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 Volume 9                                                                         September 2009

Renewable Energy In Florida
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Message From FREPA President
Dear Renewable Energy Supporters:

We hope you had a relaxing summer and were able to enjoy our planet's natural resources by enjoying the beaches, hiking, rafting, boating, fishing or other forms of leisure. And now, kids are back to school. 

In July and August, FREPA continued our statewide effort to engage legislators and advocates through various workshops. On July, 28, 2009 we held a small workshop in Tallahassee with representatives from the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce's renewable energy roundtable leaders, Linda Donwoody of Veolia and Travis Yelverton of the Chamber. The meeting was also attended by FREPA's newest member, State Representative Michelle Vasilinda. Two days later on July 30, 2009 a dinner and policy workshop was held in Orlando at the Farm to Fuel Summit, which the Commissioner of Agriculture and his Assistant Jay Levenstein was kind enough to allow us to hold.  State Senator Lee Constantine, State Representative Keith Fitzgerald, former State Represenative and now State Senate candidate Sharon Merchant and  state legislative candidate Rick Minor joined us.  These meetings allowed us to do some post legislative session analysis, reflect upon the work ahead and consider how we muster the will and ability to build coalitions to challenge the status quo.

To many, the 2009 Legislative Session represented a missed opportunity. For some, it represented a culmination of the work of many advocates over the years for renewable energy. We came away with a sense of commitment to get it done in 2010. We learned many lessons. We did not have a clear and concise strategy, nor did we have a unified message. So, we at FREPA have been busy engaging renewable energy developers, auxilliary industries, installers  and advocates around the state via small workshops and meetings to help develop that needed unity.   

We thank Craig Williams of FREA, Mike Antheill of FARE and FREPA policy guru Charles "Chip" Fletcher and other supporters for attending our July 30, 2009  meeting in Orlando to begin the hard work ahead. The goal was to begin the process of getting all formal renewable energy organizations in Florida on the same page with regard to policy principles. The lessons learned were again echoed by Senator Lee Constantine and Representative Keith Fitzgerald. At FREPA, we are committed to finding a way to help forge the unity needed to strengthen our message and our advocates' resolve to create the right policy mechanisms to generate green jobs in Florida. In a state economy which has a 10.7 percent unemployemnet rate, it is clearly irresponsible for our great state to leave green jobs on the table. We are urging unity. If you care to join us, please send an e-mail to
And, we repeat our call. That is, please do your part and contact your elected officials. Ask that they support  the renewable energy industry in Florida by agreeing to support a Florida renewable energy standard along with the key mechanisms to sustain the industry. They need to hear from you  by clicking here  for Florida Senate  and here for Florida House . They need to know that their neighbors, entrepreneurs and renewable business interests in their districts are counting on them to do so. The future economy of our state depends on whether or not we diversify. And, renewable energy is a large part of that effort. Tourism and growth alone will not save us. Florida families need to know that our leaders are leaving no rock unturned when it comes to creating jobs in Florida. So, we urge your involvement in our mission to develop the policy landscape necessary to grow green clean-tech jobs in Florida.  Click here to Join us now! or simply Donate to  our fight to further renewable energy resources in Florida.
Michael Dobson


jim King
 Soluting Senator Jim King
Dear Readers, I hope you understand my taking personal liberty to honor Senator Jim King in this writing.  
Over the years, I have worked with Senator King's office on a variety of issues. This lion of a senator and his staff welcomed folks as if they were family. One of my fondest memories of Senator King was working with him on behalf of the Florida March of Dimes. His commitment to children often went unsung but he was there for them because it was simply the right thing to do.
During the 2009 Legislative Session, I had the pleasure of meeting with Senator King to discuss the pending renewable energy bill after he was assigned the project. In his typical candor, he explained that renewable energy was a new issue for him and that he was glad to talk about it to get as much information as possible. With his quick mind and instinct for business and politics, he posed bottom-line questions to gauge the competing interests of those involved in the issue. Not one to mince words or waste time, he asked  advocates why it was important and asked some whether they had a financial interest at stake. As one learned house member once  stated about the bills he read, "98.9 percent of the legislation he reads comes down to money: who is getting it, when are they getting it, how much. or, who is losing it and how much".  Experienced legislators understand those realities and the role they play in negotiating legislation.  
Senator King was able to do what many legislators could not. He crafted a compromise bill on a very difficult subject. It may have been a bill which the renewable energy community was not totally happy with but the opposition did not get all they wanted either. That ability to please  and displease all parties - that give and take - is somewhat rare these days. Senator King was willing to put ideology aside on this issue by trying to balance a variety of business and environmental interests in a practical way. That was his style.
We will miss Senator King's candor and ability to cut to the chase in negotiations, his legislative skills, and his good nature. Moreover, he was a great leader with compassion for all things important to Florida. We appreciate his work on renewable energy in that classic Jim King style. I only hope that someone will pick up the torch in 2010.  
Michael Dobson
Managing Member, Dobson, Craig and Associates,LLC
President/CEO FREPA  
"Renewable Energy Project Finance and Policy Workshop"
Co-sponsored by:
K&L Gates,LLP
*Note: you do not have a project if you can not get it financed****
Join  FREPA and K&L Gates  LLP for a long awaited "Renewable Energy Project Finance and Policy Workshop"  to be  held on September 18th 2009 at The Ritz - Carlton, Grande Lakes of Orlando with a reception on the evening of the 17th. Attendees are also encouraged to attend the FREE grant writing workshop on the 17th along with a "biofuels only" project financing overview. Circumstances required some date changes (more recently from 8/21) to make this workshop come together.

As Florida's leader in renewable energy public policy and industry business education, FREPA is committed to making sure Florida entrepreneurs and renewable energy developers and businessmen/businesswomen have the tools needed to get the necessary funding  for their projects.
To do so, FREPA and its founders  has teamed up with K&L Gates LLP, an internationally recognized leader in renewable and cleantech project financing. It is one of the few firms congressional leaders confer with regarding the financial health of the industry. K&L Gates, LLP  clients consist of  some of the worlds largest renewable energy developers, cleantech manufacturers and successful entrepreneurs in the industry. Their influence and insight is helping to shape federal renewable energy policy which will be felt throughout the country.
K&L Gates LLP along with  FREPA and its founders is bringing this key workshop to Florida.  
September 17, 2009
Special: Grantwriting Workshop
1:30 -4:00-  (covering state and federal grants for energy efficiency, deployment and manufacturing)
Special: Ins and outs of Biofuels (only) Project Financing
4:00-5:15- Special session on biofuels. Project financing specific to Florida's biofuels challenges and opportunities
5:30-7:00 -Reception
7:15- 8:30 - Policy Discussion and  Dinner
This event is an update on federal and state energy policy; an announcement of   FREPA's legislative agenda; a statement  of shared policy principles between all key renewable energy organizations in Florida; the announcement of some FREPA candidate endorsements and also some  Q&A )
September 18, 2009
7:30- 8:30- Registration 
8:45 - 9:15 - Welcome and Opening Remarks 
FREPA President and invited guest 
Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum - Invited
Florida Governor, Charlie Crist-Invited
9:30- 11:30 -  Project Financing by Fred Greguras, Esq, K&L Gates,LLP
 Fred Greguras
This session:High altitude insight into renewable energy project financing, renewable energy cleantech project financing, private investor financing opportunities, the venture capital community and cleantech, overview and insight into federal energy stimulus program and spending, overview of guaranteed government loans and their rules for specific project financing, purchase power agreements, items for consideration in renewable energy performa's, some Q&A
Will discuss financing opportunities for:
Energy technologies which include new energy generation technologies,new/improved or scaled up technologies,agriculture processes, research and development
Renewable energy/energy efficiency products, including cleantech manufacturing
Renewable energy/ alternative fuels projects, include electric generation and transportation fuels (biomass, wind, solar, ethanol,CNG, biodiesel)
Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) structure and negotiations
Purchase Power Agreement (PPA)to do lists
11:45 - 12:45 :Lunch Session
Keynote speaker-TBA
 Jeremy Susac
Jeremy Susac- Executive Director, Florida Governors Energy Office (Invited)
K&L Gates,LLP - Confirmed ( more Q&A) questions will be requested in writing throughout the morning specific for this session
1:00-2:15 - Governmental energy project financing (bonds, stimulus, public /private partnerships and etc)
K& L Gates LLP and/or Hogan Harston,LLP
City of Orlando
Florida State Board of Administration ( new growth fund)- Invited
Hamilton Lane-Invited
This session: Municipal government energy project financing and additional insight in project financing.
2:30-4:00 - Federal government agency energy project financing programs
USDA Renewable Energy Program- representative confirmed
 (name TBA)
Department of Energy - Invited
Florida Energy Office- Invited 
City of Orlando 
Shaw Energy Solutions - Jordanna Rubin (Invited)
 Jordanna Rubin
This session: Federal and state governmental agency renewable energy financing opportunities, Florida energy stimulus funding opportunities via grants and/or  guaranteed loans

 Attendence Fee:
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Non-Members $130.00 
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Members $75.00
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Accomodations for Orlando Workshop on Sept 17-18:
4012 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando, Florida 32837 USA    Phone:  (407) 206-2400   Fax:  (407) 206-2401
Special room rate for attendees: $159.00
*please ask about special golfing rates 

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A $200-million electrical generating plant that was to be built in Tallahassee will now be built in Port St. Joe. The Northwest Florida Renewable Energy Center, owned and operated by the Georgia-based Biomass Gas and Electric Co., will gasify some 735 tons of wood waste a day to generate about 42 megawatts of power after its completion, estimated for sometime in 2011. (from Florida Trend)


Please contact our office by phone at (850) 222-0441 or e-mail us at, or for additional information about FREPA.  
Michael Dobson
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association