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Volume 6                                                                                             February 2009

Renewable Energy In Florida
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 Obama and energy stimulus AP
picture the courtesy of the Associated Press
Message From  President

Dear Renewable Energy Supporters,

This is indeed a historic and critical day (February 18, 2009) for the renewable energy industry in America. President Obama has not wavered from his campaign commitment to make good on the promise on what presidents before him deterred from largely due to an unwilling congress... that is to ignite the revolution needed to have a real green jobs economy in the United States of America.  The signing of the stimulus package yesterday has done just that. To make the paradigm shift to a commitment to green jobs a reality there is much more work to do. We must now ask state legislators and officials who question the levity of a green jobs industry to challenge their fears and propensity to do what they have always done.  The renewable community must continue to provide facts for which all decisions should be based on.

Currently, there is a lure to strap a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) in Florida for a Clean Energy Standard to include nuclear energy.  By doing so, we will not meet the challenge of creating a new vibrant 21st century Florida which will be a leader in green jobs as well as a place for a growing clean tech industry. Such a move will send a signal to renewable energy investors that once again, Florida is closed for business.  It will be viewed that when faced with being the leader in renewable energy in Southeastern United States, we passed. And we must also ask, what is the cost of doing nothing, and what type of a world will our children and grandchildren  inherit with regard to sustainability energy production, our environment, and green tech jobs. No doubt, there are hard decisions before our policymakers while they maneuver this bold new initiative of a green economy.

We at FREPA urge continued discourse about the clear benefits of renewable energy in Florida, and the long-term cost benefits of more renewable energy generation. The cost of renewable technologies continues to go down as the market has clearly shown.  We acknowledge and support the difficult jobs our leaders have before them and thank the Florida Public Service Commission for their hard work in preparing the RPS proposal.  And again, we congratulate President Barack Obama on his insight and commitment to make a significant investment in this new green industry.   




Michael Dobson

Second Annual Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo and Symposium

At the  Mary Brogan Museum , Tallahassee , Florida
March 11-12
(welcome reception on March 10th at 6-8 p.m.)

Event Website Here
$150.00 meeting attendee fee
 (include reception, breakfast,lunch all sessions and materials)
  To reserve seat:Pay Now
$275.00 Exhibitors 
(include table, 8x5 area, table cloth, two chairs ) 
Exhibitor Fee: Pay Now
 Lunch and meeting materials included.
All paying attendees receive a 50% discount off of annual FREPA membership (limited time). 
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Platinum-$5000 (limit 4)
Diamond-$3000 (limit 4)

March 10
Welcome Reception at Mary Brogan Museum-6 -8 P.M.
March 11
7:30-8:15 a.m. Sign In
8:20 -9:00a.m. - Welcome: FREPA President and CEO
Opening remarks by special guest  speakers -TBA
Governor Charlie Crist-Invited
Senate Lee Constantine- Invited  
Jeremy Susac - Invited
PSC Chairman, Mathew Carter-Invited

9:00- 9:45 ( Session A) Sunshine State Renewable Energy Future (clean and renewable technologies)
Presenters - Representatives from Biomass, waste to energy,  solar, biofuels, Ocean and wind industry
Session Description: The panelist will present an overview on where Florida is with the deployment of various energy and alternative fuel technologies and leave the audience with an idea of what are the opportunities for increased production in Florida

MW Biodiesel Consulting -Peggy Mathews, Founding Member and Agri-Source Fuels,LLC Representative

terri staniec 
Covanta Energy-
Teri Staniec,Director of Environmental Science & Community Affairs at Covanta Energy 
Florida International University (ocean energy)-Invited

Iberdrola Renewables- Victor Austin- pending 
9:00-9:45 (Session B)
Feedstock Availability; Biomass and Biofuels Project Financing

Session Description: This panel will present an in depth analysis of the currently available feedstocks for commercial production of bio-fuels. The discussion will include environmental concerns, agriculture characteristics and the economic viability of each category of feedstocks


Dr. Katsvairo 
Dr. Tawainga Katsvairo - confirmed
 Cornell University (biomass plant and soil expert) also fomer IFAS researcher
 Dr. Wilkie
Ann Wilkie
University of Florida - Dr. Ann Wilkie
Associate Research Professor /Soil and Water Science
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
University of Florida
 Roy Beckford
Rot Beckford
 University of Florida - Dr. Roy Beckford 
University of Florida Agricultural and Natural Resources Agent in Lee County
*Nationally recognized Jathropa researcher
Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (IFAS
UF New Clean Fuel: Bio-Diesel featuring Roy Beckfod 
***New****9:00- 9:45-*Special Session
* FREPA members  and supporting partners   (lower level)
Roundtable presentation, discussion and Q&A -Project financing
Moderator: TBA
John May 
 John May
John May, Esq,  Managing Partner - confirmed
Stern Brothers
Chadborne & Parke LLP - invited to participate in roundtable
9:55-10:40 a.m. (Session A) The Federal Stimulus package, the role of government, policymakers and business leaders
Gwen Rose -Vote Solar
Mark Sinclair -The Clean Energy Group  
Senator Dan Gelber-  confirmed interest/depending on legislative schedule 
Senator Michael Bennett- pending confirmation
Representative  Rick  Kriseman - Invited
Representatve Keith Fitzgerald-.. confirmed/depending on legislative schedule
Kim Williams -Invited
President,  Marphan Supply
Christopher Campbell, CEO -Invited
Vision 20/20
9:55-10:40 a.m. (Session B, lower level) Federal Renewable Energy Grant and Loans

Session Description: The presenters will go over their federal agencies renewable energy programs i,e grant and loans. USDA and DOE will also prove Q&A with respect to the direction their  agencies will be taking under the new administration
Presenter- Representative USDA- name (TBA)
Presenter- Representative DOE  -pending confirmation
10:50 - 11:50 a.m. (Session A)- Renewable Energy Policy: How to have a renewable energy revolution ...lets talk solar in the Sunshine State
Session description: The panelist will give an overview of the best and most popular renewable energy policies and opportunities credited with kick starting the industry in other states, country's and regions . Will also talk about the upside and downside of possible new policies and funding  from the new administration. 
Charity Pennock -confirmed
Subject: Southern Bioenergy Roadmap
Program Manager
Southern Growth Policies Board
Project Coordinator, SAFER 

John Burges- pending 
Sarasota-based renewable energy investor with Pretium LLC
Other Panelist-TBA 

11:10- 11:50 a.m. (Session B, Lower level)- Energy Efficiency technolgies relative to greenhouse gas reduction
Session Description: Panelist will discuss ......
A. Public policy in the area of energy efficiency
B. How to make your home more energy efficient
C. Energy Efficiency research and development updates and opportunities
D. Products
Panelist and Presenters: 
 Rob Vieira
Rob Vieira - confirmed
Director for Building Research at the Florida Solar Energy Center
Biogreen Insulation Systems- Invited 
Ron Blagus, Director of Marketing- confirmed
City of Tallahassee Utility- confirmed
 11:10- 11:50 (Proposed Session C, lower level)- 
Available clean sources of energy and their roles to fulfill our energy needs
Session Description: So that we have a clarifying view of our energy fiuture, this proposed session will review the role of all energy sources with regard to long term energy needs such as: natural gas storage,  compressed natural gas, the pickens plan and an over arching discussion about the realities of what our green energy future will look like with competing technologies to secure our energy availability in a sustainable manner with a better energy mix.

12:00-1:20 p.m. - Lunch Session
 Moderator -Tim Center of Sustainable Florida
"US Renewable policy opportunities,International market overview and energy investment big picture"  
Keynote speaker (s): 
Mont Vista Capital-Invited
Chadborne and Parke LLP - confirmed
 Charlie Bronson
Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Bronson- confirmed
1:30 - 2:20 p.m. (Session A)- Florida Green Jobs Economy
Session Description: Panelist will answer questions a such as what are green jobs? Where does  public policy and economic development meet? What are the tools  to attract green jobs? What is Florida's potential green economy? And, what does the education system need to do to make sure we have workers for new green jobs?
Dr. Rona Fried 
Rona Fried
Rona Fried, Ph.D. -confirmed
Editor & Publisher, Progressive Investor
 Article by Rona
Jay Liles- confirmed 
Policy Consultant, Florida Wildlife Federation
Present Florida Green Jobs Report 

1:30 - 2:40 p.m. (Session B- lower level)- Renewable Energy Research and Development to Commercialization .. updates 
Moderator: TBA
Session Description: Alternative energy demands are forcing the rapid development of biofuels and renewable electric generation. This panel will focus on R & D to  commercial viability to include biogas to energy, biofuel processes to commercial production,  

Complete Panel- TBA
David Cartes, Ph.D. -confirmed
Director, Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability (IESES)
Associate Director, Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS)
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Florida State University 
Elias (Lee) Stefanakos, PhD- confirmed
Professor and Director
Clean Energy Research Center
College of Engineering
University of South Florida 
Dr. Ahmad Sleiti, PhD- confirmed
Assistant Professor
College of Engineering and Computer Science
University of Central Florida

- 2:20 p.m. (Session C) -  A Cap and Trade Green Economy
Session Description: This panel will discuss how a Cap and Trade Program could boost Florida's Renewable and Efficiency Industry.
Keith Allan, HM Consul General in Florida -Confirmed
Sonia Hamel, UK Climate Change Policy Advisor for the US-Confirmed
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)- confirmed but panelist -Confirmed/name TBA
2:25- 3:20p.m. (Session A)- The session: Cities, Counties, hospitality industry and trade groups  reducing carbon footprints 
Session Description: The presenter (s) will  educate the audience on net return for greening  events in the hospitality industry to include parties and trade association events. Will also  discuss what cities and counties as well as individuals can do to green their  daily activity 
Presenters- More TBA 
                                 Georgia Malki
Georgia Malki -ConfirmedGeorgia Malki
President of Seven Star (green experts to the event industry) And, Co- Producer/Operational Director of  Green Cities: to discuss how to green an event in hospitality industry and beyond
  • Event Greening
  • Renewable Energy Credits (for events) 
  • Carbon footprint mitigation strategies
2:25- 3:20p.m. (Session B)-Green building and construction opportunities in
Session Description
: The panelist will present a discussion on the growth of the green building industry, what does it mean to be a green building and how does a building become green, green building certifications. They will also discuss job growth in the green building industry and will explore green building via the construction industry.
 Dr. Languell
 DR Languell
Jennifer L. Languell, Ph. D.-confirmed
Founder and President of Trifecta Construction Solutions
Board member of the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC)
Florida Green Building Coalition Certifying Agent
USGBC LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)
*Other presenter-TBA
2:35-3:20 p.m. (Session C) Alternative Transportation fuels: project financing and range of industry needs/opportunities
Session Description: The panel will provide a whole picture of what it will take to not only have farm to Fuel be a reality with respect to producing fuels, but to also develop the market for alternative fuels
Fuel sources including feedstock availability
Policy needs of industry 
Ins and outs of alternative fuels project financing
John May, Stern Brothers of Kansas City- Confirmed
Alternative Fuels project financing
3:30- 400- Renewable Energy Public Relations: renewable development communications and outreach strategies ..take it from a pro
Session Description: The speaker will provide insight into the significance of having a public relations strategy for your renewable energy project and strategies. Will also discuss strategies through anecdote about when  communications have gone the wrong way. We've also asked the speaker to discuss the importance of engaging in an ongoing industrywide   renewable energy educational campaign.
Honey Rand, Ph.D., APR -confirmed
The Environmental Communications Group
Author of "Water Wars":A Story of People, Politics and Power.
4:25-4:55 p.m.- Moving Florida into a Leadership Position in Renewable Energy - what to do now.

Presentations-Panel Discussion- Q&A
Florida Renewable Energy Association (FREA)-confirmed/ repTBA
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy- Leon Jacobs (confirmed)
Florida Solar Energy Industries Association(Flaseia)-pending/TBA
Florida Farm Bureau -Invited
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association (FREPA) - Confirmed 
Florida Universities Renewable
Energy Consortium -Confirmed
Enterprise Florida-pending
Florida Economic Development Councils - Todd Kokourek- Invited
 5:30- 8:00 p.m. Informal gathering at Andrews Bar and Grill
March 12
8:00-8:40 (coffee , juice and danish available)
Renewable Energy Lobby Day Prep
Overview of key components of the Florida Renewable Energy advocates policy suggestions and list of key lawmakers, appointments and etc
Presenter: FREPA Renewable energy policy coalition coordinators.
8:45- Begin meetings with lawmakers at state capital




SpringHill Suites Marriott
1300 Executive Dr 
(at Kroger Center Appalachee Parkway)Tallahassee
(850) 325-1103 
Special meeting rate of $149.00 per night.
Or go to site below for info:
 Obama Signs Stimulus Packed With Clean Energy Provisions
By Kate Galbraith
President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus package today, and the clean energy industry - among the biggest winners - is celebrating.Read More

A big green cheer for the stimulus bill
Billions to boost energy efficiency and clean up toxins? After eight dark years of Bush, environmentalists can hardly believe their eyes.
By Katharine Mieszkowski
Feb. 14, 2009 | As the economic stimulus bill fights its way out of the Senate to President Barack Obama's desk, it's tough to find a leading environmentalist with a discouraging word to say about the plan.
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Compromise bill highlights
Energy, Tech Cos Big Winners In $787 Billion US Stimulus Bill
WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- A $787 billion economic recovery bill on its way to final passage Friday in the U.S. Senate is a boon for energy and technology companies but a disappointment for businesses generally. Read More
A Slew of Tax Easings Is on the Way
February 13, 2009
For taxpayers, it's Christmas in February: Congress is about to give its final OK to a package with more than $300 billion in tax breaks designed to get both individuals and businesses to open their wallets and lift the economy out of its slump. 
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Honeywell, Echelon, Ambient and Steffes Join Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition
WASHINGTON , Feb. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG) announced today that four more companies have joined the group to help it in its efforts to raise awareness among policymakers, stakeholders and customers of how demand response and smart grid technologies and practices will modernize and strengthen the national electricity system.
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Stimulus Package Gives Big Boost to Municipal Solar Financing Programs; Study Projects $280 Billion in Solar Energy Financing 
The economic stimulus package just passed by Congress includes strong support for an innovative new solar and energy efficiency financing program that allows property owners to install solar and energy efficiency projects and pay for them over 20 years through a line item on their property tax bills.
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 Climate: Bracewell & Giuliani's Segal comments on Boxer's legislative principles, Bingaman's RPS
As Washington has all eyes on stimulus negotiations this week, energy and climate discussions are expected to take center stage in the coming months, with aggressive deadlines for cap-and-trade legislation in both the House and Senate.  

 T. Boone Pickens Statement on Passage of U.S. Senate Version of Economic Stimulus Plan

DALLAS - (Business Wire) T. Boone Pickens offered the following comment today on the passage of the U.S. Senate version of the economic stimulus plan and the progress made on energy policy and investment:
 U.S. stimulus bill likely to revive green power
By Matt Daily - Analysis
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. renewable energy sector, which has been hit hard by the banking crisis, will get a new lifeline from the economic stimulus package that is expected to pass the U.S. Congress on Friday.
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Pro-nuclear loan program dropped from stimulus
(AP) - A proposal to increase a loan guarantee program for innovative energy projects by $50 billion has been stripped from the economic recovery package after environmentalists argued it would primarily benefit the nuclear industry.
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