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"Renewable Energy Project Finance and Policy Workshop"
Learn more about:

Obtaining stimulus dollars

Get an update on  stimulus program

Fundamentals of project financing and project viabilty 

How to attract venture capital

How to win grants

How to negotiate purchase power agreements... and more


Workshop Co- Sponsor 

 K&L Gates,LLP
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Orlando Utility Commission (OUC)
Florida Renewable Energy  Association (FREA)
Dobson, Craig and Assocates, LLC
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K&L Gates, LLP 

Hamilton Lane, Inc

                 United States   Department of Agriculture (USDA)
*Note: you do not have a project if you can not get it financed****

Join  FREPA and K&L Gates  LLP for a long awaited "Renewable Energy Project Finance and Policy Workshop"  to be  held on September 18th 2009 at The Ritz - Carlton, Grande Lakes of Orlando with a reception on the evening of the 17th. Attendees are also encouraged to attend the FREE grant writing workshop on the 17th.
As Florida's leader in renewable energy public policy and industry business education, FREPA is committed to making sure Florida entrepreneurs and renewable energy developers and businessmen/businesswomen have the tools needed to get the necessary funding  for their projects.
To do so, FREPA and its founders  has teamed up with K&L Gates LLP, an internationally recognized leader in renewable and cleantech project financing. It is one of the few firms congressional leaders confer with regarding the financial health of the industry. K&L Gates, LLP  clients consist of  some of the worlds largest renewable energy developers, cleantech manufacturers and successful entrepreneurs in the industry. Their influence and insight is helping to shape federal renewable energy policy which will be felt throughout the country.
K&L Gates LLP along with  FREPA and its founders is bringing this key workshop to Florida.  
 Note:  Biofules financing is being addressed in Sept 18 workshop along with electric generation technologies
September 17, 2009
Special: Grantwriting Workshop
 2:00 -4:00-  (covering state and federal grants for energy efficiency, deployment and manufacturing)
 *Must attend
4:00  - Renewable Energy Policy Coalition meeting
Representatives from  key renewable energy associations, informal coalitions and leading state advocates discuss and finetune efforts to move the industrty forward. E-mail us if you cannot attend and would like to call in.

5:30-7:00 -Reception
7:15- 8:30 - Informal Policy Discussion and  Dinner
This event is an update on federal and state energy policy; an announcement of   FREPA's legislative agenda; a statement  of shared policy principles between all key renewable energy organizations in Florida; the announcement of some FREPA candidate endorsements and also some. (Q&A )
September 18, 2009
7:30- 8:30- Registration 
8:45 - 9:15 - Welcome and Opening Remarks 
FREPA President and invited guest 
Honorable State Representative Precourt- pending
Honorable State Representative Darren Soto - Invited
Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum - Invited
Florida Governor, Charlie Crist-Invited

9:00 -9:40 - Florida State Board of Administration New "Growth Fund" and some Q&A on other states growth funds
 greg baty
Hamilton Lane -Greg Baty
Florida State Board of Administration ( new growth fund)
About Hamilton Lane

An overview of the  "Florida Growth Fund"  program for cleanteach manufacturing and renewable  energy deplyment which was approved by the 2008 legislature to commit $250 million for investment into biotech, life sciences, energy and other hi-tech growth areas. Hamilton Lane manages the fund on contract with the Florida State Board of Administration
K& L Gates LLP - Fred Gregarus
provide Q&A on california Growth fund and general Q&A on how projects are financed through such programs in other states
10:00 - 11:45 -  Project Financing by Fred Greguras, Esq, K&L Gates,LLP
 Fred Greguras
This session:High altitude insight into renewable energy project financing, renewable energy cleantech project financing, private investor financing opportunities, the venture capital community and cleantech, overview and insight into federal energy stimulus program and spending, overview of guaranteed government loans and their rules for specific project financing, purchase power agreements, items for consideration in renewable energy performa's, some Q&A
Will discuss financing opportunities for:
Energy technologies which include new energy generation technologies,new/improved or scaled up technologies,agriculture processes, research and development
Renewable energy/energy efficiency products, including cleantech manufacturing
Renewable energy/ alternative fuels projects, include electric generation and transportation fuels (biomass, wind, solar, ethanol,CNG, biodiesel)
Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) structure and negotiations
Purchase Power Agreement (PPA)to do lists
Will give an overview on federal stimulus funding ins and outs as well as pros and cons
11:45 - 12:45 :Lunch Session
Peter Chanin- Biomass Gas and Electric, LLC
Jeremy Susac- Executive Director, Florida Governors Energy Office (Invited)
Benjamin Stuart- Florida Governors Energy Office
(pending travel)  
K&L Gates,LLP - Fred Gregarus ( more Q&A) questions will be requested in writing throughout the morning specific for this session
1:00 - 2:00- Local governmental opportunities and current renewable energy deployment projects. How to partner with local governments. Local governments and stimulus dollars.
Jon Ippel
City of Orlando - Jon Ippel, Sustainabilty Project Manager for City of Orlando
Orange County Government, Environmental Protection Division - Jodi Dittell, is the Environmental Program Supervisor,Air Quality Management   
*Orange County government is a FREPA member 
Will discuss their unique programs as state leaders in what local governments can do in this space for business and the environment. Will also discuss current projects.

2:15-3:15 - Federal  and state government agency energy project financing programs
This session: Federal and state governmental agency renewable energy financing opportunities, Florida energy stimulus funding opportunities via grants and/or  guaranteed loans

USDA Renewable Energy Program- Joe Mueller (or staff) 
Joe Mueller 
Department of Energy - Invited
Florida Energy Office- Benjamin Stuart (pending) 
3:30 - 4:00 - Clean/Renewable energy State and Federal Policy overview  
FREPA staff and consultants 
4:15- Wrap-up 

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Accomodations for Orlando Workshop on Sept 17-18:
4012 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando, Florida 32837 USA    Phone:  (407) 206-2400   Fax:  (407) 206-2401
Special room rate for attendees: $159.00
*please ask about special golfing rates 

Please contact our office by phone at (850) 222-0441 or e-mail us at, or for additional information about FREPA.  
Michael Dobson
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association