July 2008
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FREPA announce its summer "Clean Energy Finance and Regulatory Summit" to be held on August 8-9 2008. The  "Clean Energy Finance and Regulatory Summit" is a serious discussion and educational opportunity  on the role and needs of clean energy producers in Florida  with an eye on the Public Servive Commission (PSC) rulemaking process specific to  Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS), Renewable Energy Credits (REC's), carbon markets, net metering and etc. Such sections will be covered by regulatory experts who are well versed on where Florida is currently with respect to the industries  regulatory challenges and opportunities.
The meeting will also include educational seminars with renewable energy project financing experts and other professinals in the project finance business. We will also  engage financial institutions eager to know more about renewable development activity in Florida. There will also be a 
Q & A period with respect to project financing
summit is a one day event at the wonderful Sanibel Sundial Beach and Golf Resort in Sanibel Island, Florida with a reception held the night before (Aug 8th) . And, for those who plan to stay afterward FREPA has made special arrangements for golfing.   Please e-mail if you have any questions. 
Clean Energy Summit Agenda
6:30 Reception  Sanibel Sundial Resort, Sanibel Island Florida
8:00 sign in
8:30 Welcome by FREPA
 Governor Charlie Crist  (Invited) 
8:45 Session
Task at hand for the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC)  due to the passage of HB7135:
a)Public Service Commission rulemaking process for Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS).. How will renewable energy developers benefit?
b) Practicle role of a "Clean Energy Fund"as a  part of the compliance apparatus for an RPS and its applications for Florida renewable energy projects
9:45 Break
10:00 Session
Alternative Energy Project Financing:
a)Hear from leading alternative/renewable energy project development consultant:
  • Important time-lines for project financing
  • Key elements to financial package
  • Crucial agreements and documents  that need to be in place prior to project financing 
  • Rates of return, term length, what to expect and etc
b) Discussion lead by representative from leading financial institution with long history of renewable energy project financing
11:30 Break 
11:45 Lunch Session
Speaker: TBA- shortly 
  • Renewable Energy Markets 
  • Venture capital opportunities for project financing
  • Energy investors interest in Florida
  • Global opportunities for Florida renewable energy developers
1:15  Session
Energy crops and Florida: a discission identifying viable energy crops for Florida farmers, stratgeies for crop introduction, challenges and opportunities
2:00 Session
Alternative Energy Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permitting
2:45 Break 
3:00 Session:
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): everything you will need to know about RECs and their value to your renewable/alternative energy project
Meeting Attendee Fee:
$150.00  Pay Here
Golf Fee Only:
Pay Here
 ***Please be sure to include your e-mail address when paid so that we can confirm your registration with a followup e-mail.
To pay with check, make payable to:
Florida Renewable Energy Producers
Mail to:
522 E. Park Ave Suite 101
Tallahassee, Fl
Florida Clean Energy Fund
FREPA is poised to begin work  with supporters and like minded organizations to pursue  the creation of a dedicated renewable energy fund in Florida much like the "Public Benefits Fund" of other states. Those who are interested in being a part of the FREPA steering committee specific to ths project, please e-mail . We will provide conference call dates and etc.
New Members
Biomass Gas and Electric. LLC  (BG&E) has officially become the newest member to join FREPA at the board member level .   Please visit their website to learn more about them.
Agri-Source Fuels, LLC has joined FREPA and will sit of its board. The Agri-Source Fuels Florida plant is the world largest biofuels plant with regard to  its capacity... making it the nations largest producer of B100 Biodiesel.  They are  a leading Florida based biofules producer and a Department of Agriculture grant recipient. To learn more about them, please visit their website.
Member spotlights are on:
Florida Crystals, Inc,  East Coast Ethanol, LLC  and Energy Integration Group, LLC
Energy Integration Group, LLC
FREPA Regulatory Team Action
FREPA regulatory counsel is engaged in work on behalf of FREPA's members to work through various permitting issues with DEP that renewable projects invariably face. Additionally, our legal team is working to identify opportunities to streamline the permitting process for renewable projects such as those encountered by biomass and  biofuels developers.
Additionally, our legal team will provide comments to the PSC with respect to the RPS creation. Members are free to call upon our legal counsel for  assistence when needed.

 News Articles
 "no clear answers... a very exciting time for entrepreneurs and investors as we target the urgency of now to solve energy concerns".. M. Jaray Dobson  
 Florida Energy Bill to Boost Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Florida Governor Charlie Crist approved on June 25 a wide-ranging energy bill that intends to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy within the state while cutting the state's emissions of greenhouse gases. House Bill 7135 requires the Florida Public Service Commission to establish a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that will specify a minimum percentage of retail electricity sales that must be supplied by renewable energy, but the bill does not set the minimum standard or a timeline. Instead, the bill requires the commission to prepare a draft rule by February 2009 and present it to the legislature for approval.
The bill also requires the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to create a cap-and-trade regulatory program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from major emitters.
Regulators OK FPL's solar plant proposal 
State regulators unanimously supported Florida Power & Light's proposal to build three solar plants over the next several years.

Gingrich spreads blame on global warming
NEWT GINGRICH grew up wanting to be a zoo director, and realized his wish, in a way, by becoming the first-in-40-years GOP speaker of a fractious U.S. House of Representatives.
Self-described these days as a "Theodore Roosevelt Republican," Gingrich has taken a contentious plague-on-both- your-parties stand in debate over how to put the brakes on global warming.

Florida Renewable Energy Leader Says Work Just Beginning on Energy Bill
The leader of the Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association, a 25x'25 endorsing partner, says "mammoth work is left to be done" now that Gov. Charlie Crist has signed into law sweeping energy legislation that requires the state's Public Service Commission to develop rules for a renewable portfolio standard (see May 23 25x'25 Policy Brief)  
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Brazil Ethanol Industry Rips OPEC's Anti-Ethanol Message

SAO PAULO (Dow Jones)--The Sugarcane Industry Association of Brazil, Unica, lambasted in a full page ad in the Financial Times on Wednesday a recent comment by the director of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries that ethanol is to blame for high oil prices.
 Gulf Ethanol - Questions & Answers About Ethanol
HOUSTON, TX--(MARKET WIRE)--Jul 16, 2008 -- Gulf Ethanol Corporation (Other OTC:GFET.PK - News) addresses consumer questions about ethanol.
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Could wind power work in Florida?
Wind power is gaining velocity across the nation
Alternative fuels -- the story so far
In the push to stop global warming, many experts are hearing a mighty rushing wind.
Clean and abundant wind power in vast stretches of America is not only far cheaper than solar, but as oil prices soar, it's proving to be less expensive than natural gas, a prime source of the nation's power.
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