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Volume 5                                                                                               January 2009

Renewable Energy In Florida
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Message From President

Let us begin by saying, Happy New Year! 

We also wish to thank the nearly 100 renewable energy professionals, business representatives and entrepreneurs whom attended our Renewable Energy Grant, Loan and Finance Workshop on December 16 in Orlando. The workshop was an exclamation point to a watershed year for energy policy in Florida.  FREPA is honored to have worked with so many exemplary organizations and top notch advocates in pursuit of our mutual goals this past year.

As you know, we stand at a crossroad for redefining how we live amid the financial challenges and global concerns facing us. Opportunities to address climate change and promote green industry abound. At the apex of that crossroad is the work of the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) and, ultimately, the action of the 2009 Florida Legislature regarding the development of a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS). Currently. 29 other states have an RPS policy. With a strong RPS, Florida can emerge as the leader in the Southeastern United States with respect to its commitment to the clean tech industry. An RPS is a statement to the rest of the world that Florida is a major player, not only in renewable energy development and production, but in what will become a green jobs economy.  Imagine the economic position and strength Florida would garner as a result of increased green jobs and growing a clean-tech industry!

Armed with facts provided by advocates, academics and scientists, public testimony, and their own consultants, on January 9, 2009 the Florida Public Service Commission unanimously agreed to recommend an RPS rule to the Florida Legislature. The PSC recommended that 20% of Florida's energy generation come from renewable resources by 2020. The 20% by 2020 target reflects the Governor's goal and the position of advocates such as FREPA. We thank PSC commissioners for their wisdom and courage to support recommendations that will be long remembered as transformational for Florida's energy policy.  These efforts will ultimately change how independent power producers and utilities work together toward a mutual end - that is to create more renewable energy in Florida. 

There is much to celebrate. However, the work is far from complete as the dialogue moves to the Florida Legislature for final passage of the 20% RPS. Lack of strong compliance measures for the RPS also remains an issue. To be in the best posture for renewable energy investments from the federal government and other sources, strong compliance measures are needed along with the creation of a "Clean Energy Fund" (a.k.a. Public Benefits Fund) for renewable development in Florida.

Additionally, there are efforts underway to change the term Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) to a Clean Energy Portfolio Standard (CPS) to allow nuclear energy and perhaps "clean" coal to be counted toward the portfolio goal. As a result, Florida would be statutorily changing the definition of what is universally called renewable energy by replacing "renewable" with the word "clean".  It is critcal that the resulting policy remain true to the core goal which is specific to "renewable" energy sources.


Finally, we must address some other key policy questions to secure Florida's green economic future. For instance, how do we best support our biofuels industry? How do we assist biofuel producers, biomass developers and our farmers whom are eager to grow energy crops? How do we obtain or structure the loan guarantees and other financial tools for projects that wean us off fossil fuels? To diversify Florida's economy, what policy and fiscal incentives are needed to attract clean tech manufacturing?  These challenges pose opportunities.

Moving forward, we urge our members, supporters and other activists to thank the PSC and lawmakers whom have helped pave the way so far. We also ask that you prepare for the hard work ahead. To achieve historical and significant change for generations to come, we must continue our efforts to promote renewable energy policies with a lasting impact on Florida's economic development and leadership standing in the Southeast.  

Again, thank you for supporting FREPA and adding your collective voices to our mutual goals. We look forward to working with you in 2009.


Michael Dobson


Second Annual Sunshine State Energy Expo
At the  Mary Brogan Museum , Tallahassee , Florida
March 11-12
(welcome reception on March 10th)
$150.00 meeting attendee fee
 (include reception, breakfast,lunch all sessions and materials)
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Second Annual Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo

At the  Mary Brogan Museum , Tallahassee , Florida

March 11-12

(welcome reception on March 10th)



March 10


6:00-8:00  Welcome Reception


March 11


7:30-8:15 a.m. Sign In



8:30 - 9:00a.m. - Welcome : Michael Dobson, President/CEO- Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association

Opening remarks by special guest  speaker -TBA

Alex Sink CFO Invited


9:10- 10:00 ( Session A) Sunshine State Energy Future

 Presenters - Representatives from Biomass, solar, biofuels, ocean and wind industry

Panelist: TBA


9:10-10:00 (Session B)

Feedstock Availability; Biomass and Biofuels Project Financing 

Tawainga Katsvairo

Other Presenters-TBA


New****9:10- 9:50-*Special Session FREPA members only  (lower level)

Roundtable presentation, discussion and Q&A -Project financing

John May, VP Stern Brothers-Invited

Representative Bank of America-Invited


10:10-11:50a.m. (Session A) The role of government, policymakers and business leaders



10:10-11:50a.m. (Session B, lower level) Federal Renewable Energy Grant and Loans


Presenter- Representative USDA-TBA

Presenter- Representative DOE  -TBA




11:00- 11:45a.m. (Session A)- Cap and Trade/Renewable Energy Credits, renewable project financing

Presenters: TBA


11:00- 11:45a.m. (Session B, Lower level)- Energy Efficiency

A. Public policy in the area of energy efficiency

B. Making your home more energy efficient

C. Energy Efficiency research and development updates and opportunities

D. Products


Panelist and Presenters: TBA




12:00-1:15 p.m. - Lunch Session

Keynote speaker: TBA

"International market overview and energy investment big picture"  





1:30 - 2:20 p.m. (Session A)- Florida Green Jobs Economy

What are green jobs?

Where public policy and economic development meet

Tools to attract green jobs

Florida potential green economy

Role of education system




1:30 - 2:20 p.m. (Session B- lower level)- Renewable Energy Research and Development to Commercialization .. updates 


Panel- TBA


2:25- 3:20p.m. (Session A)-Cities and Counties reducing carbon footprints




2:25- 3:20p.m. (Session B)-Green building and construction opportunities in a green economy




3:25-4:55 p.m.- Moving Florida into a Leadership Position in Renewable Energy - what to do now.

Presentations-Panel Discussion- Q&A

Florida Renewable Energy Association (FREA)-Invited

Florida Solar Energy Industries Association(Flaseia)-Invited

Florida Farm Bureau -Invited

Florida Chamber of Commerce -Invited

Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association (FREPA)

Florida Universities Renewable Energy Consortium -Invited

Enterprise Florida-Invited

Florida Economic Development Councils




5:30- 8:00 p.m. Informal gathering at Andrews Bar and Grill


March 12


8:00-8:40 (coffee , juice and danish available)

Renewable Energy Lobby Day Prep

Overview of key components of the Florida Renewable Energy advocates policy suggestions and list of key lawmakers, appointments and etc

Presenter: FREPA Renewable energy policy coalition coordinators.



8:45- Begin meetings with lawmakers at state capital




SpringHill Suites Marriott
1300 Executive Dr 
(at Kroger Center Appalachee Parkway)Tallahassee
(850) 325-1103 
Special meeting rate of $149.00 per night.
 FREPA Newest Member
Orange County Government, Florida
(Eviromental Protection)
Orange County is one of seven counties recognized as comprising Central Florida. It is a charter county, meaning it has its own constitution and is self-governing. The Orange County Environmental Protection Division is a part of Orange County's Community and Environmental Services Department. 
 Presentations from the December 16, 2008 Renewable Energy Grant,Loans and Finance  Workshop are available on the FREPA website at the "Industry Events" page via the Decemcmbr 16 workshop link.   


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Michael Dobson
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association