October 2008
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Message from the President and Director 

Dear Friends:  

Welcome to the October 2008 edition of the FREPA "IGNITE" newsletter. First, please forgive the length of this message. Much has taken place and much is at stake in the next few months.
As we count down the days before the next presidential election, FREPA members are pleased to note that while the bailout and our economy  is the most pressing issue in our nation at the moment of this publication , energy is constantly on the candidates' minds. Now, more that ever, every effort must be made to make the new green economy a primary economic development tool. Our economy must become a 21st century economy and how we deliver energy will  be a large part.   We encourage our leaders to discuss energy without the hyperbole we typically get in our political discourse. It is important that policy makers and investors continue to  support alternative fuels producers so that their product becomes a larger part of  our transportation fuel strategy while at the same time introduce more domestic oil to the market to enhance our international security. Moreover, a broader energy policy must include discussion about electric generation, biofuels and conservation opportunities.  There are unique opportunities to reduce green house gas emissions through the use of renewable sources such as solar, wind, biomass, anerobic digestion, and geothermal  - technologies available today. But admittedly, these sources of energy will need tremendous support from our policy makers. 
While we at FREPA are a strong and constant proponent for creating an industry that is market driven, we also believe that a market driven industry cannot come into fruition without governmental leadership. In other words, our government should promote policies to undergird the landscape for renewable development and production -then get out of the way. So far, we do not have the policy evolution needed to do just that. In Florida, a mandatory RPS is certainly a good start along with strong alternative fuel standards.   Additionally, we will need to follow the lead of Agricultural Commissioner Bronson and Governor Crist to boldly pursue the harvesting of the many energy feed stocks that can be safely grown and harvested in Florida.  
 In August, the Florida PSC released a strawman proposal for a Florida RPS that fell way short of Governor Crist's recommendation of 20% renewable energy by 2020 for electric generation.The PSC proposal asked for a goal of 20% by 2050.
On October 2, 2008 the PSC  staff released its  final RPS recommendations  which is no better. The commission is to take up staff recommendations on October 14th.  Staff recommendations  moves us from a current palty 2% to 5% in nearly ten years (2017) .....capping the percentage at 20% in year 2041. What we are doing from 2008-2017 is questionable at best.  This is not a forward leaning renewable energy policy. The proposal indicates a hesitation to embrace a strong RPS rule. PSC staff avoids making a rule  which will not completely empower IOU's in opposition to a competitive renewable energy industry in Florida for indepependent renewable developers/producers. And, that seems all too familiar to FREPA members. 
 So, we encourage you to urge our leaders to put the status quo aside and change our energy paradigm. By doing so, we will champion innovation. This political season is our opportunity to encourage a view of the big picture with regard to  job creation and  competitiveness in a global economy. 
And finally, we thank those of you who took time out of your schedules to attend our first Clean Energy Finance meeting on beautiful Sanibel Island Florida.  Join FREPA today. Join the collective voices of FREPA "The Voice of Renewable Energy in Florida"  as a member in support of our goal of making Florida the  renewable energy leader in the Southeastern United States. 


Michael Dobson
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Working with renewable energy state association directors from around the united states, FREPA's founders have joined in with them  to form the National Renewable Energy Executives Association (NREA)
The national association will be a united voice on certain principals and policies that are key to industry growth and as a tool to develop best practices for renewable energy state assosiations.
Florida Clean Energy Fund
FREPA is poised to begin work with supporters and like minded organizations to pursue  the creation of a dedicated renewable energy fund in Florida much like the "Public Benefits Fund" of other states. Those who are interested in being a part of the FREPA steering committee specific to ths project, please e-mail . We will provide conference call dates and other information.
New Members
We would like to welcome our newest FREPA members - The Weitz Company  and  Florida's Great Northwest .
Member Spotlight is on:

For a second month, the Florida's Great Northwest is highlighted in our member spotlight. Theirs is  a comprehensive mission statement:
Grow a vibrant and sustainable economy for all 16 counties in Northwest Florida that creates nationally and globally competitive advantages for the development of key industry clusters, increases the income and prosperity of workers and families, ensures healthy communities and a vibrant quality of life, and preserves the natural beauty and resources of the region.
FREPA Regulatory Team Action
FREPA's regulatory counsel is engaged in work on behalf of FREPA members to work through various permitting issues with DEP that renewable projects invariably face. Additionally, our legal team is working to identify opportunities to streamline the permitting process for renewable projects such as those encountered by biomass and  biofuels developers.
Finally, our legal team provides comments to the PSC with respect to the RPS creation. Members are free to call upon our legal counsel for assistance when needed.

 News Articles
 Bronson to Keynote 3rd Annual Cellulosic Ethanol Summit in November
Charles H. Bronson, the commissioner of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and a member of the National 25x'25 Steering Committee, will be a luncheon speaker at the 3rd annual edition of Cellulosic Ethanol Summit, which is set for Nov. 17-19 at the Westin Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables, FL.
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Florida green energy plan criticized
A proposal by the Public Service Commission recommends the state have 20 percent renewable energy by 2041 -- a plan that environmentalists say is too weak 
In a proposal that might decide the future of green power in Florida for decades, the staff of the Public Service Commission recommended Thursday that electric utilities be required to provide 20 percent of their power from renewable sources by the year 2041.

be required to provide 20 percent of their power from renewable sources by the year 2041.
Read more
Nuclear energy is not renewable energy, PSC staff says
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 03, 2008

Florida Power & Light's effort to persuade regulators that nuclear power is a renewable energy suffered a blow Thursday when the staff of Florida's Public Service Commission recommended against including nuclear in the state's portfolio of green energy.
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Bailout plan bails out clean-energy sector
Posted by Martin LaMonica
The massive U.S. financial bailout plan, signed into law Friday afternoon, renews existing tax credits for renewable energy and includes rebates for plug-in hybrid drivers. Read more

Senate adds renewable energy credits to bailout
South Florida Business Journal - by Mike Soraghan contributor

 The extension of tax credits for the renewable energy industry has been added to the $700 billion Wall Street bailout as part of a multi-faceted tax package that is expected to be voted on today, the U.S. Senate announced Tuesday night.
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Fla. PSC OKs Deals To Improve Renewable Energy 
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Interconnection agreements and rate changes designed to increase electricity generated from solar, wind, biomass and other renewable sources were approved Thursday by the Florida Public Service Commission.Read more
Board to vote on student-generated renewable energy fee 
By KATIE SANDERS, Alligator Staff Writer
A UF Board of Trustees committee will vote today on a new fee that would generate money for renewable energy sources on campus by charging students 50 cents per credit hour.

Florida to mandate greater use of renewable energy: Associated Press Business News - MSN Money
Upcoming Events

Third Annual Florida Renewable Energy Expo in Orlando, hosted by FREA.
October 13-16, San Diego, CA
October 19-21, University of Central Florida
November 17-19 at the Westin Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables, FL.
Renewable Federal grant and loan workshop 
December 16, 2008 in Orlando Florida
 *$60 meeting attendee fee
 Lunch and meeting materials included. To reserve seat:Payments

A USDA and DOE renewable energy grant and loan overview

Featured  presenters including Q&A

Jeff Jobe, National Business Cooperative Field Advisor for USDA Rural Development ( overseeing rural renewable energy progarm)

Joe Muller, USDA Florida Rural Business Development Program Director
  • Representative from DOE-TBA
  • Federal Grant writing workshop,by Dr. Tawainga Katsvairo
  • Renewable energy project financing-TBA 

Fo updates keep checking FREPA events page for updates. FREPA Events

Biopower Generation
Sustainable large scale power generation from biomass
Brussels, Belgium, 12-13 February 2009 
Get ready for FREPA's second annual Sunshine State Energy Expo in Tallahassee on March 11, 2009. Attendence fee is $150.00

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Michael Dobson
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association