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 Volume 12                                                                         July/August 2010

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Dear Members and Supporters,
Welcome to IGNITE, the FREPA E-newsletter.
FREPA continues to grow as "Florida's Voice For Renewable Energy". Your support is what has sustained us and we thank you.  We get to do the work necessary to build a vibrant industry in Florida because of your commitment to working with us to make sure we are able to communicate Floridas  renewable energy industry's needs. The renewable energy industry is no longer simply a buzz word for enviros but is now a critical component to diversifying Florida's economy and creating new  jobs. Some policymakers are also beginning to see the export potential of  cleantech manufacturing  in Florida in addition to the intellectual capital created from more Florida based research and development into the technologies that will bring down cost and revolutionize this new industry. 
While much progress has been made, we still have many challenges that prevent the industry from taking its rightful place in Florida and the nation. We still have policies that favor a model for distributing electric  power and fueling automotives for transportation  that is outdated and is protectionism for  the status quo. American farmers and the agriculture community are also getting into the business as they see a way of entering new markets as they face more intense competition from a global marketplace.  
Instead of sitting back, FREPA has proposed policies that does not displace those businesses whom are the gatekeepers of the status quo, but to expand the market, add more competetition, and encourage innovation that will increase Florida's GDP.  For our industry to work, we must continue having the difficult dialogue necessary with large utilties and others. They are a renewable energy developers customer. In the end, we need them to purchase the power or the fuel generated from independent renewable energy  development projects. We at FREPA understand these relationships and are pleased that we are talking to each other as we all try to solve the problems of Floridas future energy needs and the goal of providing for such needs in a more planet friendly manner. Our challenge is also on the politcal front.
There remains many political and regulatory hurdles. FREPA has taken a lead to address them.. such as through the pursuit of a 2012 ballot initiative for a Florida Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Public Benefits Fund while continuing to work with our legislative  leaders. If you are not a member, please join FREPA today by clicking here.  FREPA is industry focused, not technology focused. As a result, you will find that FREPA is an organization that sees the big picture and is thus somewhat agnostic about the various renewable energy technologies. We believe in the all above approach to bringing renewable energy technology into the market place. We also believe in the value of having all technologies coelesce on the large public policy issues key to the industry so that there is unity of purpose and voice.  Our members are large and small scaled solar, biomass, wind,  biofuels (biodeisel and ethanol), those interested in natural gas vehicles, some green building materials companies (energy efficiency)... auxilliary business groups such as engineers, builders and entities such as economic development corporations, local governments, universities   and chambers of commerces. Additionally, FREPA has formed a fuel co-op for biomass and biofuels developers as a means to identify and secure feed stock needed for our members energy projects.  
We ask that you continue providing your support and adding your voice. There is much work ahead and we have a clear path.  
 FREPA President
   A call to: Support the 2012 Florida Green Energy Ballot Initiative
Dear Renewable Energy Friends and Supporters:
It is now time for you to act and be serious if you are to have renewable energy policy. 
Over the last 40 years, Washington has failed to act on renewable energy... locked in the grips of big oil, some large utilities, their lobbyist and the status quo. In Florida, the same has held true. Over the last four years (or more) Florida's  renewable energy business organizations, environmentalist and their activist have worked diligently to get renewable energy legislation passed. They have been  working with both political parties, the governors office and with other appropriate agencies  to secure a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard and a Public Benefits Fund policy for Florida. Additionally, the summers  of 2007 and 2008  were spent meeting with and addressing the Florida Public Service Commission which ultimately secured a study by Navigant (a private consulting company) at tax payer's expense to identify Florida's renewable energy resources and to outline what is possible with regard to creating a renewable energy industry in Florida.  Recommendations from the findings were submitted to the legislature. It was done so only to have the Florida legislature all but ignore the work and their suggestions .... to push for off shore oil drilling and nuclear energy instead.
Time and time again, the Florida legislature has failed to pass or even hear renewable energy policy in its committees and on the floor, as explained
here . Legislators who champion the renewable energy industry has seen their legislation simply languish because leadership is simply not interested in taking it on.  Opponents has voiced support in public and worked to kill measurers behind the scenes. And, on many occasions renewable energy groups has cannibalized each other.. therefore making the renewable energy industry  easy pickings to divide and conquer. Legislative bodies in America is the opponent's domain. It is where the renewable energy industry cannot compete. One could argue that, this new industry cannot compete with the historic relationships tied by money and blood throughout  American politics. This is not a new story; it is an American story that is as old as the first combustion engine and our first utility with the advent of the light bulb.

That is why it is crystal clear that the only way forward in Florida is with a constitutional amendment for renewable energy. To not accept that fact may be considered na´ve or simply wishful thinking. Since key opponents of renewable energy have not been overtaken by an alien creature with special mind bending powers, it is not likely that any hearts are minds will change in our legislature enough to pass a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard or a Public Benefits Fund. However, we must and will  continue making our case in Tallahassee. So friends, the wolf is certainly at our door and it is now time to get serious about renewable energy policy in Florida. The voters have overwhelmingly stated over and over that they support renewable energy. So, it is up to us to give them a chance to vote on it.
We need your contribution to the Florida Green Energy Initiative today. We are asking for contributions of $75, $100, 150, $200, $250 and up to $5000 or more. Website at under construction.  There is no limit to how much you contribute to this important cause.  The success of the renewable energy industry in Florida depends on you. It is clear; we can not depend on our legislature to change its stripes regarding renewable energy policy. The only reason that there was a debate at all was the fear of the Federal government perhaps forcing the State legislatures  hands. Now that the Federal RES legislation has been all but taken off the table, the Florida legislature no longer have a reason to even lend such polices lip service. We urge your contribution now to the Florida Green Energy Initiative. And, we urge you to join our organizing committee.
All checks should be mailed to 3491 Thomasville Rd #11-110, Tallahassee, Fl 32309 to the attention of Nancy Harrison, Treasurer and made out to the Florida Green Energy Initiative or FGEI or 
pay here online (as donation).    Please help the industry you care about get a real foot hold in Florida by supporting this cause to place the question on the ballot for voters to voice their support in 2012. We must start now.  We need your support. 
Michael Dobson
Florida Green Energy Initiative

Spreading the Word

 Senator Lee Constantine speaking at Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo with State Representative Keith Fitzgerald listening in (with Senate candidate Sharon Merchant) 
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FREPA is on the move around the state of Florida
hosting expos,workshops, meetings and keeping policymakers engaged 
Jerry Karnas, addresses FREPA workshop on Federal policy in Sarasota legislative wrapup
FREPA has hit the ground running after the 2010 Florida legislative session. First with a workshop held in  Sarasota for an overview of its ballot initiative and a legislative roundup. Speakers included Jerry Karnas and Robin Roropaugh.
Its Third Annual Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo was held most recently in Orlando at the Rosen Plaza Hotel where members of the Florida legislature as well as FREPA endorsed legislative candidates attended.  FREPA holds a variety of key business and policy workshops   year round throughout Florida. We are  constantly educating members and engaging policymakers .. not just for session or at annual conference . but year round.

FREPA President Michael Dobson, announce to Rep. Michelle Vasilinda that she  has won FREPA's 2010 Florida Renewable Energy Champion Award

michelle 1
Recent News Articles  
Renewable sources advocates target special session
Proposals will be introduced at Crist's meeting that starts today.
By Brandon Larrabee
TALLAHASSEE - Despite discouraging results after years of trying to get the state to draw more power from renewable sources, advocates are set to at least make another effort in the special session beginning today. Read More 
Florida Legislature rejects oil drilling ban vote, adjourns
Tallahaee-Moving with extrordinary speed, the Florida legislature took two hours Tuesaday to reject Gov. Charlie Crist's proposal to give  voters the chance to amend the state constitution and ban off shore  drilling.Read More 
Crist blasts Florida legislature as 'do-nothing' for killing oil session in record time
 By Michael C. Bender Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
 TALLAHASSEE - In one of the shortest special sessions in state history, Florida lawmakers quit after just 138 minutes on Tuesday, refusing to let voters decide whether oil drilling in state waters should be constitutionally banned. Read More                     
Four Ways to Kill A Climate Bill 
Published: July 25, 2010
IF President Obama and Congress had announced that no financial reform legislation would pass unless Goldman Sachs agreed to the bill, we would conclude our leaders had been standing in the Washington sun too long. Yet when it came to addressing climate change, that is precisely the course the president and Congress took. Lacking support from those most responsible for the problem, they have given up on passing a major climate bill this year.  
 Read More 
When Will the Sunshine State Embrace Solar Power?

Florida is famous for its abundant sunshine. Yet the state's small solar businesses are expecting cloudy skies this summer. The Florida Legislature, citing another tough budget cycle, has failed to renew a state rebate program which provided incentives for solar providers working to sell renewable energy to Florida customers. Read More 

BP Oil Spill Undermines SunPower, Vestas as Energy Bill Trips
SunPower Corp. and Vestas Wind Systems A/S, the biggest solar-panel supplier in the U.S. and the world's largest wind turbine maker, are losing more than Big Oil from BP Plc's spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 
Read More 
 Florida Legislature Needs To Support Strong Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (reprint from 2008.. underscores work to be done.. no action) 
The Florida Legislature has gone a long way to pass a renewable energy bill this session, but we urge them to make sure that it produces renewable energy. One way to do that is to build the policy infrastructure for green jobs in Florida. Much of the bill seeks to codify the Governor's Executive Order.
 Read More
Solar Feed-in Tariffs vs. Renewable Portfolio Standards
Solar feed-in tariffs or FiTs and Renewable Portfolio Standards both work to increase the output of renewable energy, but each regulatory process differs in function.  With an RPS, utilities are obligated to generate a percentage of their annual energy supply from renewable sources or else purchase Renewable Energy Credits on the open market to fulfill this requirement.  Read More
Could Renewables Be the Backstop for a Climate Change Bill?
Smarten up on the climate change debate by learning this acronym: CEPS-All. It stands for Clean Energy Portfolio Standards.

 It's a catch-all term that refers to your basic renewable energy standard -- 25 percent of all energy coming from non-coal sources by 2025. But it also adds to this target other "clean" fuel sources like nuclear power, natural gas, and coal plants that can successfully capture carbon, and applies the target to hydroelectric and municipal waste plants. 
Read More 
Utilities and Environmentalists Haggle Over Climate Bill
 Utility executives plan to head to Washington this week to weigh in on the latest iterations of legislation to control carbon dioxide emissions. Among them are Michael G. Morris, president and chief executive of American Electric Power, and James Rogers, chairman of Duke Energy.Read More
 Liberal activists say good riddance to Kerry-Lieberman climate legislation
Liberal and environmental activists say that Democrats will not suffer in November because of their failure to pass Senate climate change legislation. Read More

 Senators call for Big Oil to fund renewable energy grants program
 A group of US senators is proposing measures to extend a federal grant program for renewable energy projects, which is due to expire at the end of the year.
The move could create as many as 65,000 jobs according to various studies cited by the Senators, who include Maria Cantwell (D-WA), George LeMieux (R-FL), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), and Ben Nelson (D-NE).
Read More 
Renewable Energy Investor News Feed
Investors: Renewables Growth is Slower but Steady
by Stephen Lacey, Podcast Producer 
New York, New York In just one year, the story line for the renewable energy industry has been flipped on its head. Last summer, as investors tried to figure out the stimulus package, there was a lack of capital and a pent up demand for projects. This summer, there are far fewer projects being developed, but more willingness to lend from financiers.
Read More 
To be held at Mary Brogan Museum of Tallahassee 
*keep checking for 2011 agenda 

 March 14, 2011
March 15, 2011
Breakfast  and Lunch with keynote speakers
 Roundtables and breakout sessions in between 
March 16, 2011
Lobby Day- walk to Capitol and meet with members of the legislature 
Ask about CLE Credits 
 Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo Fees: 

**All FREPA members receive 40% off attendance/registration fee  if registered early before  
November  15,  2010
 Exhibit Booth Space $275
Expo Attendee Registration
Registration $175
Student Fee  $25
Fee includes:
All Sessions
We also encourage you to consider purchasing add space in our program booklet. The purchasing of add space entitles you to have your logo and a link to your candidate website to be placed on our conference website as a supporter. 
Quarter Page    $250.00
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One (1) complimentary attendee passes for all event activities
Company logo displayed on a sponsor banner during event
Half page ad in program booklet
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One (1) complimentary exhibit booth (subject to availability)
For car dealers, one space to exhibit flexfuel, hybrid vehicles
One (1) complimentary attendee passes for all event activities
Company logo displayed on a sponsor banner
Quarter page ad in program booklet
Company insert in event registration bag
One (1) complimentary exhibit booth (subject to availability)
Company logo displayed on a sponsor banner during event
Company name displayed on a sponsor banner during the event
Fourth Annual
Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo and Symposium
and Renewable Energy Lobby Day 
March 14-16, 2011 
A Few Upcoming Events
 Please register for the Florida Farm To Fuel Summit, to be held August 11-13, 2010  HERE
Southeast Biomass Conference and Tradeshow, November 2-4, 2010. For information, go HERE 
FREPA dinner at Farm to Fuel Summit. Join us on August 11, 2010 at 7:30 for a casual dinner  after the reception . 
FREPA Events 
August- Press conference to announce Florida Green Energy Initiative Co-Chairs and speakers bureau
FREPA Ballot Initiative  Townhall Meetings (September)- Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Pensacola , Gainesville, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Miami and Tallahassee
November 10, 2010 Renewable Energy Project Finance Workshop- Orlando (registration $75.00)- pay registration here or here and dowload registration form here


Sharon Merchant
Sharon Merchant 

FREPA has endorsed the Florida Senate campaign of Sharon Merchant. We have come to know Sharon as someone passionate about the renewable energy industry, green jobs as well as the economic diversity the industry will bring to Florida.  Sharon is a business women and someone who will always have her door open for the renewable energy business community and will stand up for the industry. Having worked with renewable energy manufactures herself, she knows first hand the challenges and opportunities the industry face. She will not only be a strong friend in the legislature,but  she is also very knowledgable about the  industry. And, as a former member of the Florida House, Sharon will be able to get things done from day one. We ask that our members and supporters vigourously support her candidacy . Please visit here campaign website HERE and show your support.

You can also mail a check to:
Sharon Merchant Campaign
P.O. Box 6115
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
New FREPA Advisory Board Member
Sonya Negley
Florida's Great Northwest   
FREPA welcomes Sonya Negley of Florida's Great Northwest,Inc to its advisory board. Sonya's intellect, energy and business savvy has helped propel Floridas' Great Northwest into one of Floridas premier economic development organizations with a real commitment and focus on bringing renewable energy to the North Florida region. FREPA is pleased that we will get the benefit of her advise.
Renewable Energy  Candidate Forum
FREPA organized candidate forum  is rescheduled to be held  in Orlando in the month of  September 2010 to be moderated by the Orange County league of Women Voters. It was decided that  a renewable energy forum would be more practical after the primaries.
*Look for announcement for  FREPA South Florida Chapter event in the future
FREPA also welcomes its newest member, Amy Mercado. Amy is currently a candidate for the Florida House of Repesentatives. 

Note: On July 20, 2010, the FREPA Big Bend Chapter  held its Chapter Kickoff . The Big Bend Chapter President is James Young of Tallahassee based, Pheonix Renewable Energy, LLC .

Join Our Governing Team
FREPA is expanding its board and is now accepting applications for new board members and/or sub-committee members. If you are interested in serving on a committee or participating on our board or be an advisor, please send your bio to  

Join FREPA today or simply make a donation of support. Download NEW membership app HERE. Please allow 24 hrs for all credit card s to be processed.

Please contact our office by phone at (850) 443-3477 or e-mail, or for additional information about  FREPA.  
Michael Dobson
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association

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