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Announcing the Schedule for the TriArt

We are pleased to announce the schedule for this year's TriArt Festival, now renamed SP ♥ TRI ART (San Pedro heart TriArt) Festival. In June the founder/producer of the festival, Joe Caccavalla, succumbed to cancer, and we decided to pull it together; so this year Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers is the official producer, in conjunction with Mike Caccavalla (son of Joe and also Music Director) and People's Place San Pedro/ Jan Kain ( who is also Community Contact Coordinator). Contact Mike (310-388-7078) if you are a visual artist or craftsperson who wants to be a vendor or if you are a music group. Louise Reichlin (me) continues as Dance Director. The official web site this year is and was designed by our summer intern, Anna Finch, through the LA County Arts Commission. Please visit us there to learn more about each company.

Each day we begin 2-3 pre-professional groups to introduce them to the community, and move to the professional companies. As in the past, we have an amazing mix of ballet, modern, contemporary, middle eastern, folklorico, flamenco, tap, jazz, aerial, kickline and variety, etc. Please visit the website and come.
ample free parking!!!

Saturday Sept 22, 2012    1:00pm - 4:00pm 11 Performances 

*  Ballet Folklorico Mixteco, East Los Angeles, youth group, pre-professional  -  10 min

*  Centennial College Prep, ballroom & hiphop, youth group, pre-professional  -  10 min

*  Brockus Conservatoryyouth group, pre-professional  -  10 min  ______________________________________________

*  The L.A. Follies, kickline, tap, variety  -  15 min

*  Dembrebrah Drum & Dance Ensemble, African music & dance  -  15 min

*  Invertigo Dance Theatre, contemporary  -  13 min

*  New Beginnings Dance Company / Steven Nielsen contemporary  -  10 min

*  LaDiego Dance Theater / Daniel Marshall, contemporary ballet  -  20 min

*  San Pedro Ballet, ballet  -  6 min

*  Andalosi Dance Company, Middle Eastern dance  -  25 min

*  People's Yoga, Health, & Dance / Jan Kain, audience participation  -  20 min

Sunday Sept 23, 2012     1:00pm - 4:00pm, 10 Performances  

* Degas Dance Company, youth group, pre-professional  -  10 min

* Frederick Douglass HS Academy Cheer Squad, youth group, pre-professional  -  5 min

* Ruby Karen Project/ Orange County Aerial Arts, contemporary  -  10 min

* Soul Lab Dance Project, contemporary dance theater  -  10 min

* ACFCLA (Artist Community For Change LA)/ Anacia Weiskittel, contemporary  -  20 min

* Louise Reichlin & Dancers/LA Choreographers & Dancers, modern/contemporary  -  30 min

* Lissa Resnick's No Strings Attached Dance Company, contemporary ballet  -  25 min

* Ruby Karen Project/ Orange County Aerial Arts, aerial act adjacent to stage  + audience participation  -  20 min

(Marley removed from stage for following acts)

*  Susana Elena,  Spanish Classical & Flamenco Dance, Solo performance -  15 min

* Angela Todaro & Elizabeth Poinsette, tap dance  -  10 min

* Ballet Folklorico Mixteco, East Los Angeles Mexican folkloric ballet  -  20 min  
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New Project at Baca Begins
"Weaving Dance Into the Curriculum"
Sneak Peak - coming on November 16-18
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New Project at Baca Begins

 Today we began a new education residency at Baca Arts Academy. We are working with two 3rd grades there in dance. Louise Reichlin, assisted by Angela Todaro arrived there this morning for the first class at 8:55. Besides dance, the students will also work on costumes with Linda Borough; the teachers will have Professional Development called "Creating a Dance", and the students with five members of the company will perform on September 12. Special thanks to County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas who has provided the funding.  

"Weaving Dance Into the Curriculum" for Nixon Academy Summer Institute

 Next week we go to ABC District for the Nixon Academy Summer Institute where we will do an interactive Professional Training session on using dance with other parts of the curriculum. The photo below is actually from a PD several years ago, but we'll take a photo of this one for the next E-news. Assisting Louise Reichlin on this one are Angela Todaro, Tonya Vivian, and Elizabeth Ann Poinsette. Our educational residencies are described on our website and we also have 12 vetted programs for both k-12 and for PD's on LA County's Arts For All website. Once you get there click on "programs for educators" for our PD's (search under LA Choreographers) or on "programs for students" and search in the index for LA Choreographers)- or Contact us directly for more information. 213-385-1171 or

westernave PD sung    

Sneak Peak - coming on November 16-18, 2012
On November 16-18 we will be returning to the Miles Memorial Playhouse for the official premier of "Tap Dance Widows Club", and other pieces for the "Baggage Project". It will be sold out as our first "in progress" was there, and tickets will go on sale in September. Please add it to your calendar NOW!
The three tap dance widows are Loretta Zerby (widow of Jon), Katherine Hopkins Nicholas (widow of Fayard), and Louise Reichlin (widow of Alfred Desio). This is a screen shot from the June presentation Louise did at the Dance USA conference. You can see dancers as well from the opening dance section. I am thankful that we recorded the 'conversations' with the three of us in 2011, as Katherine recently passed away. The work, like life, is both joyous and sad, and combined intimate portraits of the three men who were amazing dancers, with our combined worlds of dance.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to you for your support!
Please continue to contribute and consider raising the amount if you are able. The Los Angeles County Arts Commission and DCA City of Los Angeles grants are both matching, and will go towards the TriArt Festival in September and the performances of Tap Dance Widows Club and the Baggage Project in November. 
Our school activities funded by Don Knabe's Educational Partnership Grant need matching funds.
Please visit our website to make your donation.



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