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 April 26, 2010
Contact: Cyndi Craig
(850) 443-6705 or Michael Dobson (850) 443-3477




FREPA announce concerns about House energy bill and that Florida may be headed toward a ballot initiative on energy
The Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association (FREPA) announce its concerns about HB 7229. FREPA states that while the currently debated HB 7229 allow for more renewable energy in Florida, it does so mostly to the benefit of investor owned utilities bottom line while not creating a competitive market in Florida. It also does so by eliminating all references in statute to the work that has been done by all stakeholders at the behest of the governor's 2007 executive order which was the catalyst for HB 7135 in 2008 which was a roadmap to a competitive renewable energy marketplace in Florida. For instance, HB 7229 eliminates all references to Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards and reductions of emissions.  Moreover, it  transparently allows investor owned utilities to bypass the Public Service Commission (PSC) review process with regard to cost while  encourages self building of plants by utilities  and self ownership of renewable projects ....not the competitive markets which encourage better cost review,  which would be of better benefit to customers.
Further, our concern has made us begin working with like minded citizens, organizations and supporters to pursue a  ballot initiative for 2012 that creates a competitive renewable energy market in Florida through  a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) and a Public Benefits Fund policy. FREPA and its supporters are doing so because, all parties are afraid that  it is clear that the Florida legislature is not willing to pursue renewable job creation policy urged by our citizens  that creates the type of competition which allows  independent renewable energy developers to competitively place energy projects in Florida. The group believes a ballot initiative will let the people decide, if left no other choice.
"FREPA certainly supports the increase of renewable energy generation in Florida, but we also believe that the best way to get there is with a sustainable policy infrastructure which encourages competition and dependability within the market if we are to have a real industry in Florida. There is still time. Hopefully, the senate will fix these problems in the bill that could be considered 10 steps backward and three steps forward perhaps nowhere, said, Michael Dobson, President."  We maintain that a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard coupled with the Public Benefits Fund is the best way forward for a competitive and sustainable renewable energy industry in Florida.
Lastly, FREPA believes that it is better for Florida to have its own RPS in place before there is a national one so that Florida has an opportunity to have a better say in what our energy future looks like in case there is a Federal policy, which many believe will come about.

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Michael Dobson
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association