% renewable energy by 2020. We need your help and your donations.  We also hold out some hope that we can have dialogue with other established business groups over the summer to craft a renewable energy policy proposal to take to the legislature that not only traditional renewable energy advocates could support, but that utilities and the overall business community. After this session, renewable energy legislation has begin to fall into the "you mean Florida does not outlaw beastiality?" category. meaning, it's way past time that we find a way to get an RPS passed in Florida. We believe that the data clearly indicates that an RPS creates an industry and creates new jobs. Cost factors could be mitigated in the design of the RPS policy. What FREPA has found is that (a) Florida manufactures benefit by diversifying their business mix in the state with cleantech manufacturing, (b)retail operators benefit by having the ability to place solar panels on their roofs or linking into Florida specific wind turbines to create energy that can be net metered and reduce their electric bills and (c) Independent businesses benefit by having the freedom to compete in open markets. A broad renewable energy policy is a win-win for Florida and its citizens. I ask you to simply DONATE  to the ballot initiative or become a member  of FREPA to help us make this happen. We are the " Voice of renewable energy in Florida" and are willing to make the hard decisions and calculated risk necessary to bring renewable energy industry to Florida, but we need your help.

Some groups  would suggest to you that the strategy should be to pursue wholesale electric deregulation. At FREPA, we prefer to view our opportunities as those that are respectful of historys' lessons and certain political realities. In reality, America and its political systems has allowed for a regulated utility scheme that is counter to everything that many of us believe our country was founded on with respect to individual freedoms, free markets and competition. This writer is one of those  who share this belief.  However, in the real world the current regulatory scheme is Americana and its beneficiaries are entrenced and powerful  with nearly 100 years worth of political protections that would make using the precious time and energy of our members pursuing such a path  very unwise. It frankly is not the best use of the precious energy and time that our members have commited to this cause. I value their time. The idea is utopian and would surely open markets, but Florida's political landscape would not support it in the near or perhaps distant future for reasons that would require me to digress into a somewhat "political science 101" lecture.  We at FREPA  believe that  when members support our efforts they are taking time away from their kids, their spouses, their businesses and and their lives to support us. So as a father of three and grandfather of five, I am sensitive about how, when  and for what are we asking you to engage. So while it may be a personal axe to grind and a sure fire way to open up a renewable energy financing scheme that is more ideal and similar to that of Germany, the best way to have those conversations is after an RPS is developed. Then, there is a mandated need to discuss all ideas. At FREPA, our goal  is not to have a revolution, but to allow our members to do business, create jobs  and make a profit while growing a robust renewable energy industry. Americans will not stomach a revolution at a time when gas is at record high prices, food and all the bare essentials are becoming almost unaffordable for many families. Families are afraid.  They will support an RPS, because it has proven to create more jobs and in the end and they may support a Public Benefits Fund if there is open and direct discussions about it to find that place whereby they are comfortable. Americans and our leaders need proof that a policy provides jobs and that it would not bankrupt families, An RPS has the track record to address concerns and most leaders feel the same way. If this is any indication, our legislature spent 2/3 of the legislative session debating a deregulation bill  that House Republican leaders crafted themselves and wanted to pass, only to see the bill die in a year that most would suggest is the only year which the stars could have been aligned to pass such a bill.   Other states have enacted renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS)  mandates  and it has allowed renewable energy to be developed and the industry to flourish within the current regulated  scheme. FREPA has been dogmatic in its approach and has gained the respect of some of Florida's oldest business organizations as a result of its pragmatic, progressive and dogmatic approach.


Build Better Relations

Over the summer, we also need to better work with our utilities, our builders, our transportation infrastructure and etc and work with them to become a more sustainable Florida. In the end, they are our partners. In the Florida legislature, renewable energy advocates and organizations find ourselves in an unfortunate position of having a perpetual David and Goliath fight with  utilities. It's always.. in this corner there is "Utility IOU" and in that corner " Green Team". Admittedly, FREPA has fallen into that trap itself as we have seen recent policy proposals as anti-competitive with regard to independent power producers ability to do business in Florida and heavily tilted to favor the status quo.. even strenthening it. The truth is, renewable energy projects cannot get developed and Florida cannot have a robust industry without working relationships between independent renewable energy developers and our utilities. The same is
 true for the green building,alternative fuels producers and electric car manufactures regarding their need to develop relationships.  Unfortunately, current policy does not always facilitate such relationships. FREPA aims to change that so that renewable developers,  solar installers and contractors, utilities  and all others key to this industry are better able to reach their mutual goals of creating more renewable energy jobs in Florida. We believe that the failures within the  2011 legislative session on renewable energy provides an opportunity for independent developers and utilties to talk and spend some time over the summer to craft a more inclusive approach, that we hope will be the gateway for Florida's RPS. FREPA will be leading that discussion, holding out hope for success when our states history of adressing this issue in recent years creates much doubt.   We also believe that policy can be crafted that does not only strengthen a regulated monopoly, and that does not close markets  to independent job creators. We think that approach is short sighted for a great state like Florida. It is simply what happens when politics trumps sound policy ....when politics gets in the way.  Florida leaders can and should create an RPS that is fair and opens renewable energy  markets in (Florida) a state with abundant potential to lead the southeast in renewable energy development. We believe that we will get there via legislative successes or voters input through direct democracy. Simultaneously, we will also be building new relationships of support for the Florida Green Energy Initiative so that it is successful.  


In closing, we encourage you to attend the largest renewable energy conference by a Florida based  trade group to be held on Captiva Island on July 27-29, 2011. Join Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan,  Bob Dinneen of the Renewable Fuels Association and others to educate attendees on project financing opportunities, mapping renewable energy policy for Florida, outlining  how to make the industry attractive for our agriculture community, sustainability and etc. Come to the conference to network, identify funding opportunities, fine tune your proposals, meet and develop new partners, and vacation at one of Florida's top vacation  destinations at a top facility in South Seas Island Resort.



Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy note. We at FREPA sincerely wish you and your families well. 


Warm regards,


Michael Dobson

. .



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for the

4th Annual Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo

"the largest Florida renewable energy conference held by a Florida renewable energy trade association"


Visit event wesite HERE 

Where: South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island, Florida

When: July 27-29, 2011




jennifer granholm


Former Governor Jennifer Granholm

of Michigan


 July 27, 2011


3:00-7:00 p.m. Check In

After Check in. Play golf at South Seas Island Resort or at one of two golf courses at Sanibel Island


5:30- 7:00 p.m. Reception


7:15- 8:15 * VIP Dinner immediately follwing the reception- A one on one with Former Governor Jennifer Granholm (including photo ops)donations of  up to $100 or more accepted to support FREPA political action and/or Florida Green Energy Initiative 



July 28, 2011


 7:30- 8:30 a.m.      Opening Breakfast Session (buffet style breakfast served)


 Welcome from FREPA Board Chairman and FREPA President/ CEO


jeff Kottkamp

Former Lt Governor, Jeff Kottkamp- Invited 




8:45--9:45 a.m. SESSION A

New renewable energy technologies: Whats's on the horizon and how they are game changers



Florida leading the way with projects that introduce new technologies ( presentations from FREPA members) 


Invited Representatives:



 American Renewables, Inc



10:00-10:50- SESSION A


 Financing renewable energy projects in 2011: private financing opportunities, securing funding, applying for government grants and the availability of financing for projects( includes representatives from USDA and DOE)



Fred Greguras



Fred Greguras-Cofirmed

International Renewable Energy Project Finance Expert

K&L Gates, LLP, Palo Alto, Ca




 The price of solar: Panel discussion with manufactures, solar installers , renewable developers, investors and  financiers on the real price of solar in America and its industry growth








 and Presenter 

 Barry Moline- Confirmed

 Executive Director of Florida Municipal Power Association


12:00-1:00 LUNCH SESSION



jennifer granholm

Keynote Speaker


Jennifer Granholm- Confirmed (bio was taken from Gov Granholm website) 

Former Governor of Michigan

 Pew Charitable Trust Spokesperson


1:15-2:00 SESSION A

Farming, agriculture, large landowner and forestry: solving the puzzle as to their roles in a new energy source alignment for the 21st  century



New rules and technologies that are changing the solar industry business model



2:15-3:00 SESSION A

Large and small  scale renewabe energy coexisting: Commercial solar and wind; residential solar and utility scale  projects coexisting in Florida ( how other states have done so)





Energy efficiency and conservation: its role, its technologies and policies that are helping them lead



3:15-4:15 SESSION A


Cleantech manufacturing: What startups are doing in Florida, potential for exporting energy technology, policy/funding needs and how Florida can lead



al stimac

Featurered presenter:Al Stimac, President Manufacturers Association of Florida





 Florida energy crops/feedstocks: What are the status of current feed stock introduction, feedstock incentives , the farmers market( financial benefits for growing energy crop), what grows best here


Rot Beckford 


 Presenter Roy Beckford- Confirmed

University of Florida- IFAS , County Extention 


Topic: Status of Jathropha curcas reasearch in Florida; Carribean and Latin American impacts









Keynote address by Bob Dinneen, Executive Director, National Renewable Fuels Association. This is a dinner and ceremony to include members of the Florida legislature, acknowledge their support, acknowledge  leadership within the Florida renewable energy industry from identified renewable energy businiesses, entrepreneurs and project developers. Announce foundation awards for service and advocacy within the Florida renewable energy industry 




Bob Dinneen, Executive Director national Renewable Fuels Association 



July 29, 2011


 8:00-9:00 a.m.    CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST (coffee, tea, juice, fruit and danish available)


How states lead in renewable energy: renewable energy leaders and policy experts from a panel discussion lead by a presentation from Dr. Jan Hamrin known as the architect of California's leadership position in renewable energy policy. A discussion and Q&A.



jan hamrin 

Featurered Speaker 

 Dr. Jan Hamrin- Confirmed 


 CEO JHMW International, Inc



9:15-10:00 a.m.  SESSION A


Renewable energy regulation updates: Federal Electric Regulatory Commission (FERC) , Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture, Florida Public Service Commission activity to watch, what has Florida legislatrure contributed and what are the expectations.





Local government and economic development councils partnering to take the lead: what some local governments and economic development councils are doing to bring clean tech industry to their communities and how they are fostering an environment in government for industry



10:15-11:30 a.m.  SESSION A


Florida renewable energy portfolio: presentations followed by a panel discussion about what is a practical renewable energy portfolio for Florida (panel will consist of industry representatives from solar, wind, biomass, hydrelectric, waste to energy, CHP and biofuels used for electric generation)



Florida's alternative transportation fuels infrastructure: improvements, challenges, successes, opportunities



11:20 a.m.- 12:15 p.m.  LUNCH



 John May



Keynote Speaker, John May,  Stern Brothers and Company

Topic: What  wall street is telling us about renewable energy




What is the current status of national policy efforts for renewable energy and an overview on how the policy lanscape has changed since November elections and what to expect going into the 2012 cycle





 Bob Dinneen, Executive Director, National Renewable Fuels Association





A panel discussion with policy and renewable energy business experts to identify the key take away points of the conference and methods by which supporters and the business community could capitalize on Florida renewable energy industry growth opportunities









 The Sunshine State Renewable Energ Expo is still receiving proposals and abstracts for presentations. If you have one and would like to make a presentation, please e-mail your ideas to




Signup and register as an attendee, exhibitor and/or sponsor




Exhibitor $375




Or visit the registration page HERE to registrator securely online



 South Seas Island Resort

 Special Room Rate $179.00 for conference


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Why become a sponsor? This renewable energy grant and funding workshop offers high visibility and recognition focused at your target audience in the renewable energy industry and policy arena. Sponsorship establishes your leadership in the market, your community consciousness, community goodwill as it relates to the future of our energy needs, and provides valuable exposure and advertising for your company in what is an exciting industry.



 We are currently looking for Exhibitors & Sponsors!  For further information on exhibit packages and/or sponsorship, please contact: our office by phone at 850-363-4122, e-mail,







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Donate To The 2012 Florida Green Energy Ballot Initiative

Dear Renewable Energy Friends and Supporters:

If you ever thought  there was any other way that we are to have renewable energy policy in the southeast without its largest state doing it by ballot, then after this legislative session we believe all doubts are erased. The Florida legislature tried to pass a bill that transparently showed its true intent.. that intent is to eliminate any reference to renewable energy portfolio standards in statute and only pass legislation that would award its largest uitlities and their freinds. This only highlights our need. We urge you to donate today . Your donation is key to our securing the petitions we need to place the ballot questiion before Florida voters.

If you are a  Florida Farmer, solar contractor, solar technology installer renewable project developer, those in the legal profession focusing on renewable energy regulation, PPA negotiator, researcher, biofuels producers, engineering firm, industrial construction company, architect, electrician, roofers, economic development council, chamber of commerce and all who are eager to have Florida lead in establishing a robust renewable energy industry.. It is now time for you to act and be serious if you are to have renewable energy policy in Florida. The FREPA founded, Florida Green Energy Initiative is our best shot and require your support. It is not a question of how much.. but, donate something. This policy directly benefits you.. it creates a policy that allows you to profit from a robust renewable energy industry in Florida and it allows you to contribute to policy that would reduce green house gas emmisions in Florida a as well as be a cornerstone to our state sustainable living. Donate Now.  


On the heels of the 2011 legislative session, the wolf is certainly at our door and we need your finacila support to have a succsessful campaign. Over the last 40 years, Washington has failed to act on renewable energy... locked in the grips of big oil, some large utilities, their lobbyist and the status quo. In Florida, the same has held true. Over the last four years (or more) Florida's  renewable energy business organizations, environmentalist and their activist have worked diligently to get renewable energy legislation passed. They have been  working with both political parties, the governors office and with other appropriate agencies  to secure a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard and a Public Benefits Fund policy for Florida. Additionally, the summers  of 2007 and 2008  were spent meeting with and addressing the Florida Public Service Commission which ultimately secured a study by Navigant (a private consulting company) at tax payer's expense to identify Florida's renewable energy resources and to outline what is possible with regard to creating a renewable energy industry in Florida.  Recommendations from the findings were submitted to the legislature. It was done so only to have the Florida legislature all but ignore the work and their suggestions .... to push for off shore oil drilling and nuclear energy instead.
Time and time again, the Florida legislature has failed to pass or even hear renewable energy policy in its committees and on the floor, as explained
here . Legislators who champion the renewable energy industry has seen their legislation simply languish because leadership is simply not interested in taking it on.  The 2011 legislative session did not see a renewable energy bill passed because there was a lack of ideas. It was because there was interest in only one idea  and it benifited oly a few instead of creating broad policy. All other bills where essentuaklly dead on arrival or filing.
That is why it is crystal clear that the only way forward in Florida is with a constitutional amendment for renewable energy.  However, our team  must and will  continue making our case in Tallahassee. They will pursue dialogue with key business grous over the summer to find some solutions that all can take to the legislature. But, if history is any guide, it would be difficult unless there are strategies to get key decision makers whom have not shown up yet, on our side   In the case of the ballot initiatve, the voters have overwhelmingly stated over and over that they support renewable energy. So, it is up to us to give them a chance to vote on it.

We need your contribution to the Florida Green Energy Initiative today. We are asking for contributions of $75, $100, 150, $200, $250 and up to $5000 or more. The website is .  There is no limit to how much you contribute to this important cause.  The success of the renewable energy industry in Florida depends on you. It is clear; we can not depend on our legislature to change its stripes regarding renewable energy policy. The only reason that there was a debate at all was the fear of the Federal government perhaps forcing the State legislatures  hands. Now that the Federal RES legislation has been all but taken off the table, the Florida legislature no longer have a reason to even lend such polices lip service. We urge your contribution now to the Florida Green Energy Initiative. And, we urge you to join our organizing committee.
All checks should be mailed to 1400 Village Square Blvd Suite #3-148, Tallahassee, Fl 32312 to the attention of Nancy Harrison, Treasurer and made out to the Florida Green Energy Initiative or FGEI or pay here
online (as donation).    Please help the industry you care about get a real foot hold in Florida by supporting this cause to place the question on the ballot for voters to voice their support in 2012. We must start now.  We need your support.  

Florida Green Energy Initiative

Donate Here 




or michael@


Ballot Initiative Activity


May 13, 2011 Friday
 Fundraiser - Double Tree Hotel, Tallahasee
5:30 - 7:00 pm.
* If you would like to contribute and cannot attend fundraiser, please contribute online HERE, send by mail  or call (850) 363-4122

May 18, 2011
Fundraiser - Ft. Lauderdale 
Ritz Carlton


 All checks should be mailed to : 1400 Village Square Blvd Suite #3-148, Tallahassee Florida 32312 and checks are made out to: Florida Green Energy Initiative

To reserve a seat or ask questions contact us via email at or call (850) 363-4122





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Florida Million Solar Rooftops, Inc 
 FREPA is ironing out a partnership with Florida Million Solar Rooftops, Inc to be inked mid-summer. Led by Jessie Roche , it is a high octane news network for renewable energy.. especially in Florida. We want to have our readers get acquainted with Jessie and his website. We believe that this is a place you want to visit often. As a FREPA member, you will find great benefit in this relationship.... a place to tell your story, to place your press releases and a place to get news.




 Uma Solar-For more than 30 years, UMA Solar has been a preeminent force in the solar industry. From its beginnings in the plastic over-molding industry to today's domination of the solar thermal market, UMA Solar continues to meet the nation's solar needs.Visit them here

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