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Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association
 Volume 13                                                                         August 2010

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Dear Members and Supporters,
Welcome to IGNITE, the FREPA E-newsletter.
This installment of our e-newsletter is dedicated to things that matter. As your mailboxes have been bombarded with campaign mailers and as renewable energy projects have been held hostage to uncertainty related to the winds of political fortunes on the state and federal levels, we pause to remind you to participate in our  democracy by voting and supporting those who support us.
In Florida, we have real choices  to make on August 24th in a number of primary races. In Tallahassee, two FREPA members Michelle Rewhinkle Vasilinda and Rick Minor are seeking the Florida House District 9 seat in the Democratic primary. FREPA has made no endorsement in that race. In South Florida, FREPA endorsed Sharon Merchant who is locked into a competetive primary for Florida Senate District 27 Republican primary. We ask you to support Sharon. You can call her campaign office to find out how best to do that.  A few other legislative races we are watching and urge your support is House District 69 and House District 70 whereby we urge your support for Rep. Doug Holder of District 70 and Rep. Keith Fitzgerald  of District 69 represpectively. They are freinds of FREPA. There are many, many legislative races which FREPA have keen interest in.. to many to mention in this writing.
 Florida has a very competitive Republican primary between Rick Scott and Bill McCullum and one for the U.S. Senate between Kendrick Meek and Billionaire (like that word) Greene. FREPA has not taken a position in either statewide race, but will endorse during the general election. However, as known freinds of our industry in the state legislature,  FREPA encourage you to support Dan Gelber for the Attorney General of Florida in the Democratic Primary and/or  Jeff Kottkamp in the Republican primary. 
We also ask that you keep abreast of PSC appointments in Florida. As you know the Governor has recently appointed two new members to the Florida Public Service Commission and is slated to appoint two more. One of the names recommended to the Governor is State Senator Lee Constantine. It is FREPA's belief that  our support matters. It matters because voters look to us to determine who best represent our hopes and that our  leaders will take  care of our environment and look for ways to diversify our econonmy with hightech and cleantech jobs... green jobs. So, we encourage you to contact the Governor to show support for  Sen. Lee Constantines possible appointment.   
Florida Green Energy Initiative -  2010 RPS Ballot Amendment
The Florida Green Energy Initiative is well under way. The FREPA driven initiative will place Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) and a Public Benefits Fund into the Florida Constitution. The initiative has retained legal services for the purpose of writing the ballot language with a goal of completetion for  mid to late September. FREPA has assembled a list of committee members that one could call a whose who of renewable energy policy experts  from around the country to assist with the task. And, we are agressively seeking contributions for this effort. Please book mark and visit our website often at 
The case for an RPS is clear and FREPA has been the leader in the quest to get an RPS policy in place in Florida. While  others have placed their emphasis on other policies such as feed in tariffs and various variations of such policy, FREPA has had a laser focus on what we believe is the key policy to kickstart the renewable energy industry in Florida. By all accounts, in the 30 plus other states that have adopted a RPS policy, the renewable energy industry has flourished in every instance.  Therefore, we urge you to contact me, Michael Dobson at 850-443-3477 or other team members  to talk about how you could help with the effort and/or visit our website to make a contribution or simply send in a contribution via regular mail.
This ballot initiative is  severely needed as a measure to help us deal with the current political and regulatory hurdles. FREPA will need your support, as we believe this will be  daunting but achievable.   If you are not a member, please join FREPA today by clicking here.  FREPA is industry focused, not technology focused. As a result, you will find that FREPA is an organization that sees the big picture and is thus somewhat agnostic about the various renewable energy technologies.  To continue our mantra from previous months, we believe in the all above approach to bringing renewable energy technology into the market place. We also believe in the value of having all technologies coelesce on the large public policy issues key to the industry so that there is unity of purpose and voice.  Our members are large and small scaled solar, biomass, wind,  biofuels (biodeisel and ethanol), those interested in natural gas vehicles, some green building materials companies (energy efficiency)... auxilliary business groups such as engineers, builders and entities such as economic development corporations, local governments, universities   and chambers of commerces. Additionally, FREPA has formed a fuel co-op for biomass and biofuels developers as a means to identify and secure feed stock needed for our members energy projects.  
We ask that you continue providing your support and adding your voice. There is much work ahead and we have a clear vision.  
 Michael Dobson
 FREPA President
FGEI logo 
A call to: Support the 2012 Florida Green Energy Ballot Initiative
Dear Renewable Energy Friends and Supporters:
Please accept this writing as another clarion call to: Florida Farmers, solar contractors, solar technology installers, renewable project developers, those in the legal profession focusing on renewable energy regulation, PPA negotiators, reseachers, biofuels producers, engineering firms, industrial construction companies, architects, electricians, roofers, economic develoment councils, chamber of commerces and all who are eager to have Florida lead in establishing a robust renewable energy industry.. It is now time for you to act and be serious if you are to have renewable energy policy in Florida. The FREPA founded, Florida Green Energy Initiative is our best shot and require your support.
Over the last 40 years, Washington has failed to act on renewable energy... locked in the grips of big oil, some large utilities, their lobbyist and the status quo. In Florida, the same has held true. Over the last four years (or more) Florida's  renewable energy business organizations, environmentalist and their activist have worked diligently to get renewable energy legislation passed. They have been  working with both political parties, the governors office and with other appropriate agencies  to secure a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard and a Public Benefits Fund policy for Florida. Additionally, the summers  of 2007 and 2008  were spent meeting with and addressing the Florida Public Service Commission which ultimately secured a study by Navigant (a private consulting company) at tax payer's expense to identify Florida's renewable energy resources and to outline what is possible with regard to creating a renewable energy industry in Florida.  Recommendations from the findings were submitted to the legislature. It was done so only to have the Florida legislature all but ignore the work and their suggestions .... to push for off shore oil drilling and nuclear energy instead.
Time and time again, the Florida legislature has failed to pass or even hear renewable energy policy in its committees and on the floor, as explained
here . Legislators who champion the renewable energy industry has seen their legislation simply languish because leadership is simply not interested in taking it on.  Opponents has voiced support in public and worked to kill measurers behind the scenes. And, on many occasions renewable energy groups has cannibalized each other.. therefore making the renewable energy industry  easy pickings to divide and conquer. Legislative bodies in America is the opponent's domain. It is where the renewable energy industry cannot compete. One could argue that, this new industry cannot compete with the historic relationships tied by money and blood throughout  American politics. This is not a new story; it is an American story that is as old as the first combustion engine and our first utility with the advent of the light bulb.

That is why it is crystal clear that the only way forward in Florida is with a constitutional amendment for renewable energy. To not accept that fact may be considered na´ve or simply wishful thinking. Since key opponents of renewable energy have not been overtaken by an alien creature with special mind bending powers, it is not likely that any hearts are minds will change in our legislature enough to pass a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard or a Public Benefits Fund. However, we must and will  continue making our case in Tallahassee. So friends, the wolf is certainly at our door and it is now time to get serious about renewable energy policy in Florida. The voters have overwhelmingly stated over and over that they support renewable energy. So, it is up to us to give them a chance to vote on it.
We need your contribution to the Florida Green Energy Initiative today. We are asking for contributions of $75, $100, 150, $200, $250 and up to $5000 or more. Website at under construction.  There is no limit to how much you contribute to this important cause.  The success of the renewable energy industry in Florida depends on you. It is clear; we can not depend on our legislature to change its stripes regarding renewable energy policy. The only reason that there was a debate at all was the fear of the Federal government perhaps forcing the State legislatures  hands. Now that the Federal RES legislation has been all but taken off the table, the Florida legislature no longer have a reason to even lend such polices lip service. We urge your contribution now to the Florida Green Energy Initiative. And, we urge you to join our organizing committee.
All checks should be mailed to 3491 Thomasville Rd #11-110, Tallahassee, Fl 32309 to the attention of Nancy Harrison, Treasurer and made out to the Florida Green Energy Initiative or FGEI or pay here
online (as donation).    Please help the industry you care about get a real foot hold in Florida by supporting this cause to place the question on the ballot for voters to voice their support in 2012. We must start now.  We need your support. 
Michael Dobson
Florida Green Energy Initiative

Spreading the Word


FREPA   Townhall Meetings on Florida Green Energy Initiative 
 Florida State University  October 5, 2010
 University of West Florida  October 7, 2010
University of South Florida - October 12, 2010
Tallahassee Florida - September 23, 2010
Florida Renewable Energy Candidate Forums
Orlando- Jointed Moderated by FREPA and local Orange County organizations
October 14, 2010 
Tallahassee - Coordinated by FREPA Big Bend Chapter
September 23, 2010
Pensacola- Coordinated by FREPA  North West Florida Chapter
 October 7, 2010 
South Florida Chapter - Coordinated by FREPA South Florida Chapter
October 13, 2010 
Recent News Articles  
 Alex Sink unveils alternative energy plan
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink called for Florida to revamp its energy future with consumer-focused innovations.
Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau
In Alex Sink's view of the future, homeowners could install rooftop solar panels and not pay higher taxes for lowering their electricity bills. Businesses could generate their own electricity.Read More 
 National Ocean Energy R&D Center Located in Florida
Published: August 10, 2010
Florida -- The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced that it was designating the Center for Ocean Energy Technology (COET) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) a nation center for ocean energy R&D and naming it the Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC). Read More 
Renewable Energy Company Making Waves in Brevard County
Brevard County, Fla. (July 15, 2010) - The Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast (EDC) announced today that Clean and Green Enterprises, Inc., a renewable energy company, has established a research and development operation in Melbourne, Florida.Read More 

by Bruce Mulliken, Green Energy News
If anything in watching endless pictures of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico we've learned one thing: The northern Gulf, such as along the coast of Louisiana, is not too windy and probably not windy enough to power an offshore wind farm. Had it been windier, the measly percentages for skimming and burning of oil of 4 percent and six percent, respectively, would have been even less. It would gave been very difficult to scoop up or coral oil for burning if there had been persistent choppy seas.

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Lobbyist for solar-trade groups faces challenges pushing legislation
By Diane Mastrull
Inquirer Staff Writer
 No matter how glorious a spectacle, each day's rising sun is also Maureen Mulligan's reminder of failure.
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Gubernatorial candidates weigh in on alternative-energy portfolio standards
By Diane Mastrull
Inquirer Staff Writer
One of the world's largest wind companies, Spain's Gamesa, has two plants in Pennsylvania where turbine components are made, and it employs 850 statewide.Read More
Solar Panels Dust Themselves Off
Solar panels that can shake off their dust off via a self-generated electric pulse keep soaking in maximal rays. Cynthia Graber reports.
Imagine giant fields filled with photovoltaic solar panels, soaking up rays. The best spots to put such panels are obviously sunny, with little rain. But such places often come with lots of dust.
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Florida Ethanol Plant Gets Boost from New Jersey Solar Firm
 In many ways, it's a match made in renewable energy heaven. A South Lake County, Florida garbage-to-ethanol plant will soon begin installing a massive solar installation with the aid of Edison, New Jersey solar installer and developer SunDurance Energy, reports the Post-Tribune.Read More
Renewable + Law
 The Climate Policy, Renewable Energy, Sustainability Blog
To be held at Mary Brogan Museum of Tallahassee 
*keep checking for 2011 agenda 

 March 14, 2011
March 15, 2011
Breakfast  and Lunch with keynote speakers
 Roundtables and breakout sessions in between 
March 16, 2011
Lobby Day- walk to Capitol and meet with members of the legislature 
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 Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo Fees: 

**All FREPA members receive 40% off attendance/registration fee  if registered early before  
November  15,  2010
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We also encourage you to consider purchasing add space in our program booklet. The purchasing of add space entitles you to have your logo and a link to your candidate website to be placed on our conference website as a supporter. 
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One (1) complimentary attendee passes for all event activities
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For car dealers, one space to exhibit flexfuel, hybrid vehicles
One (1) complimentary attendee passes for all event activities
Company logo displayed on a sponsor banner
Quarter page ad in program booklet
Company insert in event registration bag
One (1) complimentary exhibit booth (subject to availability)
Company logo displayed on a sponsor banner during event
Company name displayed on a sponsor banner during the event
Fourth Annual
Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo and Symposium
and Renewable Energy Lobby Day 
March 14-16, 2011 
FREPA Events 
November 10, 2010 Renewable Energy Project Finance Workshop- Orlando (registration $75.00)- pay registration here or here and dowload registration form here


New Board Member  

Al Simpler

Al Simpler,President Simpler Solar
FREPA welcomes its newest board member, Al Simpler of Simpler Solar. Al has been in the solar business  in Florida for the past three decades and is considered by many to be pone of the industries most tenacious advocates. We are fortunate to have Al provide insight as a board member and to provide key insight into the development of  FREPA's solar technology policy agenda. Additionally,  Al will be an influential member of the Big Bend Chapter along with that chapters President James Young of Pheonix Renewable Energy   
Co-Chair Florida Green Energy Initiative 
Honorable Senator Lee Constantine
State Senator Lee Constantine will serve as a Co- Chair of the Florida Green Energy Initiative. Senator Constantine is a long time legislative advocate of renewable energy, energy efficiency, conservation, recycling and considered by many to be the primary author of Florida's building codes. As Senator Constantine has many options before him, we urge that you  support him as needed to make sure that he can continue to make a difference in the future for Florida.  
Currently, Senator Constantines name has been forwarded to the  Governor for consideration as a member of the Florida Public Service Commission. If he is succesful, he could no longer engage in or support our initiative. We  hope that he is chosen because we know him to be able to hit the ground running in that position as it is an awesome responsibility that affects every citizen of Florida. The Governors appointment will certainly be a political one and we should not be shy to acknowledge such. It is incumbent upon us to communicate to the Governor that Sen. Constantines selection is one that the voters of Central Florida.  and the environmental community would loudly support.   We thank him for his continued service and wish him luck.  Please write a letter of support to the Governor.
 Candidate To Support
Sharon Merchant
Sharon Merchant 

FREPA ask that you continue to support its member and FREPA endorsed candidate for  the Florida Senate,Sharon Merchant. We have come to know Sharon as someone passionate about the renewable energy industry, green jobs as well as the economic diversity the industry will bring to Florida.  Sharon is a business women and someone who will always have her door open for the renewable energy business community and will stand up for the industry. Having worked with renewable energy manufactures herself, she knows first hand the challenges and opportunities the industry face. She will not only be a strong friend in the legislature,but  she is also very knowledgable about the  industry. And, as a former member of the Florida House, Sharon will be able to get things done from day one. We ask that our members and supporters vigourously support her candidacy . Please visit here campaign website HERE and show your support.

For the general election, you can also mail a check to:
Sharon Merchant Campaign
P.O. Box 6115
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Join Our Governing Team
FREPA is expanding its board and is now accepting applications for new board members and/or sub-committee members. If you are interested in serving on a committee or participating on our board or be an advisor, please send your bio to  

Join FREPA today or simply make a donation of support. Download NEW membership app HERE. Please allow 24 hrs for all credit card s to be processed.

Please contact our office by phone at (850) 443-3477 or e-mail, or for additional information about  FREPA.  
Michael Dobson
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association

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